Friday, January 11, 2019

The Last Signal...

To all the people who helped with this blog over the years, thanks!

RIP our old friend who got this started.

To old friends who got a little mad: get in touch!

In the early 00s many of us still resisted the internet. One by one we caved and got it.

Ultimately the Internet is like a house cat: entertaining at times but ultimately useless. It’s just an expense and nothing more.

Well, yeah, it’s more. The internet is Big Brother on steroids.

Socialization is a healthy necessity when kept to its basic function of getting and giving the basics. When it’s more than that it becomes an albatross around the neck.

Mass Communication is all like this. From the telephone to radio to TV to satellite to the internet to 5g and beyond, mass communication is deadly.

Media has been almost solely responsible for the mountains of debt that people are now buried under. Because TV presents to us ‘things’ that we MUST have.

It also creates conformity to decadent, materialistic, standards as the proverbial Joneses are viewed from our own, outdated, un-cool, un-hip, living rooms.

Mass media has normalized race-mixing, homosexuality, transvestism and is even pushing pedophilia now.

And yet people still consume it with ravenous appetites. Go even into a hospital waiting room and everyone is looking down at their little devices.

I know, the counter argument is that it lets people find “like minds”.

Whoopty do!

Finding “like minds” is the excuse people use for divorcing their spouses and breaking up families.

Finding “like minds” is an excuse to remain in a fantasy world and ignore the real world around you.

“But Trump got elected because of social media”

Yeah. So?

Really accomplished a lot, didn’t it?

The technological police state continues to grow with more money and backing from the state now, because it’s good for business.

The TPP was not done away with. It was simply put on hold until a better trade deal with China is worked out. (and if Trump wins the trade war you will still be buying Chinese crap at Walmart)

NAFTA is still here, but under a new name.

The US is still in NATO.

The US is still in the UN.

The US is still handing out billions of dollars of “aid” to foreign regimes.

There is no talk of removing the 45 million illegals. (bad for the economy)

No attempt to prosecute those who hire them. (bad for the economy)

Amnesty is de-facto as there is no attempt to remove them nor to deprive them of welfare or food stamps or free medical care. (bad for the economy)

If elections mattered you wouldn’t be allowed to participate in them.

Once upon a time we all knew this, but the fantasy world of the Internet caused some to forget.

A genuine revolt will take the form of an out of control mob, not a slick theatrical production with PAs, stages, hats and an official motto.

But there will never be a genuine revolt in America because,

a. it is now majority minority (Whites are less than 50% when you factor in the real number of illegals and subtract the middle-eastern, north African and west-Asian peoples that the census adds to the “white" category)
b. personal freedom is placed above group interests

It’s over for the US folks. As well it should be.

Urban sprawl, technology and over population are turning the world into one giant city-state.

It's just the way things are going, folks.

Get off the grid.

Form a tribe in the real world and prepare for the struggle to survive.

Things will get very, very ugly over the next century.

But there is light at the end of that tunnel.

Pay out of debt.

Learn to move your family around and live a hunter-gatherer existence.

Keep a low profile.

Make mobility and privacy your most important possessions.

Form a real world tribe with others.

We can preserve our people this way.


Thursday, January 10, 2019


A society that needs jobs to survive does not deserve to survive.

Get land. Take care of your family yourself.

Electricity and running water are luxuries you do not need.

Where do jobs come from?


Where do corporations come from?

The State.

The state creates jobs.

The more jobs, the bigger and more powerful the state.

It’s that simple.

Your jobs and your cheap gas are all the byproduct of a federal government that is now bigger and more totalitarian than it has ever been before.


Monday, January 7, 2019

The Trend Will Run You Over...

Some people have the wrong idea that if they get out in front of whatever is new, innovative or trending, they are leading -or moving side by side- with it and thus safe from being left behind or getting caught in the undertow of its wake.

The reality is that if you are out in front of it, it is chasing you and will run you over when you grow tired.

This happens in every generation.

The illusion of being at the forefront of _______________ (fill in the blank) trend is what keeps the young subservient to the forces that are bleeding them dry.

The economy, politics, religion, social movements, etc all function in this manner.

Or, maybe,

Think of it this way,

life is like a casino.

In order to always win, the house must convince/bluff you into not cheating.

Your two options are

play fair and lose.

Or cheat and risk getting caught.

People who try to “get out in front” or hide in the wake of trends are resigned to playing fair.


Be clever and don’t get caught.

That’s how you play the game of life.


Sunday, January 6, 2019


About making preparation for the SHTF moment.





In the years to come the two most important assets you will have will be

a. mobility

b. privacy

Obviously not everybody can have the same amount of either one.

But you can work towards whatever limit your situation allows.

Get rid of the internet and cell phones!

You only think you need them.

It wasn’t that long ago that none of us had either one.

Many of us have already planned on ditching the internet this year. Some have already done so and the rest of us will soon. (for us, no more internet beyond this month)

No debt.

Maximum mobility.

Privacy. (stop leaving a trail)

A real, physical, tribe.

The goals!


Saturday, January 5, 2019

Don’t Buy The Farm...

The US population grew from about 250 million in 1989 to around 363 million  (counting illegals) in 2019.

100 million people were added in 30 years.

Not growth. But external addition to existing population.

All of it through immigration, legal and illegal.

Even if the rate of growth slows, the population will still balloon to half a billion in the next 30 years.

Open spaces will disappear/ are disappearing. Even national parks are not as protected from corporate infringement for space and resources as you think.

The key to survival from here on out will be mobility.

Debt is an anchor.

So is a nice house and property.

The guy with the farm in rural Kentucky will be more stuck than the guy in the apartment in Manhattan.

Because its easier to walk away from a shitty apartment in a shithole city than a farm in a rural area.

Think of the recent fires in California. Those who simply jumped up and ran for it -or who abandoned their cars to run for it- survived. Those who hesitated to abandon their $500,000 homes or $50,000 cars and trucks, perished.

Borders are disappearing.

Not just national ones, but the ones that separate your property from the next guy’s property. Because the next guy doesn’t recognize the governmental representatives, laws, customs and norms that you do....etc, etc.

Things are crumbling and being redefined. If gender is being redefined you can bet property rights will too.

As the demographics change so too will customs and laws.

Much could be said about this, but I hope you get the point.

Life in America in the coming decades is going to be a season of tumultuous and unpredictable weather.

The ability to grab your family and flee in the middle of the night will be what separates those families who survive from those families who don’t.

To be clear.

Buy a farm if you like. But don't think of it as a permanent, long term, investment. And don't teach your kids to think as such.

Teach them to think and live like hunter-gatherers instead.

Because that's what it will take to survive in the new century.



It’s a testimony to the feminizing effect of the internet to note how much of virtual discourse consists of the  snap (“Fuck you!!!”) or the snipe (“try reading next time!!!”), etc.

It’s big in the conspiracy places but also shows up in survivalist and prepper forums too, albeit in a more subdued way.

There are a lot of emotional hysterics around.

It shows up the most in those who chat the most. And it is a quality found mostly in effeminate men and masculine women.

Natural, feminine, women do not do this.

In political forums this shows up in conversations around (what a friend of mine would call) marginal step solutions.

Marginal step solutions are the idea of creating small, attainable goals that will buttress the psychology of the participants, keeping them engaged and involved and thus optimistic.... and thus engaged and involved. ‘We can’t storm the capital yet, but by-golly we can form a book club and talk about it!’

Marginal step solutions also implies that there are solutions -and that they can be conceptualized into a series of goals which can be achieved, by working through certain steps.

And this is false.

Which is why it leads to the endless chit-chat that devolves into hysterics and then to thought-policing as a reaction to the hysterics.

These places are usually filled to the brim with effete men and overbearing women, both of whom are prone to hysterical, angry, outbursts.

What upsets them is a lack of control. If they can’t be in control and shut up anyone who disagrees with them they threaten to shut down the whole thing.

Because they want to work towards a solution.

But, again, there are no solutions. Life is just “one goddamn thing after another”.

Every day I see things I don’t like and don’t agree with and I just have to walk away from it.

What looks like a disaster to me may be what works best for someone else, who’s full situation I am unfamiliar with and who’s living considerations are beyond my ability, or right, to know.

This is also why some people like to believe in the illuminati and grand conspiracies of all powerful people. They just can’t accept that fact that they are not now, nor ever can be, completely in control of their own situation in life.

Wild, random, factors WILL play a significant role in the course of your life. It’s just how it is.

No conspiracies or secret clubs. No, sometimes lightning literally strikes you out of the blue.

Back to the point about arguing and debating.

What is the more viscerally frightening image: local business leaders in their masonic lodge discussing the maneuvering of the community in the coming years? Or the angry, pitchfork-wielding mob storming through town?

The former slowly engenders feelings of righteous indignation. The later invokes an immediate, primal, sense of terror.

If and when the reaction comes, it will strike out of the blue. It will move as one, organic, creature. It will move in directions without debate and it will strike at things without discourse. It will speak with one voice and it will feed on fire and blood.

It will lay waste to the land.

And when it is done is will dissipate and fade into the mists.

Friday, January 4, 2019


There are two types of Christians.




The former believe because they view life as a roaring  current upon which they are but a mere twig being carried along. God is the author of all things and ultimately in control of all that is happening. So their’s is the submissive surrender of the humble servant to the great and mysterious master.

The later believe because they view life as civilization -which is a building project. Religion then is an important element in building a strong and steady structure. And the best religion provides the best materials. And they believe Christianity is the best. (“it worked in the past”)

The former tend to talk about “life” and “people”. The later tend to talk about “culture”, “society” and “civilization”. These types seem to be the majority of White nationalist christians.

One is form and the other function.

White nationalist Christians tend to be Constructionist-Christians because they see White Nationalism as a building project (jesus was a carpenter) rather than an organic reality that will be sorted out naturally.

So for them there must be (at least the idea of) a grand architect. 

This, I think, is the dividing line between the pagan White nationalists and the constructionist-Christian White nationalists.

The pagans are closer to the emotional-Christians, only instead of a twig on a mighty river the pagans see us as a stationary pine in an ancient forest that is eternally recycling and re-growing.

Atheists are kind of in between -viewing us as a biological reality that will either adapt and survive or won’t.

I’m not a believer in the supernatural. I take a secular-pagan view of the world. Maybe the word for that is heathen. At any rate, I look at nature and see something that is wild, unpredictable, violent and fickle. Summer does not always follow winter on schedule, as sometimes you get an ice age that lasts a thousand years.

And, too, life (nature) is ultimately cyclical, not linear. Nature dies and is reborn -dies and is follows night follows day follows night.....

Nature is contrary -always at war with itself.

Nature acknowledges no laws. Floods destroy valleys. Lightning burns down forests. Wind kills mighty oaks. Etc.

But life goes on because the earth feeds on itself. Dead leaves give nutrients for acorns to take root in. Lions eat gazelles and then the shit becomes fertilizer for the ground.

God is an idea that is possible when you are standing in the middle of a city -an artificial environment.

But stand in the middle of a forest and the idea of God becomes instantly, instinctively, ludicrous. And unnatural.