Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Slightly Right of Far Left...

The irony of seeing so-called conservatives lamenting that their conservative woman candidate lost to a liberal woman candidate is revealing.

Dear conservatives,

women should not be holding any office. Period.

Women SHOULD be at home raising children and helping with grand-children.

Equality, gender, racial, religious, etc, is a far-leftist concept.

Men and women are not equal.

The American way of life is not a good thing.

America is not a good thing.

You are doing nothing more than voting for the most conservative Marxist.

Good luck with that.

For the non-delusional out there,

keep prepping. Keep paying out of debt.

Keep learning to sustain yourself outside of the American System.

Form a tribe.


Friday, November 9, 2018

Definition Of A Booming Economy...

A “booming economy” is where international corporations are allowed to use your home town/county/state like a cheap whore for the night and then toss them in the gutter when they’re done.

In this analogy,

manufacturers are the John.

You are the whore.

Donald Trump is your pimp.



Thursday, November 8, 2018

How A Good Economy Hurts Us...

1. Whites are a minority in a country of 360 million people.

2. Cheap gas and an interstate system that stretches across the continent are the rule of the day.

When the economy is booming in a society such as Murica, people move about and are sifted.

What few remaining pockets of White majority communities were left are being destroyed by an outflow of those looking for “better” jobs and an inflow of non-Whites pursuing local jobs.

It’s that simple.

Again -Whites are less than 50% of the population in a society with lots of roads, cheap gas and laws that forbid communities from restricting who can live there.

And spare me this unbelievably asinine argument that a better economy means Whites will have more babies.

The US economy has been on steroids for the past 70 years.

For seven decades Americans have lived like gods, with unprecedented personal wealth and unprecedented access to goods, services and medicines that no potentate in history had access to.

And all during this golden age of peace, prosperity and luxury, White birthrates declined.

If you are under 100 years of age the economy has never been bad in your entire life.

You’ve been spoiled to death.

FACT: poor people have big families. Rich people have small families.

FACT: a manufacturing/buying and selling of goods based system (aka jobs) is not the only option.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018


So, dear Murican, what now, sans House control?

Many people expect more Russian collusion investigations.


Mueller may very well give the dems a present before Christmas.

But I would look for some “fake news” hearings which will be used for more censoring on the internet.

That will be one of the new House’s major goals: a complete purging of all non-kosher conservative voices from (not just social media, but) the internet completely.

And you can expect the GOP to support such a move. The RINO’s won’t forget being called “cucks” and other such taunts and will relish the opportunity to crush all those of the “new right” who opposed them and thus distance themselves from the “racist” and uneducated hicks, who’s demographic free-fall makes them irrelevant in the long term anyway.

Remember, the liberals don’t believe their own bullshit. The Republicans, on the other hand, believe all of the left’s ideological bullshit with a religious fervor.

What the left regained was a more assertive place on the platform of power.

And just remember that for the past two years they have been at a complete disadvantage. Now they have more power than before and a Republican filled Senate that is terrified of them and hates their own President.

And yes, 10,000 to 15,000 illegals will continue to pour across the border every single week.

And yes, neither Trump nor the democrats will talk about immigration, illegal or otherwise -because Trump doesn’t give a shit and only uses it to prod votes from his supporters for elections and the left knows that the demographic shift will forever enshrine them in power eventually.

One last thing, watch for the alt-right to fade away.

Not only because the internet will be severely restricted and controlled, but because the alt-right was always comprised of opportunists and trolls.

Immature, time wasting, “memes” and t-shirt sales by hucksters will be one of the alt-rights legacy.

The alt-rights other legacy will be the complete destruction of White Nationalism and the presence on the internet of pro-White Communities.

Every single person who put themselves out there as alt-right proponents were con artists. EVERY SINGLE ONE. (and yes I know that by writing that I've forever burned bridges with some people who were once close to me and helped with this blog. So be it. Truth is truth.)

The Alt-Right was always a jewish movement.

It’s crudeness. It’s crass trolling. It’s allying with non-Whites, homosexuals and the like should have sent up some flashing red lights, but the hype over MAGA hit all the right emotional buttons and the warning signs were ignored.

Enjoy your t-shirts, coffee cups and comic books. That’s all you got out of Pepe and MAGA.

The real world around you continues its nightmarish transformation.

Get off the grid!

Get off the net.

Organize in the real world.

Form a tribe.


Who’s Paying For The Illegals?...

You are.

Keeping working hard!

Thousands of 30 year old Pedro’s cross the border every week and the government gives them free food, housing and medical care.

Keep working hard!

Black and Hispanic women have incredibly high numbers of tax payer funded abortions.

Keep working hard!

The US military has hundreds of tax payer funded military bases all over the world to protect the interests of globalist bankers and internationalist corporations.

Keep working hard!

Tax payer funded public schools are busy teaching your children the values of Marxism and the sacredness of homosexuality and crossdressing.

Keep working hard!

Keep that economy booming!!!!

Keep financing your enemies and subsidizing their plan to enslave you and your family.

Keep working hard!

Keep voting!

Jobs are the most important thing!

The Stock Market is the most important thing!

Tax breaks are the most important thing!

MAGA is the most important thing!

There are no other options!

There is only one kind of system!

There is only capitalism or marxism!

There is only democrat or republican!

Watch more television!


Tuesday, November 6, 2018


You’re voting for who gets to play referee in a rigged game.


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Alternative Management Is Not The Point...

The internet may have provided the alt-media a chance to express its quasi-alternative views (most alt-sites simply react to daily mainstream media talking points).

Yet, the internet is a tool that functions towards one end -the breaking down of borders and cultures and the creation of a monolithic media for the whole globe.

Pre-motion picture and TV,  White Americans were divided by regions with distinct cultures and had little in common.

Three things destroyed that America,

The Interstate Highway System.

The American Dream propaganda, which led to jobs chasing from state to state in pursuit of modern conveniences via “better paying jobs” -and thus broke up regional homogeneity.

Mass Media through radio, print, film and TV.

All three things served to assimilate disparate regional peoples and cultures into a single mass culture based around consumption of goods and entertainment-media.

This process is already well underway on a global scale, via ever-cheapening and increasingly available international travel, US dominance of the global economy and US dominance of media culture, via Hollywood.

It’s happening. Like it or not.

And the fact is, when you watch TV, you’re participating in the eradicating of borders and cultures.
Ditto when you listen to the radio or read a magazine.

When you contribute to content on forums, youtube podcasts, social media or just commenting on an old song in a comments section, you are participating in the eradicating of borders and cultures.

Because you are creating and partaking in the formulation of a new, and universally shared, language of touchstones.

You like some old rock song and go to youtube to listen to it. And there in the comments section are people from Japan, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and so on also enjoying it and expressing their appreciation with commonly recognized lingo that you too recognize, intellectually and emotionally.

The point is,

You cannot win by trying to take over this system to make it do what you want it to do.

Because this freaking thing is mostly organic. It’s a natural process. When you participate in it, you become it.

And ‘It’ is, by nature, global and fated to engulf all peoples into a single system.

The only real alternative will be an altogether alternative system -not simply alternative management of the current one.

How, when, where and what that will be is anybody’s guess.

But you can still try to live differently now.

Get out of debt.

Home school.

Turn off the tv. Stay away from the movies and the music.

And yes, ultimately, we need to cut the internet out too.

Form a tribe in the real world.