Sunday, July 15, 2018


When the good guys realize they have leverage they have become the bad guys.

Helping is an act of charity.

A favor is usury.


Enjoy The Theater...

Now that we’re all entertained with the antics of those crazy leftists.....

And now that we are “winning” with MAGA....

We don’t have to notice the ever growing tentacles of a rapidly expanding police state.

It’s not like the IRS can now interfere in your visa renewal or application, is it?


It’s not like the courts have recently ruled that the TSA are now able to violate our rights and assault us during a screening with immunity, right?

It’s not like a career swamp creature was just nominated to the Supreme Court, is it?

It’s not like your town is turning into Mexico while ever more intrusive state powers reduce you to a rat in a cage who dances to rules your replacements laugh at, is it?

It’s not like you’re in more debt now than ever for a nicer home or newer car, even though food prices are going up almost weekly, right?

Hey look!    Muh temporary infrastructure Jobs!!!!


Friday, July 13, 2018

Weird Scenes Inside The New Right...

Or alt-right, or whatever it morphs into next.

People keep pushing me towards the alt/new-right community and I keep pulling back. I’ve put up pro-alt right posts here before on behalf of others, but personally I made my feelings for it known in March 2010 in a post titled ‘Oxymoronic’.

But here we are in 2018. And the “scene” is still going. I think.

Some years ago a man named Dave McGowan wrote a book called ‘Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon’. It was a quasi-conspiratorial book chronicling the rise of the counter pop-cultural leaders who had, for some reason, clustered in and around Laurel Canyon in L.A.

The basic thrust of his research was to expose the fact that most, if not all, of the biggest names of the 1960‘s pop counter-cultural movement were the children of well connected families -often with prestigious military backgrounds. For example, Jim Morrison was the rich, preppy, son of Admiral George Steven Morrison -who made his mark in history by commanding the Carrier Division at the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, which effectively sparked the Vietnam War.

A great many of the pop stars of the era who emerged with the counterculture had similar backgrounds. They also had a knack of avoiding the Draft or any serious criminal charges from their very public use of illicit drugs.

And they all gathered around Laurel Canyon which had no musical infrastructure whatsoever but had been heavily populated in the past by military families. It was also the location of a secret military base called Lookout Mountain Laboratory, which, apparently, specialized in media (moves, tv, art, music, etc..) creation.

Which brings me to the alt-right or new-right.

There are a number of people who have put their names and faces out there as not only members of this movement, but, via the publicity they try to generate, implicit leaders of it as well.

And this publicity they seek comes with marketing.

Like the rock stars of the 60's who were promoting “revolution” via their albums that you had to buy and which coincidentally made them rich, the new/alt-right is also promoting “revolution” via platforms from which they sale a wide range of merchandise -t-shirts, coffee cups, books, organized conferences, etc..

And notice that the revolution both alt-right and their forebears in the 60's counter-cultural pop scene promote is the ‘long march through the institutions’ type of revolution. Which, of course, is no revolution at all. It’s just a reformation that actually protects and defends the system and actually enlivens it.

Like the Catholic Church of old -instead of wanting to dismantle Rome and scatter it to the four winds,  they want to capture the monstrosity and make it their monstrosity.

In fact the alt-right has almost the exact same fingerprints as the phony 1960's counterculture.

How many of those public faces in the new right/alt-media have backgrounds in media, music, press, etc?

How many of those public faces in the new right/alt-media come from money?

How many of them have well funded patrons?

How many of them are marketing a product while dressed in alt-garb, making pepe memes and espousing a radical ideology that actually (ultimately) defends and supports the system they claim to oppose?

And now we see things like Qanon and justwalkaway which have a suspiciously slick looking research-based marketing style approach of  'oppose the system by making it better' type of bait and switch.

The reality is that the system is so pervasive that there’s not a single movement that it can’t subsume into itself.

No revolutionary ever graduated from college!

If there is ever any real opposition to the system to manifest, all hell will break loose.

The end result will be that either the opposition is crushed or the system and its entire infrastructure is utterly destroyed.

In the meantime enjoy the counter-cultural podcasts. And be sure to buy one of their t-shirts, books or coffee mugs!


The Elephant In The Room...

Yes, the police state.

We live in a society of near ubiquitous surveillance. And it’s getting worse by the day.

It might seem obvious to blame this on Technology and a Big Brother mentality among the ruling class.

But technology is funded. So are ruling classes.

When money decreases so does technological “progress”. Ditto ruling classes. 

The Roman Empire was a kind of police state for its day.

Then one day shepherds grazed their sheep around the quite ruins of what were once the mighty empire’s fortified military outpost.

That passed away, this also may.


Thursday, July 12, 2018

“Sure! I’ll Help!...

There’s nothing quite like dependability. Dependability in a person can erase a myriad of other flaws.

Flip that around and the opposite is true. Unreliable people are worse than the DMV.

This is something to think about in planning for the future.

If someone tells you they’ll be there at four o’clock to help you, and then you have to call them an hour later to find out where they are only to have them tell you they’ll be there tomorrow, then that is someone you don’t want to make substantial long-term survival plans with.

I’ve noticed a “tell” in these situations too.

If the person you ask a favor of looks pained and burdened at your request for help, they’ll be there.

If the person smiles and gives an easy, “sure, I’ll be there!” then they won’t be there.


On Appealing To Normies...

'He has captivated the American bourgeoisie without ever offending the highbrows, and he has never said anything that wasn’t liberal or progressive.'
    -The New Yorker, describing Johnny Carson in 1978

A fad or heresy is the exaltation of something which even if true, is secondary or temporary in its nature against those things which are essential and eternal, those things which always prove themselves true in the long run. In short, it is the setting up of the mood against the mind.” – G.K. Chesterton, ‘William Blake’

You can sell the normies on an ideological movement just as you can sell them a pair of sneakers.

They’ll think as much of the one as they do the other.


The West?...

I’ve used the term myself in the past, but it’s not advisable.

For one thing, ‘The West’ immediately excludes eastern Europe, which is the last holdout and only stronghold of White Civilization.  The only thing that has spared it is its poor economic prospects.

Second, what, when and where ‘The West’ is/was is debatable. I’ve had catholics tell me that Protestant countries are not part of traditional Western Civilization. And it goes without saying that Protestants see Catholicism as a completely foreign thing.
I’ve heard others explain that WWI was the end of Western Civilization. Conversely, I was just recently informed by an expat that Japan is part of The West today. Many people claim South America is part of The West too.

Third, Northern Europeans were never part of the Roman Empire (except southern Britain) -they were nominally Christian for a just a few hundred years and it’s a fact northern Europeans tend to see southern-Europeans as non-Whites. Yes, Southern Germany was, for a period, under Roman rule. It was also, for a period, under Hun rule.

Fourth, and most importantly, Whites have existed as a distinct people for 30,000 years -of more.
What is generally described as Western Civilization didn’t materialize until around 500-700 a.d. and then began to dissipate by the 15th-16th century.

Whatever Western Civilization was, it cut White Civilization in half and artificially bound northern Europeans to southern Europeans -with whom they had nothing in common.

Worse, it attempted to join us to the middle-east via Christianity and the legacy of the Roman Empire.

It’s strange to see people cheering about how Western Civilization conquered the world and built roads and schools and hospitals, etc. All of which are a prerequisite to globalism and ethnic and racial mixing.

Neither Chinese nor Indian civilizations conquered the world and yet their civilizations are thriving while Europe and her colonies are dying and replacing their populations with foreign peoples.

India and China both have over a billion people.

Africans are a thousand years behind everyone else, and yet the population of Africa will hit 2 billion people soon.

Meanwhile young White men are fantasizing about becoming transhumanist cyborgs who travel through outer space.

It’s a childish, immature fantasy. Step away from the movie action-hero/comic book world and grow up!

Bring your eyes back down to earth.

The man who lives in a shack with 10 kids is far more blessed and prosperous than the man who lives in a mansion with 2 kids and 8 cats.