Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Off Grid In The Matrix...

This keeps coming up.

How do you go off grid and into a necessary survivalist lifestyle in a land where,

A. a survilence police state is ever growing and ever encroaching?

B. an unprecedented flood of people across the border is rapidly creating an out control and unpredictable social situation?

C. following B, the population is ballooning quickly towards half a billion people and beyond?

We’re talking about an unfolding situation in which you won’t be able to head for the hills because the hills will be stacked with shanty towns of peoples from all over south America and God knows where else.

A situation of chaos and totalitarian control at the same time.

It’s a difficult subject with no easy solution.

I would suggest to adapt your thinking away from Little House On The Prairie type of scenarios and towards Homelessness.

Watch or read about homeless life on the streets. This is where people survive “off grid” right in the midst of the grid.

For one thing, if you’re halfway sane and have any sense of right or wrong you’re already homeless in today’s world.

But, for another thing, the situation of being homeless in a major metropolitan area is very much akin to the situation you and your family will likely find yourselves in in the very near future.

Youtube has a lot of videos chronicling life on the streets. I’d highly recommend watching them.

Or, just accept being subsumed into the matirx.


America & Russia...

In July of 1918, as the "Great War" was in its closing months, Czar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, their five children (four girls and a boy) and four servants were taken into a basement by their Bolshevik captors and viciously butchered.

They weren't merely shot. No, they were beaten with riffles and stabbed to death with bayonets. The four girls, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia (aged 22 to 17) died the hardest as, according to the man who oversaw the massacre, it took close to 30 minutes to beat and stab them to death as they screamed and cried and fought for life.

The reaction from the outside world ranged from silence to jubilation. And that includes America, who, after all, was fighting to keep the world “safe for democracy” and the Czar was a king and we believe in “freedom and equality”.

There are many pictures of the royal family online and many of them are of private family moments. In them you see what looks like a typical White Christian Middle-Class family.

Which is, essentially, what they were.

Nicholas abdicated in the hopes of avoiding a civil war. What he was blind to was the fact that the Bolsheviks had engineered the crisis’s which had swept the country. They had bribed, threatened and murdered officials, big and small, organized riots and disrupted transportation routes to cause a breakdown in the infrastructure and cause maximum chaos.

They created a crisis, and then offered themselves up as the solution.

Great Britain and the Good Ol’ USofA gave financial and tactical support to the Bolsheviks in the hopes that a broken Russia could then be plundered of its resources. This is especially grievous as Russia was a key ally of Britain and the USA during the war.

After the Czar abdicated he and his family were placed under arrest by the provisional government, which soon fell to the Bolsheviks. The royal family was moved east, near the Ural Mountains, where they spent the remaining months of their lives in captivity.

They were, based on the testimony of their guards, polite, respectful and friendly to their captors even as their captors plotted their murder.

They passed their time growing vegetable gardens, chopping wood and reading to one another in the evenings. There are even photographs of the home altar they built for Christmas.

They held out hope that their friends and family in England (king George was Nicholas’ cousin and the Czarina was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria) were working on negotiating their release and exile from Russia.

Their final residence was known as “the house of special purpose”.

The day of their deaths the Bolshevik captain, Yakov Yurovsky, planned their demise while giving the family the pretense of normalcy. During his inspection of their rooms he even asked about the health of the Czar’s son, 13 year old Alexi.

By all accounts the family never suspected a thing.

Some time after midnight on July 18, Yurovsky woke the family and their four servants and told them they must move into the basement of the house for their own safety as the White Russians (who were anti-Communists) were advancing on the town and stray bombs might hit the house. This was, of course, a lie.

They all filed into the basement, politely smiling at their guards. The Czar came carrying his son Alexi in his arms, as the boy was too sick to walk (he spent most of his short life sick and an invalid).

Some time later Yurovsky read the order for the killing of the Czar. He and 9 to10 other assassins opened fire on the whole group. But the bullets missed most of their marks and after letting the room clear of smoke it was found that most of the victims were still alive, but wounded. And so the butchery began. The still living were violently beaten and stabbed to death in an ordeal that went on, and on and on.

The bodies were stripped and then thrown into an unmarked mass grave.

The four servants, who stayed voluntarily in spite of the Czar and his wife encouraging them to leave when they could, were a doctor, a cook, a maid and a butler.

The Communist Revolutionaries in Moscow had no problem giving the order or owing up to the crime afterwards.

Because for them it was all worth it, in the long run.

So what if Russia fell into chaos and catastrophe? They could then remold it into their own image.

So what if tens of millions suffered and perished horribly? That is the price of progress.

So what if untold numbers of innocent people fell prey to hoards of thugs, rapists and murderers? That is the necessary cost for the grand vision of social engineering on a large scale.

And it was all done in the name of Freedom and Equality.

And if you accept Equality on moral principle, you will accept it on moral mandate as well.

If there is to be equality, there can be no Czars and there can be no Middle-Class. There can be no royal families or families of any kind, and there can be no borders or nations.

This is all pertinent today as it is now July 1918 for Whites in America.

If you are White then you are already in the “house of special purpose” and you’re most likely still passing the time planting vegetable gardens and chopping wood. Your leaders are kindly re-assuring you that all is well and there is no need to be alarmed.

Though increasingly stressed and unnerved, you still hold out hope that this will all resolve itself in time to come and everything will be fine.

You’re still polite and passive and if you do protest anything, it is orderly and legal and you clean up after yourself.

But soon, very soon, you are going to be awoken in the middle of the night and told that you need to urgently move to the basement…for your own safety.

“How dim is the light in so many that they champion the cause of their own and their children’s demise?
That they walk like sheep to the slaughter.”


Sunday, July 15, 2018


When the good guys realize they have leverage they have become the bad guys.

Helping is an act of charity.

A favor is usury.


Enjoy The Theater...

Now that we’re all entertained with the antics of those crazy leftists.....

And now that we are “winning” with MAGA....

We don’t have to notice the ever growing tentacles of a rapidly expanding police state.

It’s not like the IRS can now interfere in your visa renewal or application, is it?


It’s not like the courts have recently ruled that the TSA are now able to violate our rights and assault us during a screening with immunity, right?

It’s not like a career swamp creature was just nominated to the Supreme Court, is it?

It’s not like your town is turning into Mexico while ever more intrusive state powers reduce you to a rat in a cage who dances to rules your replacements laugh at, is it?

It’s not like you’re in more debt now than ever for a nicer home or newer car, even though food prices are going up almost weekly, right?

Hey look!    Muh temporary infrastructure Jobs!!!!


Friday, July 13, 2018

Weird Scenes Inside The New Right...

Or alt-right, or whatever it morphs into next.

People keep pushing me towards the alt/new-right community and I keep pulling back. I’ve put up pro-alt right posts here before on behalf of others, but personally I made my feelings for it known in March 2010 in a post titled ‘Oxymoronic’.

But here we are in 2018. And the “scene” is still going. I think.

Some years ago a man named Dave McGowan wrote a book called ‘Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon’. It was a quasi-conspiratorial book chronicling the rise of the counter pop-cultural leaders who had, for some reason, clustered in and around Laurel Canyon in L.A.

The basic thrust of his research was to expose the fact that most, if not all, of the biggest names of the 1960‘s pop counter-cultural movement were the children of well connected families -often with prestigious military backgrounds. For example, Jim Morrison was the rich, preppy, son of Admiral George Steven Morrison -who made his mark in history by commanding the Carrier Division at the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, which effectively sparked the Vietnam War.

A great many of the pop stars of the era who emerged with the counterculture had similar backgrounds. They also had a knack of avoiding the Draft or any serious criminal charges from their very public use of illicit drugs.

And they all gathered around Laurel Canyon which had no musical infrastructure whatsoever but had been heavily populated in the past by military families. It was also the location of a secret military base called Lookout Mountain Laboratory, which, apparently, specialized in media (moves, tv, art, music, etc..) creation.

Which brings me to the alt-right or new-right.

There are a number of people who have put their names and faces out there as not only members of this movement, but, via the publicity they try to generate, implicit leaders of it as well.

And this publicity they seek comes with marketing.

Like the rock stars of the 60's who were promoting “revolution” via their albums that you had to buy and which coincidentally made them rich, the new/alt-right is also promoting “revolution” via platforms from which they sale a wide range of merchandise -t-shirts, coffee cups, books, organized conferences, etc..

And notice that the revolution both alt-right and their forebears in the 60's counter-cultural pop scene promote is the ‘long march through the institutions’ type of revolution. Which, of course, is no revolution at all. It’s just a reformation that actually protects and defends the system and actually enlivens it.

Like the Catholic Church of old -instead of wanting to dismantle Rome and scatter it to the four winds,  they want to capture the monstrosity and make it their monstrosity.

In fact the alt-right has almost the exact same fingerprints as the phony 1960's counterculture.

How many of those public faces in the new right/alt-media have backgrounds in media, music, press, etc?

How many of those public faces in the new right/alt-media come from money?

How many of them have well funded patrons?

How many of them are marketing a product while dressed in alt-garb, making pepe memes and espousing a radical ideology that actually (ultimately) defends and supports the system they claim to oppose?

And now we see things like Qanon and justwalkaway which have a suspiciously slick looking research-based marketing style approach of  'oppose the system by making it better' type of bait and switch.

The reality is that the system is so pervasive that there’s not a single movement that it can’t subsume into itself.

No revolutionary ever graduated from college!

If there is ever any real opposition to the system to manifest, all hell will break loose.

The end result will be that either the opposition is crushed or the system and its entire infrastructure is utterly destroyed.

In the meantime enjoy the counter-cultural podcasts. And be sure to buy one of their t-shirts, books or coffee mugs!


The Elephant In The Room...

Yes, the police state.

We live in a society of near ubiquitous surveillance. And it’s getting worse by the day.

It might seem obvious to blame this on Technology and a Big Brother mentality among the ruling class.

But technology is funded. So are ruling classes.

When money decreases so does technological “progress”. Ditto ruling classes. 

The Roman Empire was a kind of police state for its day.

Then one day shepherds grazed their sheep around the quite ruins of what were once the mighty empire’s fortified military outpost.

That passed away, this also may.


Thursday, July 12, 2018

“Sure! I’ll Help!...

There’s nothing quite like dependability. Dependability in a person can erase a myriad of other flaws.

Flip that around and the opposite is true. Unreliable people are worse than the DMV.

This is something to think about in planning for the future.

If someone tells you they’ll be there at four o’clock to help you, and then you have to call them an hour later to find out where they are only to have them tell you they’ll be there tomorrow, then that is someone you don’t want to make substantial long-term survival plans with.

I’ve noticed a “tell” in these situations too.

If the person you ask a favor of looks pained and burdened at your request for help, they’ll be there.

If the person smiles and gives an easy, “sure, I’ll be there!” then they won’t be there.