Monday, June 18, 2018

What Do God & Science Have In Common?...

They would both be mute without the voice of man.

God can’t talk.

He can only communicate through the mouth of  prophets or via ‘inspiration’ to men to write holy texts.

His existence requires observation of his perceivable attributes, you see.

And his will is expressed, and his attributes are interpreted, exclusively from the lips or the pens of men.

Now science is in on the business.

We’re always hearing that “science tells us this,” or “science shows us that.”

Science is now sentient and it talks!!

But it’s always a human mouth making the revelation, aka “discovery”, of what science tells us.

Science, like God, requires a middle-man.

Yeah, yeah, I know, ‘science is a method’. But by that definition the discovery of scratching as a solution to an itch is a method of science. Every human being discovers this via basic scientific method,  yet how many think to themselves,  ‘Science tells me to scratch itches.’ Nobody thinks like that. 
 The degree of difference is between the subjective and the objective. 

And note how “discoveries” are always announced like a revelation from on high.

The announcement of “big discoveries” are always ceremonial and quasi-religious.

Ever notice that?

Every culture has its holy men who reveal ‘great secrets to’ the rest of us.

Sometimes they’re called priests.
Sometimes they’re called scientists.

They’re always the mouthpiece for some vaguely defined force.

And they’re always very cozy and accommodating with whatever power structure is currently in control.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump Will Save Us All!!!

What the hell is wrong with people?

When Trump promised to “make America great again” he never really explained when and what the ‘great’ was?

Granted, I enjoyed his campaign and his win, to the extent I followed it. And there was a brief moment where his victory presented a genuine threat to the narrative. But that moment came and went.

Now what’s left?

The extremist leftwing zeitgeist is more powerful and more entrenched than ever and they continue to take more ground every day.

So what’s the ‘great’ thing?

Listening to his most fanatical worshipers it seems ‘great’ is related to industry and the economy.

Economic strength and growth is  a shitty barometer to use for greatness.

No scratch that, it’s downright evil!

Comfort, convenience and the ability to indulge, have been considered dangerous vices by pretty much every civilization in history.

America is one big violent, decadent, gay disco and it’s going further down the drain every single day.

Homosexuality is now presented as acceptable behavior.
The murder of babies in the mother’s wombs is legal.
Transvestism is being pushed onto kids.
Euthanasia is now being legalized.
The family is under attack by the state, the media, the schools and even the church.
The greatest invasion in human history (yes, literally) is taking place on the border with no end in sight.
Laws that attack and punish traditional morals and people are being created and enforced with increasing speed.

Come on MAGA people,

what’s the ‘great’ thing you’re always talking about?

Be honest,

you don’t have an answer.

All you’ve got is that “the new world order is trying to bring him down”, which, I guess, is supposed to imply he must be a threat to them.

But do you know what the problem with that is?

The new world order is the American people.

It is they, the American people, who are the heart and soul of the new world order.

Do you understand that?

The American people have twisted and evil desires in their hearts and minds.

Both conservative and liberal.

And what they wish for is to have any and all restraint taken off of their twisted and evil desires and plans.


it doesn’t matter.

America is based on personal freedom, free trade, free religion and free movement.

THAT is globalism.

THAT is the new world order.

THAT is immoral.

THAT is twisted.

THAT is NOT great.

You, dear MAGA-head,

like so many before you,

are worshiping yet another Golden Calf.


Saturday, June 16, 2018

On Election Choices...

People don’t want "freedom".

They want a world where there are no consequences to their actions.

Now think about them voting and what it means to your future.

Still a fan of democracy?


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Trump & His Fiddle...

What the hell is he doing?

I’ve spoken with several people who live in Texas and Arizona who tell me the situation at the border has just about turned into a Mad Max movie over the past year.

And the number of people describing their small, out of the way, towns turning into little Mexico overnight seems to be increasing rapidly. People are getting increasingly nervous about going to the store because of the rapid transformation. And I won’t get into food prices which are also spiraling out of control because Trump is continuing to devalue the dollar to make the stock market go up. Yes, he can, as President, do that.

No one gives a shit about the Iran deal.

No one gives a shit about Israel.

No one gives two shits about North Korea.

No one gives a damn about the latest NFL controversy.

Trump was elected on the promise of stopping the illegals, putting new restrictions on legals, deporting the illegals that are here and securing the border.

This is an existential crisis. Rome is burning.

He has not done a fucking thing on these absolutely critically important issues.

Remember the “caravan” of illegals?

Well, they walked right in and the national guard was there to hand them a bottle of water.

Tens of thousands of more are pouring across every single week. And the numbers are increasing.

And the children that are allowed to stay and become citizens are now citizens of both countries.

Which means their very presence merges the US and Mexico into one mutant entity. They will vote there and they will vote here.

Trump is the top law officer of the United States.

He could have, and should have, declared a state of emergency on day one of his term.

Instead of a wall, how about prosecuting those who hire illegals. How about ending welfare, SS, food-stamps and free healthcare to illegals.

After all they are only coming here for the free goodies. Which the taxpayers pay for.

And further more, what in......oh wait. Trump just tweeted something about Roseanne!


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Power To The People, But Not Really...

populism - the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite

                                                    -Webster’s 1913 dictionary

 populist - a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people


Populism & Populist.

In case you didn't know, these are bad things.....according to the media, academia, Hollywood and countless experts.

The same media, academia, Hollywood and countless experts currently celebrating the populace of Ireland voting  to overturn restriction on abortion.

So really, Populism is bad except when it’s not.

Still think these people are just misguided and uninformed?


Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Tyranny Of Language...

First, some words and their definitions.

God or Gods: an impersonal force or forces of nature or a description of a journey of human development or understanding.

Atheism: a rejection or disagreement of the conclusions of an identification of a force of nature or the development of a person’s journey.

Definitions are, you know, mere conventional consensus.

It’s more than a little ironic that if you get, say, a Baptist and a new-Atheist together to debate the existence of God, they will both adhere to the conventional consensus, aka, language tradition of...the Catholic Church.

Because definitions of concepts like God and Atheism are traditions.

Do you understand that?

The definitions of those concepts are not objective.

It’s just a tradition to define them a certain, subjective, way.

The meaning of words is not transcendent.

Yet conversation is an act of faith.

It is a faith because you presume your interlocutor will have the same conventional consensus of the meanings of words that you have.

And you presume that because, well, gosh darnit, that’s the excepted consensus.

I point all this out because of political correctness.

Many people live under the tyranny of language, in which the subjective meaning of words and concepts are used to attack, ostracize and persecute all formal heretics.

But it only works as long as you consent to their faith tradition.

So, for example, if someone is called a racist....instead of denying the charge they should simply state that there is no such thing as racism. 

Ditto anti-semitism, misogyny and so on.

In other words,

instead of being a heretic to the belief, go full apostasy and deny the faith altogether.


Friday, June 1, 2018

A Land Of Elvis Impersonators...


loved Murica

loved the flag

loved his mama

Befriended Nixon

& sang gospel songs.

Elvis also,

disliked hippies

disliked the counter-culture

disliked the drug culture

disliked communism

& dislike The Beatles for their anti-Americanism

And yet,

It was Elvis ‘The Pelvis’ who was a key tool in popularizing the 1950's Rock and Roll rebellion that would blossom into the 1960's counter-culture revolution. 

And it was Elvis’s sexually suggestive, provocatively aggressive, in your face - “fuck you old American values” - persona that inspired many of the leftwing, anti-American bands he later claimed to disprove of.

And he never demonstrated any remorse for his participation in all this.

The grotesque hypocrisy and contradictions of his lifestyle and beliefs never seemed to have crossed his mind!

He spent his last days on earth fat, bloated, dressed outrageously and with a face showing the wear and tear of tranquilizers and plastic surgery while wobbling onto a stage like a cheap whore in search of a few more dollars and a little bit more applause.

In other words,

Elvis was the Proto-Murican.