Monday, May 22, 2017

The City Is The Enemy...

As was seen in previous post on the subject, country-people, 'Arcadians', are Pagans, as that word denotes a territory (and a people) limited by defined, marked, points. Whereas The Polis is ever-growing and ever redefining its borders and itself. The Polis is universal.

Arcadians are rooted, defined and fixed in particular quantity and quality and space; ethnic, tribal, clannish.

The world of the Arcadian does not extend beyond the country of their particular, specific, people. Their rivers, forests, lakes and mountains are all solid boundaries of their existence, physically, philosophically and spiritually. Which is why they can never be truly Polis, cosmopolitan or civilized.

For example, among the back-country settlers of Appalachia the word ‘foreigner’ was/is applied to any and all (persons and things) who were not immediately proximate to themselves. A stranger may be of the same race and ethnicity, speak the same language and worship the same god, yet be suspiciously labeled a foreigner because he is from outside of the borders of a particular local people.

Within The Polis, all are strangers and yet all are of the Polis. All are ‘us’.

The consequence of this contrast in the conception of borders and boundaries is substantial, and leads to conflict.

That the Arcadian does not see a planet, continent or state as such, but rather (and only) a world consisting solely of his people and his world, means that when The Polis and Arcadia meet, they conceptualize one another via wholly different, and incompatible, paradigms.

The battle lines can thus be seen as follows: a man from Arcadia may be able to become part of The Polis, but a man from The Polis can never become part of Arcadia.

At first glance this may seem to give the advantage to The Polis, but upon further consideration it is, at least, a draw.

The threat to Arcadia (inclusion) is countered by the impenetrable barrier (exclusion) of The Polis.

The Polis must then adopt an unending offensive tactic, while Arcadia is always on the defense.

The irony of this being, these battle positions, born of the intrinsic qualities of each side, merely reinforces each sides intrinsic qualities.


Friday, May 19, 2017

The Deep State Is The Polis...

Below is a summary of terms and lines of the battle underway.

The so-called “deep state” is merely the heart of planned society, aka civilization, aka The Polis.

Arcadia A region of ancient Greece in the Peloponnesus. Its relatively isolated inhabitants proverbiably lived a simple, pastoral life.

Polis The Greek term for a city-state -an area dominated by and administered from a central fortifiable town; a city.

Arcadia is a Greek word associated with rural, pastoral life: AKA, the country.

Polis is the Greek word for the Latin Civitas, or City. And from that word we get the words civilization and civilized.

Cosmopolitan is a combination of Cosmo (universal) and Polis (city). Thus Cosmopolitan means Universal-City. And it often refers to its culture and value system.

For many ages there has been an ongoing struggle  between The Polis and Arcadia. Between organized (planned/engineered) society and organic (rural) society.

The tension between Arcadia (the country)  and The Polis (the city)  derives from the reality that Arcadia is organic and The Polis is contrived.

For The Polis, identity is constructed and articulated and seen as ideology and conceptualized as ‘idea’. It is planned. It is built.

For the Arcadian identity is unexamined and/or taken for granted.

Whereas The Polis is planned and reflective, Arcadia is not.

Arcadia has an observable form, but Arcadia itself does not observe it.

Arcadia has society, without having a society. It has politics without being political. It has religion without being religious. It has organization without being organized.

These attributes of Arcadia not only run contrary to The Polis, they run contrary to the fundamental presuppositions upon which The Polis is built.

As The Polis is engineered and artificial, and must constantly articulate the justifications for its own function, it must assert that outside of its construct chaos must reign.

That Arcadia functions, successfully and without chaos, century after century, is an existential threat to The Polis.

War of Words

Just look at the etymology of expressions and terms of division and dehumanization concocted or used by The Polis.

Pagan from late Latin paganus, meaning villager; rustic/noun use of adjective meaning “of the country, of a village,” from pagus “country people: province, rural district”.

Pagan simply means country people, or people not living in the city.

Country from Latin Contra, “opposite, against- contrary”.

So country means to oppose and be against. Against what? The Polis (the city) of course.

Pagan also means “district limited by markers” thus related to pangere “to fix, fasten,” from PIE root *pag -”to fix”.

A fixed place, in other words. Something rooted. As opposed to cosmopolitan, which implies either implicitly or explicitly, rootlessness.

As seen above, pagan, or country-people, is also synonymous with villager. And villagers live in country houses traditionally called villas.

Village is the source of the word villain, which is a bad or evil person. So Arcadia (country people) are not only “contrary” passively to The Polis, but are seen as actively a threat.

Following on the pagan-means-fixed definition above, consider the word ‘Province’ which is another designation for country and from which we get the word, provincial.

Provincial of or concerning the regions outside the capital city of country, especially when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded

Again, country and country-people (Arcadians) are defined as unsophisticated (contrary) and narrow-minded (fixed).

Then there is the derogatory word, Heathen. It derives from the word Heath, which means uncultivated land. And, of course, from the word cultivate we get the word, culture.

The striking insinuation of this term, and its use by The Polis, is that wild and untamed forests, fields and meadows are not only unpleasant, but a threat.

Rural mean of the countryside. Thus rural means contrary and to be against; villainy.

Rustic means country person or peasant -of the country, rural; country-like, plain, simple, rough, coarse, awkward. 

As we can see, if you do not live in, and partake of, The Polis (the city) you are coarse, awkward and unsophisticated. You are narrow-minded, rooted and fixed. You are a Pagan, a heathen and Villain. You are contrary.

to be continued...


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Stop Outsourcing Your Life!...

Stop and consider how much of your life is sustained via unnecessary outsourcing of your own duties of self preservation to others.

Break your arm? What do you do?

You don’t know do you?

So off you go to the hospital. They know what to do. You, your family and friends -your neighbors?  Not so much.

Food & Water? The most basic necessities for sustaining your existence? Wal-mart! Wal-mart provides those things. And the water company.

And thank God for gas stations. Can’t get to Wal-mart or the doctor without gas! And thank God for electricity! Milk and eggs wouldn’t last long without a refrigerator.

Yeah these are obvious things and they are a luxury. But the “luxuries” don’t end there do they?

From childbirth to acquiring food to education to our understanding of the world to health issues to death and burial and a million small things in between, we’ve out-sourced just about every facet of our lives to strangers who have no vested interest in us or our families beyond a quick buck.

We didn’t always. Throughout most of history we handled these things ourselves.

Yeah, there’s always been money and taxes. But money existed solely for taxes (being a representation of goods), so you only ever had it to pay taxes. Because it’s easier to pay the government in coins than in chickens -though they sometimes took those too. For everything else we bartered. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

There is a principle at the heart of all this.

This out-sourcing of our ability to take care of ourselves and our family is the fuel for the economic model which dominates and defines our lives here in the USA.

Let that sink in. Murica is a feedback loop.

The retardation of our ability to take care of ourselves is what fuels the economy which fuels the bureaucracy that enables the hideous system that exists because we can’t provide for ourselves anymore.

And we “elect” politicians to preserve and manage this f@cking intrusive monstrosity. Then we sit back and bitch about how intrusive and monstrous it is.

Stop deferring, instantly, to someone else to solve your problems.

Start thinking in terms of actually taking care yourself and your loved ones.

Fix your own car. Grow at least some of your own food. Become less dependent on a system that is crumbling anyway.

It’s a way of thinking and conceiving of choices that is the main issue.

It may take generations to get turned around again and go in the right direction. But every journey requires a first step.

Then again the whole thing could crash tomorrow and nature will sort out the ones who can re-adapt and those who can’t.

Stop outsourcing your life! 


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jesus Is The Anti-Christ!...

A dictator who enslaves mankind via a global, One World governmental system?

Who could that be?

“Bad Guy”
 “(the Beast) forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
-Revelation 13: 16-17

“Good Guy”
“It is written: "'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.'”
-Romans 14:11

“Bad Guy”
“The second beast....caused all who refused to worship the image (of the Beast) to be killed.”
-Revelation 13:15

“Good guy”
“Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.” -Revelation  20:15

See, it’s not the all-encompassing totalitarian police-state that’s bad, it’s just a question of who runs it.

The belief in one god leads inevitably, inexorably, to the very monstrosity Christians so greatly fear. It’s not one-word government they tremble at the thought of, it’s just bad management of it.

As I’ve said before, Christianity is a toxic mix of three of the worst elements of antiquity: west-Asian monotheism, Greek philosophy and Roman politics.

And yeah, yeah I know, Rome gave us aqueducts and roads. Yeah, and wars gave us canned food and the microwave oven.

The Roman Empire was nothing more than a cartel that subsisted on the enslavement, rape and terrorizing of everyone around it. Rome was a gangster’s mansion surrounded by diseased and crime riddled slums filled with terrorized and exploited victims, known euphemistically as “citizens”.

Greek Philosophy was, basically, an attempt to moralize the (to this day unsupported) notion of inevitable political and cultural monopoly, aka civilization. Much of it, however, was mental Onanism.

Monotheism is desert peoples way of externalizing their social ideal of, Sheikh & Harem and mercantilism-as-transcendence. God's people are collectively called his "spouse" or "bride" and heaven is paved with streets of gold.

See the common thread that lets the three things intertwine?

Combine the three things and you get Christianity....and a push for a one world government....oh, and the anti-Christ, aka Jesus.


Monday, May 15, 2017

The Day A Star Was Thrown Into A Volcano...

Harry Randall Truman was the 84 year old caretaker of a lake-front lodge right next to Mount Saint Helens.

As the volcano gave off signs of imminent eruption in early 1980, old Harry became a media sensation due to his stubborn refusal to heed evacuation orders.

Of course many others remained in the danger zone too (57 people died due to the volcano, including Harry), yet only Harry became a star.

Why Harry?

He was an expressive, talkative, lonely old widower who ate up the spotlight (attention) and the media was looking for a “human interest” angle for what they knew would be a prolonged coverage of the Volcano leading up to its eruption.

Encouraged by press coverage (including celebrity profile type segments) and subsequent “give ‘em hell, Harry!” public reaction, the old man played the part the media crafted for him: cantankerous folksy anti-hero who wouldn’t let a bunch of bureaucrats drive him off his land. He received fan mail, marriage proposals and even had folk songs composed about him.

Harry, his lodge and his 16 cats ended up buried beneath about a hundred feet of mud, ash and debris.

The media knew damn well what would happen to him. He was their Captain Ahab (they loved photos of him with the Whale, I mean Volcano, in the background). And yet he was used for the ratings and for keeping people’s attention fixed firmly on the evening news entertainment.

I don’t think there is much doubt that in reality Harry was a frightened old man who wanted to flee from the danger. But every time he opened his door, there was a reporter prodding him to play his designated part.

It went something like this,

Media to Harry: “Are you going to disappoint your fans and let those know-it-all pencil necks push you off your land Harry?”

Harry: “Hell no. No one pushes old Harry around. Not even a volcano!”

Media to viewers: “That’s our Harry!”

Viewers: big toothy grins and rabid applause.

Harry was the proverbial king for a day.

I point this out for all the dumb bastards out there who find themselves “compelled” to protest for some social cause which was highlighted, scripted and staged by the media.

Ask yourself this,

If you protest and no press is there to take your picture, do you make any sound?

In Ye Olden Times there was no such thing as a protest, in the way the word is used today.

People rioted when provoked, which was rare.

But it’s hard to get good pictures and craft a narrative out of a genuine riot. Riots are out of control.

A Protest, however, is an organized and staged (there’s that word again) event. There are designated stage entrances, official lines to be read and even rehearsals. Hell, many of them are flat out paid for their performance.

Just FYI, if you’re a protester or SJW I can guarantee you, no matter what you may think, it's not of your own volition.  You may think it is, but you're wrong.  You are playing a part crafted for you and you are performing in someone’s play, the plot of which the producers consider none of you business -the finale of which involves you and a big volcano.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cancer Preens...

You can find the sentiment expressed in various ways down through the ages, because it’s true.

You rarely see people do good things because that which is good is harmonizing to consistency and  stability and undeviating from the homogeneous values and ethics of a social system.

Cancer, of course, is the opposite of that.

Social-Cancer is that which disrupts consistency and stability and deviates from the homogeneous values and ethics of a social system.

Which is why cancer stands out and, by its nature, draws attention to itself.

And as the task of sustaining a thing is dull and thankless and draws little attention to itself, the preener turns to the only thing that is guaranteed to bring instant fame: destruction. Change in a healthy body is never good -change in a healthy body is called disease.

Attack, destroy and tear down all that was and came before and you will find yourself upon a stage and in the limelight.

And in a society where adulation is a core ethic, that which works to draw attention to itself and bring change to the social order is no longer seen as a cancer, but as ‘king for a day’.

However, I think we all know what happens to such “kings” at the end of the day. (notice how every revolution inevitably cannibalizes its own)

And yet millions continue to crowd into the theater and fight for the chance to stand upon that blood-stained stage, or cheer on those who do.

But the curtain inevitably falls, and the last “king” must, to top all others, burn down the proverbial theater with everybody in it. Cancer, after all, destroy’s its host.

Death is cancer’s pinnacle -its moment of glory, even as it is it’s own demise.

Or to put it in Americanese, it is ‘The End of History’.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hooker Revolution...

The gravity of a meritocracy driven by a cult of celebrity is a tyranny of the narcissist's warped values.

This is compounded by the fact that women are social animals. They deem it important how they look and how they are perceived by the world about them. That’s fine. That’s how nature has designed them. And it’s an important part of a well balanced world.

A normal, healthy, man, on the other hand, doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the world thinks of him, how he dresses, what he says, etc. In fact (truth be told) the average man loves to “stir up shit” and leave a wake of controversy and shrieks of outrage everywhere he goes. He loves to offend people.
Again, it’s how nature designed us. It’s the counter balance to women’s need for social approval.

The drive for wide social acceptance and praise is inherently feminine.

Which is exactly why theater and performance-art were historically linked to, and seen as another form of, prostitution.
The desire to be on a stage, accepted and praised, is feminine to an unhealthy extreme. And actors take money in exchange for a performance.

“Celebrity” is not only feminine, it is feminine in the negative sense in that it is a form of prostitution -presenting and selling yourself for wide social acceptance and praise.

Of course social media plays into this in more ways than one. Some women (and effeminate men) not only love to be on facebook and the like, they also, foolishly, put every facet of their personal lives onto the Internet Stage to garner “likes” -praise, acceptance and adulation. To this end they essentially prostitute themselves and their families for applause.

This “spirit” also draws out effeminate men. Politicians and Religious Leaders, for example, have become increasingly feminine in thinking and demeanor. Both pander to audiences for wider social acceptance. Both love to be on stage and perform and heap up praise and positive appraisal. Seeker-sensitive churches and government mandated tolerance seminars are good examples of this.

A normal,healthy, heterosexual man is never, ever, “offended” or “outraged” by word or deed. (again, he in fact gets a kick out of hearing about them)

But an abnormal, maladjusted, effeminate man is, indeed, concerned with words and deeds that cause “offense” and “outrage”.

And the current decadent culture is most fit for such abnormal men to rise to the top in. The top being minor or major celebrity status in a three-ringed circus society.

So yes, every politician is a hooker, driven by a perverted feminine spirit of narcissism.

Every preacher is a hooker, driven by a perverted feminine spirit of narcissism.

Are there exceptions to this?

Yes, the world leaders who rig elections, wipe out the opposition, stir up controversy & outrage and have harems of supermodels are, indeed, normal, healthy, well adjusted men. And the societies they rule over are the most healthy and well functioning ones.

But the democracies of the west are freak-shows -hopelessly in debt, overrun by orcs, terrorized by crime and corruption and ruled by effeminate men, tranny’s and hookers.

And THAT is the Spirit of 1776 reaching full maturity.

A Kingdom is a Kingdom. A democracy/republic is a whorehouse.