Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Change That Was Un-Changed…

The Inquisition is one of the most maligned movements in history.


The Inquisition was the culmination of victory over multiculturalism and the reversal of centuries of mass immigration into Europe.

Muslims, with tactical and economic assistance from their cousins, Judah, swarmed into Europe from North Africa and dominated Iberia, southern France and portions of Italy for hundred of years.

Leftist historians celebrate this era of conquest and carnage in the most flowery of terms, describing it as an age of enlightenment and diversity.

Europeans felt differently, however, and fought to drive the orcs out and reclaim their homelands.

After more than 700 years of “change and progress” the tide was turned and a period of restoration was implemented. And so the efforts of the subversives and their armies of invaders was undone.

That is why the Inquisition is attacked and maligned today. It ably demonstrated that change, no matter how dramatic and extensive, can be un-changed.

Monday, December 29, 2014

When Everybody Else Is Us…

People today do not identify themselves, and others, as flesh and blood beings grounded in concrete absolutes (such as race, ethnicity, gender, particular families etc) but as adhering to this or that faddish ideology
There are no longer Irishmen, or Germans, or Italians, or Saxons, or Bavarians or Johnsons or Smiths.

No, there are only now Capitalists, Socialists, Feminists,  Islamists, Fundamentalists, Pro-Abortionists, Liberals, Conservatives, Nazis, Communists, Free Traders, Progressives, Reactionaries, Traditionalists, Atheists, Agnostics, Revisionists, Revolutionaries…the list goes ever on.

And people wonder why we have wide-open borders.

Upon what grounds should the borders be sealed and protected, let alone acknowledged? Many of the invaders are capitalists: or progressives or conservatives or Christians or, take your pick.

So is it upon the grounds of a mere technicality that you object to open borders? Is it because it’s not legal or because so and so did not go through the proper process?

If so, what happens when the laws are re-written to make that which was once illegal, legal?

Think of it this way, most Whites in the US of the conservative Christian bent are opposed to gay marriage. Is it because, hitherto, it has been technically illegal?

Or is it because it is seen as unnatural for two people of the same physical (absolute, concrete) gender to marry?

How about this: what if one of them got a sex change operation and became “female”; would it then be okay for them to marry?

Or, more fittingly, what if one of them simply identified themselves as, ideologically, female?

Would conservative Christians then okay the marriage?

If not, why not?

If your primary worldview is predicated upon the notion of identities being based upon adherence to an ism then at what point does abnormal become normal or the proverbial them become us?

After all, there is no customs office for becoming a conservative. No paperwork or procedural steps to become a progressive or capitalist. There is no recognized jurisdiction dividing pro-abortionists from agnostics.

So what then keeps one from becoming an American?  Is an American a particular kind of person, genetically, or is he merely someone who agrees to a general ideology (capitalism, democracy, constitutional government, etc)?

If it’s the later then a physical border is illogical because it is merely an expression of sentiment or faith to adhere to certain principles.

And faiths and Creeds do not know borders anymore than merchants do.

Look at it this way,

Did the average Englishman fight against the Germans because the Germans were Nazis?

No, of course not.

They fought the Germans because they were Germans, and, therefore, not Englishmen. Just as they fought the French because they were French and the Spanish because they were Spanish.

Fighting for a faith or creed or ideology or form of government is like challenging the wind to a swordfight for supremacy of the air. It is madness personified. It is empty and vain and though you may charge forth without fear and march victoriously forward without wound, you will eventually collapse of weariness, slashing at a foe that has no shape in defense of a thing you can neither see nor touch.

Thus on the flip side, we must ask, do Americans fight for Americans?

No, of course not. American is too generic a term to even define.

Which is why Americans fight for isms such as democracy, free trade and equality. And that might explain why Americans are always fighting IN OTHER COUNTRIES FAR FROM AMERICA.

In other words, Americans are missionaries for Americanism, spreading the faith far and wide across the whole world. A quest to make all men “Americans”.

And, still, they wonder why we have open borders.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hypothetical Projected Emotions Only, Please…

Or, the ‘put yourself in their shoes’ ploy.

In modern discourse, political, social, religious, racial and cultural considerations are often framed by the (obviously leading) question, “how would you feel if you were them?”

…or some variation thereof.

This is, of course, a bizarre and esoteric form of existential bait switching.

It’s asking you, as you, to pretend you aren’t you: to assume you’re someone else…and then give their opinion.

You see, the “what if you were them,” question is not meant to engender empathy, but to exploit it. Which is why you’ll never hear it used thusly: “how would you feel if you were Julius Caesar triumphantly parading your hated and vanquished enemies?”

After all, the whole point of the “what if you were them” question is to make you associate exclusively with the enemies/victims.

Which is the salient point here, because another word for victim is loser.

And if there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that the exploiters of empathy never ever want you to associate with the victors and the winners.

Why is that?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Conservatives Are All About The Dotted I’s…

Conservatives are upset at Obama’s Amnesty because…because…because…well, it didn’t follow official procedure, wasn’t Constitutional and whatnot and so forth.

Which means, one supposes, that had Obama and the Senate gotten together and legally and officially granted citizenship to all of South America, conservatives would have no problem with that.

Apparently, it’s not the tsunami of third world orcs invading and destroying their home that is the problem, no, it’s that the proper paper work wasn’t done prior to the invasion and destruction.

And, by extension, one supposes, that if Obama and the Senate and the Supreme Court were to get together and pass legislation to import 300 million new citizens into the United States next year, conservatives would have absolutely no problem with that, what-so-ever.

Because it was legal and official and Constitutional.

And so we see the fundamental problem of structuring the defense of your survival and your way of life on a legal document.

For contemporary Americans, liberals and conservatives alike, America only exists on paper, as a legal proposition. It is not made up of a particular flesh and blood people. No, that would be racist.

So as White Americans see their entire culture and civilization (and themselves) destroyed before their very eyes, their only response is to cast a critical eye at the Constitutionality of it all.

And if it should all be found to be Constitutional, then, well, let the pillaging and plundering tidal wave commence. Viva La Constitution!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Objective vs. Subjective Empathy...

Subjective: “what if it were you who was being oppressed?

Objective: “well I’m not that important, so it wouldn’t really matter that much.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Thank God For The Police State...

 The reality of the "American Dream".

Every so many years some riot breaks out in The Empire and we see numerous denouncements of the strong arm tactics of the militarized police forces.

But why?

America is a de-industrialized, over crowded multicultural slum whose infrastructure is falling rapidly into ruin, whose real economy has all but collapsed and whose every city, town and hamlet is being overrun by third-world orcs who come from societies where casual violence, plunder and corruption are considered normal and morally good.

What do people expect their day to day life to be like in this situation?

Are people so buried in the faux reality created by media that the real world reality shocks them?

For two decades the government has been building up local and federal law enforcement agencies in what, objectively, looks like a preparation for world war III.

Shouldn't that tell the average Joe something?

Well, unfortunately not.

Because despite the platitudes about a "well informed public" there actually is no such thing.

And despite what conservative and "patriot" leaders and media personalities feed their listeners, there is not now, never has been and never will be, a "grass roots" movement of the "common man" to "take the country back".

Every society, EVERY SOCIETY, has a ruling elite and a subject people. America is no different.  It never has been. The "founding fathers" were the political and economic elite of their era. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were the George Soros and Bill Gates of their day and they, along with the other power elite, ruled over a subject people and shaped their lives.

They (and every president and congress since) had more direct power over the lives of their subjects than all of the kings of Europe combined down through the ages. 

Where the average Joe has failed is in his collective call for better leaders who will represent the common interests of his people. Because that is what it will take. A leader, or leaders who are an elite.

But, there again we have a problem. The average White American is reluctant to admit that he has a people. He wants to cling to the artificial "American" identity, even though that has long since been shown to be a non-entity by its ever changing definition.

So how much more suffering, ruin and chaos will the average Joe have to endure?

A lot, unfortunately.

The situation that now is is not something that can be undone easily.

The best case scenario: a partition of the former united states into smaller countries and the forced relocation of various peoples into their new homelands.

The alternative? A day to day life that resembles a prison yard.

In the meantime learn to live with the fact that you are now caught in between a ravenous mob of orcs on one side and a militarized police state on the other.

This is what "American Exceptionalism" actually is.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's July In America...

2014 is the 100 year anniversary of the start of WWI.

In July of 1918, as the "Great War" was in its closing months, Czar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, their five children (four girls and a boy) and four servants were taken into a basement by their Bolshevik captors and viciously butchered.

They weren't merely shot. No, they were beaten with riffles and stabbed to death with bayonets. The four girls, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia (aged 22 to 17) died the hardest as, according to the man who oversaw the massacre, it took close to 30 minutes to beat and stab them to death as they screamed and cried and fought for life.

The reaction from the outside world ranged from silence to jubilation. And that includes America, who, after all, was fighting to keep the world “safe for democracy” and the Czar was a king and we believe in “freedom and equality”.

There are many pictures of the royal family online and many of them are of private family moments. In them you see what looks like a typical White Christian Middle-Class family.

Which is, essentially, what they were.

Nicholas abdicated in the hopes of avoiding a civil war. What he was blind to was the fact that the Bolsheviks had engineered the crisis’s which had swept the country. They had bribed, threatened and murdered officials, big and small, to cause a breakdown in the infrastructure and cause maximum chaos.

They created a crisis, and then offered themselves up as the solution.

After the Czar abdicated he and his family were placed under arrest by the provisional government, which soon fell to the Bolsheviks. The royal family was moved east of the Ural Mountains where they spent the remaining months of their lives in captivity.

They were, based on the testimony of their guards, polite, respectful and friendly to their captors even as their captors plotted their murder.

They passed their time growing vegetable gardens, chopping wood and reading to one another in the evenings. There are even photographs of the home altar they built for Christmas.

They held out hope that their friends and family in England were working on negotiating their release and exile from Russia.

Their final residence was known as “the house of special purpose”.

The day of their deaths the Bolshevik captain, Yakov Yurovsky, planned their demise while giving the family the pretence of normalcy. During his inspection of their rooms he even asked about the health of the Czar’s son, 13 year old Alexi.

By all accounts the family never suspected a thing.

Some time after midnight on July 18, Yurovsky woke the family and their four servants and told them they must move into the basement of the house for their own safety as the White Russians (who were anti-Communists) were advancing on the town and stray bombs might hit the house. This was, of course, a lie.

They all filed into the basement, politely smiling at their guards. The Czar came carrying his son Alexi in his arms, as the boy was too sick to walk (he spent most of his short life sick and an invalid).

Some time later Yurovsky read the order for the killing of the Czar. He and 10 other assassins opened fire on the whole group. But the bullets missed most of their marks and after letting the room clear of smoke it was found that most of the victims were still alive, but wounded. And so the butchery began. The still living were violently beaten and stabbed to death in an ordeal that went on, and on and on.

The bodies were stripped and then thrown into an unmarked mass grave.

The four servants, who stayed voluntarily in spite of the Czar and his wife encouraging them to leave when they could, were a doctor, a cook, a maid and a butler.

The Communist Revolutionaries in Moscow had no problem giving the order or owing up to the crime afterwards.

Because for them it was all worth it, in the long run.

So what if Russia fell into chaos and catastrophe? They could then remold it into their own image.

So what if tens of millions suffered and perished horribly? That is the price of progress.

So what if untold numbers of innocent people fell prey to hoards of thugs, rapists and murderers? That is the necessary cost for the grand vision of social engineering on a large scale. 

And it was all done in the name of Freedom and Equality.

And if you accept Equality on moral principle, you will accept it on moral mandate as well.

If there is to be equality, there can be no Czars and there can be no Middle-Class. There can be no royal families and there can be no borders or nations.

This is all pertinent today as it is now July 1918 for Whites in America.

If you are White then you are already in the “house of special purpose” and you’re most likely still passing the time planting vegetable gardens and chopping wood. Your leaders are kindly re-assuring you that all is well and there is no need to be alarmed.

Though increasingly stressed and unnerved, you still hold out hope that this will all resolve itself in time to come and everything will be fine.

You’re still polite and passive and if you do protest anything, it is orderly and legal and you clean up after yourself.

But soon, very soon, you are going to be awoken in the middle of the night and told that you need to urgently move to the basement…for your own safety.

“How dim is the light in so many that they champion the cause of their own and their children’s demise?

That they walk like sheep to the slaughter.”