Friday, September 21, 2018

Should Facts Matter?...

It might seem obvious.

Yet, in reality, we all -each of us- subjectively perceive and interpret what we believe are objective facts.

The person who argues in favor or using facts does so because he believes the facts will favor him.

.....because he believes they will favor him.



Ultimately what we want is a situation that best favors ourselves and our circumstances.

It’s how we go about it that is in question.

The use of “facts” is the use of blunt, crude, force just as much as a baseball bat is.

And the reality of a baseball bat to the knees is just as objective as facts.

So we make deals and alliances. Not based on ideas of right and wrong or of objective truths, but on the premise of better security and better fortunes for ourselves.

There is something inherently wrong with people who insist that “we must follow the truth” or “go by the facts”.

Because they would not make such assertions unless they thought truth and facts can be interpreted to support themselves and their positions.

A person with subjective (personal) agenda deferring to claims of objective truths is more than a little disingenuous.

The reality is, people want and need things.

What they want and need is not as important as how they go about acquiring those things because their wants and needs are almost always going to be the same, basic things: food, water, shelter, money, sex, security.

They can try to dress it up in posturing about facts and “the truth” but when push comes to shove they will always resort to blunt self-preservation to get what they want and need, the truth be damned.

It’s like people who defer to reason and rationality by going in for medical checkup once a year. They are quite reasonable and scientific about it all......

.............until the doctors find cancer or some other life threatening disease. Then Mr. Rational is willing to dance naked around a fire on a mountain during a full moon in Mexico if a witch doctor holds out the promise of a magical cure by doing so.

What we want is what we want.

What we need is what we need.

Be cautious about intellectualizing and morally justifying the scratching of an itch.

And definitely cast a suspicious eye upon others who do this. Especially when they are in competition with your wants and needs.


You Work Hard For Your Money...

Which is why you’re a fool.

You really shouldn’t boast about how you can’t go out to protests like the left because your side are “hard working Americans”.

99% of the people who wear the “I work hard and pay taxes” mantle are doing grunt work.

A trained fucking monkey could do what they do.

It’s why they are easily replaceable and are being replaced via mass migration.

So all of you “hard working Americans” out there -Kudos! Your dedication to being a slave to corporations and a bitch-milk-cow to Uncle Sam is certainly appreciated by your globalist Marxist overlords who have, and are, transforming society into a dystopian, totalitarian, leftwing police state, off of your labor and taxes.

So keep working hard and pay those taxes!

Until a trained monkey takes over for you.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Why The Democrats Will Win...

Either in this election or the one that follows in just 24 months.

The answer is demographics.

Whites are now a minority in the United States.

Yes, the Census Bureau has “white Americans” at 60.2%, but the census under counts illegals by tens of millions and defines “white” as anyone from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and central-Asia. There are around 20 million “white Americans” who are from north Africa,  the middle east and central Asia. All of those Muslim refugees being brought in to the US are classed as “non-Hispanic White”.

And since the election of Trump illegal immigration into the US has jumped 200%.

So the actual percentage of White Americans is at or below 50%. And since non-White children are ‘officially’ a majority now -and since a large percentage of Whites are elderly - Whites in America are set to drop to around 33% in just 20 years time.

And the fact is that blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Arabs, etc, do not, as a rule, vote as individuals, but as herds. They don’t vote for what is best for themselves but for their groups as a whole.

Add to that that all of the above groups see Whites as their main competitor and enemy and it should become clear that a hard core, leftist dictatorship is inevitable in America.

It’s already here, in fact: “hate” speech laws. People getting fired for making an okay sign. Widespread censorship on the Internet. Taxes on everything from your property to your income to you-name-it. Big Brother surveillance on every public street. Forced “education” for children. Forced vaccinations, etc. The list goes on.

And even if the republicans manage to squeak out a victory in 2018, so what?

The left won victory in the immediate years after WW II and they have ruled, unchallenged, ever since.

From throwing prayer out of school, to legalized abortion to the civil rights act (which ended freedom of association) to throwing open our borders with the immigration act of 1965 to the creation of “hate crime” laws in the 80s to gay marriage and beyond,

conservatives/republicans have capitulated at every turn.

But if they win, THIS TIME, they’ll do things different?

The problem is systemic. ALL of the universities are leftwing mills that churn out either political radicals or go-along-to-get-along complacents.

But then so are all of the public schools.

So is Hollywood. The music industry. Television. Book Publishing. Seminaries and so on.

It’s a complete victory for the left.

They won post 1945. A long time ago.

And the real kicker is that all Trump has to boast about is a “booming economy”. The news of which is simply increasing the number of illegals pouring across the border to record numbers.

Which in turn speeds up the demographic change.

Which in turn assures a perpetual democratic/leftist government.

MAGA simply tightens the leftwing grip.

You better start thinking post-America.


Monday, September 17, 2018

How Your Grocery Store Rules Over You...

Forget centralized banking.

They just print the money with which you buy things.

They don’t make you buy the things.

And like it or not, you cooperate with them when you capitulate to the system they profit from.

Food, like breathing, is a necessity of living.

The acquisition of this absolute, life-sustaining, necessity (for you and your family) is something you have forfeited over to the state, via corporations.

Ditto water.

It’s all very convenient.

 Convenient in the sense that it makes life in your hamster cage all the more dependent.

But the door to the cage is always open. You choose to be there.

The system we have is a paradigm.

It’s not inevitable.

It’s not the only way.


Think of a way out.

There can be a problem with planning ahead too much.

Learning to cope  with changing circumstances is a necessary instinct.

Suppressing it leads not only to dependency, but also towards capitulation in the face of adversity.

Life is chaos.

Awake each day expecting an attack from all directions and you’ll get along just fine.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Most Dangerous Man In The World...

Is the man who neither needs nor wants anything. 

The opposite being a reliable and predictable slave.

Want a home?

Need a job.

Got a job?

Got a house.

Now what will you do to keep it?

What will you do, or not do, to keep that home and car and all of the nice little accessories that go along with their maintenance?

Besides crime.

The answer is, compromise.

You’ll compromise your vales, ethics, morals, faith and even your own family and the future of your people.

Just to stay fat and happy.

Yes, it’s hard to detach yourself from dependency on the system.

But it’s not THAT hard.

Especially when you consider that so much of modern man’s wants and needs are absolute non-essential junk.

Be dangerous again. Want nothing that the system has to offer.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Looters Vs. Lard-Asses...

That’s the reality, 99% of the time.

Looters tend to be thin, fit, agile and fast moving.

Property “owners” tend to be big and fat and slow.

It’s like watching hyenas encircle an obese, crippled elephant.

The real kicker is the way in which the lard asses like to boast of their having “prepared” for disasters.

By preparing, they mean they went to the grocery store and bought things.

Take the grocery stores and all other kinds of stores out of the equation and the line between the “prepared” and the looters completely disappears.

The modern American is in capable of taking care of himself.

You bought food?

Whoopty shit.

That food was created by corporations and brought in and put on shelves by corporations.

You did nothing.

You have a generator?

Again, whoopty shit.

Did you build the generator?

Do you extract oil and make your own gas?

You depend on the state, via corporations, to create the gas and then ship it into your area to gas stations you did not create.

You are 100% dependent upon the corporate welfare state to take care of your pampered, incompetent ass.

Face it.

You consider losing electricity an emergency.

If the nanny welfare state stops shipping in food to feed you, you and your family starve to death within a few weeks.

And by the way, you don't own the property or the house. You pay taxes on both which means you're just renting them from the state.

But keep shouting MAGA.


How You Win...

You win against the system by detaching yourself from the system.

Specifically, your dependency upon it.

No, it isn’t easy.

But nothing is. Life isn’t easy.

Life is struggle and conflict from your first breath to your last.

It’s always been that way and it will always be that way.

The desire for comfort, convenience and peace is a perversion of the reality of existence. And easily exploitable. 

Neither the rulers nor the ruled live without conflict.

There is no formula, ideology, religion or political platform that will absolve you from a lifetime of pain and suffering and struggle and conflict......all of which leading inevitably to death.

That’s life.

Defeatism is the belief that you can change the system by participating with it.

To hell with that!

You are a part of nature so look to nature for the example.

Defiance is rust corroding away steel until the steel crumbles.

Defiance is weeds and flowers breaking apart the concrete to emerge into the light. 

Defiance is a hurricane. Or a flood.

Nature does not work with the system to make it its own force.

Nature is the adversary of the system and wars against it -constantly and continually without cease,

because Nature and the System are two irreconcilable and opposing forces.

Stand in contrast to the system. See it as your competitor and an adversary who’s nature is in opposition to your very being.

Because it is.