Wednesday, April 26, 2017

In Case Of War With North Korea...

What with that there North Koe-reean feller invading and destroying so many countries around the world, it’s inevitable that good ol’ Murica will be called, (by no less than God himself) to step in and save the day.

Murica must liberate those poor North Korean people who don’t have gay marriage, teen abortion,  Tranny’s on TV, fifty million Mexicans and “refugees” from the middle-east and so on.

Clearly, something has to be done.

Thank God Communist China has our back!!!

And no doubt a war may lead to significant damage to trade ports in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China...

If that were to happen, you wouldn’t be able to buy all of that highly inflated Chinese made crap from Wal-Mart.

In such a case, some sort of lend-lease deal would be needed to help re-build any damaged infrastructure in those east-Asian cities and ports.

Some sort of, oh, I don’t know, trans-pacific-partnership......or something.

Sure the global economy would take a bit of a hit for a few years, but the long term economic benefits from such a paradigm shift to the part of the word that has 4 of the world’s 7 billion consumers - I mean people, would mean massive expansion of top CEO’s portfolios.

But even if there’s no war, such a trans-pacific-partnership might be needed anyway, just to keep the profits. I’m sorry, I mean the peace.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Caged Bird Is Unnatural...

Many people (even those with pet birds) acknowledge the fundamental truth that a caged bird is a tragedy. Birds are meant to fly - to soar through the air with the wings Gnon* has given them. Keeping them caged is unnatural.

But therein the modern, progressive, mind betrays itself.

After all, what is normal? Right?

What is natural?

Is not the entire project of modernized civilization constructed upon the ashes of concepts such as natural and normal?

Is it natural for two men to get married?

Is it natural for a man to dress and act as a woman?

Is it natural for people of different ethnicities or races or classes to marry?

If, as the progressive insists, there is no normal and nature has no law, then a caged bird is no longer a tragedy.


*note: Gnon stands for God of Nature Or Nature

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Wages of Freedom...

Funny how the American version of freedom (inspired by the French and American Revolutions) tends to render everything meaningless.

After all, without “freedom of religion” religion wouldn’t be able to mean absolutely nothing, as it does today.

Freedom allows couples to divorce at a whim and destroy families.

Freedom allows homosexuals to marry and make a mockery of marriage.

Freedom allows mixed-race and mixed ethnic marriages, thus destroying whole nations (a nation is an ethnic group, not a place).

Freedom allows men to put on women’s dresses, mocking and denigrating men and women.

Freedom allows new generations to walk away from their families, their countries, their religions and their cultures and thus renders all of them meaningless.

But of course this freedom can only continue as long as freedom of association is prohibited, as that would be racist and discriminatory -hence the destruction of nations, families, marriage, races, ethnicities, religions and so on, in the name of equality.....and freedom!

Freedom knows know king, and subsequently it knows no father or mother either. And so cultures, faiths, traditions and the very foundations of human society, sustained and nurtured by natural hierarchical authority, are cast aside.

And the wages of freedom?

Look around.

The lust for freedom has set the world ablaze. The fires are spreading. And those not yet consumed in the blaze are choking to death from the smoke.

Freedom? How can a poor pitiful creature like man -bound by mortality and the daily precariousness of his life upon this rock in space, speak of freedom?

What fools we are.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Billy The Kid Was Almost Twenty-Two...

Billy The Kid, the famous/infamous Old West outlaw first gained wider national attention in 1880, when he was 20/21 years old. He was shot (in the dark) and killed by Sheriff Pat Garret a year later in 1881, a couple months shy of his 22 birthday.

Notice something in that brief biography?

Billy THE KID entered the wider national conscience when he was 20 years old.

There has never been a time in history when those under 25 years of age were not considered to be kids -non adults.

And for good reason.

Critical areas of your brain, that involve decision making, do not fully develop until the mid-twenties.

So yes, you can have an opinion at 22, it just won’t be a well informed or personal one.

And even beyond 25, it takes years of experience to be better able to navigate life’s bland intricacies.

But even at that, very, very few have it in them to make critical choices. Which is why leaders are few and great leaders are rare. One shepherd, many sheep. And sheep are dumb.

99.9% of people follow well worn paths in every area of their life, through out their life.

A voting age of 21 was bad enough, but lowering it to 18 was ridiculous. At that point there is no logical argument against lowering it to 2.

And yes, I know, 18 years olds get sent off to fight and die in wars, etc.

Yeah, they do. Because they’re easy to manipulate and use. They’re energetic, naive and have jelly for brains.

As has been pointed out before by others, there is a reason you really don’t see too many 40 year old suicide bombers or genuinely passionate religious/ideological zealots with grey hair.

This is a tough pill for many to swallow, especially those raised in America where platitudes of “individuality” and “choice” have been used by vipers to hypnotize and lure easy prey.

These cheap platitudes about “freedom” and “independence” have also fed into the atomization of people, leaving them unable to defend themselves from invasion and destruction.

You’re not free and you’re not independent. And democracy is the biggest damn con in history.

And robbed of the basic knowledge about basic survival that used to be passed from father to son and via tribal traditions, you are completely defenseless in this wilderness of a world.

In other words, Mr. Roughed Individual, without strong, wise and mighty political and religious leaders from your own people, who rule with a rod or iron, you and your family are in big f*@king trouble.

You can repeat bulls@*t about democracy and “no king but Jesus” all you want, but you only pile more dirt upon your own grave as you do it -much to the glee of the stronger and wiser men who have deceived and ensnared you.

What is happening to the people of the West now is not the result of reckless or foolish leadership -no, it is ritualistic humiliation of a conquered and defeated people -a ritualistic humiliation which precedes mass slaughter -similar to what happened to the Romanov family in the "House of Special Purpose".

“As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”
                                                                                                                       -Isaiah 3:12 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Hank Hanegraaff & North Korea...

What do Hank Hanegraaff and North Korea have in common? They both represent drama-as-news-cycle that I only know about because I occasionally walk into/through a room with a TV on....or happen to here about from every single freakin human being I come into contact with.

Of course “we” have to do something about that North Korea dictator guy. I mean, how many countries has this psychopath attacked and invaded now? Look at what he did to Iraq! And Syria! And Libya! And Yemen! And what about Turkey? Ooops, lets not talk about that. WWIII it is! Yeehaw! Murica Rules!

If you don’t know who Hank Hanegraaff is, do yourself a favor and don’t look into it.

Of course the Bible Answer Man pulling a Judas on Martin Luther by joining that weird wing of Popeless Catholicism known as the Orthodox Church in this, the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, is without a doubt the seventh trumpet of Revelation.

At any rate I always knew the guy had to be a phony. After all, where in the Bible does it use the words “Hank Hanegraaff”?

That’s what I Thought!

Meanwhile a county, city and neighborhood near you is being fundamentally and radically transformed into a third-world hellhole via the largest mass migration of human beings in history.
Your culture, your society and your people are being decimated right before your eyes.
Whites are now just 8% of the world’s population, and dropping.

I wonder what Hank will call his program now that he’s no longer a Bible-aloner?


The Grave Dumb Sin Of Over Analyzing Hypotheticals...

It’s a fine line between making a point and stating the obvious.

The alt-media or alt-right is growing rapidly because it (more often than not) states the obvious, rather than trying to make a point. Memes are a good example of this.

State, or present, the obvious and people will see the point. Try to make a point and you either end up sounding  preachy and sanctimonious or you leave people scratching their heads trying to figure out what your point is.

We don’t always do this, of course, but we do do it.

The left and old right, however, go the “making a point” route exclusively because those damn facts are always ganging up on them and kicking the non-subjective shit out of them.

Whenever a SJW tosses out some pre-packaged Soros-funded talking point disguised as a question, such as, “how would you feel if you were a homeless refugee?”, I always reply that I’d rather ponder how I’d feel if I were a bad-ass warlord with harem full of Victoria’s Secret  supermodels.

Emotionally manipulative hypotheticals are all the left has, but even in that they have to be able to control a very narrow array of hypotheticals, lest reality again invade into their intellectually retarded safe spaces.

Back to the point of this post... there is an element within the new schools of discourse that gets a bit too carried away with unnecessary ponderings on what-if’s and maybe’s, and that, of course, is the neo-reactionary world.

It’s one thing to what-if the present or near-future but the neo-reactionaries have a tendency to what if long range scenarios involving highly complex theoretical and hypothetical overlapping situations, which may or may not evolve given happenstance A B & C developing into an inevitable D E & F.

They tend to go off on long involved rants about the pros and cons of an Aristotelian based nobility ruling over a land based empire, during a a multi-year drought, in the year 4242 AD, and stuff like that.

Granted, it’s sometimes interesting -but only for so far. The Nrx has long been seen as the crazy uncle in the attic of the alt-right for a reason. Occasionally enlightening, but still crazy.

So when someone asks me about the Nrx I always suggest that they not get overly involved with groups who develop complex systems that require multi-leveled hypothetical analyzing to unpack.

Or just think of it like this: treat queries into what a person or group are about like you would a person to whom you ask the basic, simple, question, “What do you want?” The longer it takes them to answer that question the faster you should be backing away and regretting having asked it.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Re-Up (North Korea Is The Free Country)...

Fact: The office of President of the United States has infinitely more power than all of the kings and queens of antiquity combined. “The President", 1789 - ,is an unparalleled beast of a tyrant. Elections = you get to vote on what the tyrant will be called for the next four years. The Tyrant remains the same.

Fact: The colonists had LESS freedom after the Revolution than before. (they also paid higher taxes after ”independence”)

The U.S. Constitution functions towards one end -consolidation (assimilation). It brings every family, neighborhood, town, county and state under one moral, legal, political, ethical, linguistic, religious and economic jurisdiction.

In the colonies, prior to 1776, each village and colony had its own general, but particular, way of life: ethnicity, culture, religion, laws, customs, etc. Villages and colonies defined who and what they were.

After the revolution these peoples no longer had such basic (intrinsic and historical) freedom. The vast project of bringing every village and county under one monolithic federal umbrella had began.

The exaltation of the “individual’s rights” over the colony’s (or village’s) rights commenced.

The end result of the constitution is seen today, wherein one person is “free”, but two or more are not.

One man can call himself Baptist, but a town (a thousand men) cannot call themselves Methodist -because "freedom of religion".

An individual is free to declare himself a homosexual, but a city or county or state is not free to declare themselves heterosexual -because "individual liberty".

No, under the all seeing eye of Uncle Sam there can be no peoples, only individuals. There can be no distinct and particular ethnicities, races, families, tribes, colonies, etc, each with their own customs, laws, traditions and identities.

Such is denounced as racist or discriminatory.

The civil rights act effectively outlawed freedom of association, aka discrimination, which is the cornerstone, not only of freedom, but of nations, cultures and the family itself. (read that again)

The United States is thus ever hungry -ever growing and expanding, insisting that all distinctions be erased. All borders, all religions, all customs and all peoples MUST be consolidated and assimilated into one monolithic social, political and economic state of the individual consumer.

There can be no white nations (or any ethnic nations) or heterosexual families, or Mothers & Fathers, etc.

Is it any wonder then that a country like North Korea, which still has a semblance of independence from the global state and an identity of its own choosing, is seen as such a threat to the powers that be?

How terribly ironic to realize that America is Mordor and North Korea, Iran, Assad’s Syria, Putin’s Russia, etc are the lands of elves and hobbits, holding out against the ever encroaching forces of darkness.