Monday, December 31, 2007

Dancing with goalposts...

As the Great “Culture War” enters 2008 it finds yet another tactical manifestation which allows White people to don their target-riddled armor and take to the battlefield in search of a way to disguise their attempts at survival from the enemy and one another…

Millions of Americans are now aware of the plan for a North American Union (NAU)/Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

If you are not familiar with this final step in the complete and total destruction of our sovereign republic, I strongly recommend you go to this web site and watch this fully documented and factual slide presentation on this plan which I call treason. The definition of treason is: disloyalty or treachery to one's country or it's government. Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one's government. I don't believe it is inappropriate to use the word treason when it comes to this plan to integrate America into one region with all the trappings of totalitarian government.

Yes we all know about the NAU…..and before that the CFR, NAFTA, the UN, NATO…..the list is seemingly endless.

And so what? If you take the approach that Ms. Kidd (and other Universalist Conservatives) apparently takes towards race and nationalism (that America is just an idea) then what would be the problem with the NAU?

That it isn’t Constitutional? That it is detrimental to our sovereignty?

Was the Civil War (the battle over State’s Rights) and its outcome Constitutional?

Was forced desegregation Constitutional?

Was the Civil Rights Movement Constitutional?

What about the cessation of Freedom of Association (the right to discriminate)?

Was our joining NATO and the UN not detrimental to our sovereignty?

(and these are broader contextual subjects that don’t even scratch the surface of other issues such as income tax, undeclared wars, alphabet agencies, expanding powers of law enforcement etc.)

Our Government, Media and Academia are polluted with lawyers and verbal hustlers who are just chomping at the bit for a protracted public debate with Universalist Conservatives on the issues surrounding citizenship, nationality and the Constitution. They know that people like Devvy Kidd use the term “illegal immigrants” as a default tag for non-whites. They know that if all the illegals went back to Mexico tomorrow morning and then came back in legally the next day, Ms. Kidd and the other Universalist Conservatives entire talking point on illegal immigration and its cultural transformation would be rendered moot. Both sides know that the Elephant in the room is the unacknowledged fact that if 30 million Europeans were to suddenly immigrate to America next month, the long term effect upon America, her culture and her historical identity would be zero.

Why? Because America’s culture and identity were created, shaped and nourished by Europeans in the first place.

No Europeans, no America.

And it's no coincidence that of the two opposing forces in the “Culture War”, one side is 99.9% White...

Still, Whites refuse to openly acknowledge this fact because they have allowed their opponents to define the battle, the battlefield, the arms, the conditions, the rules and even the potential outcomes.

We have allowed those who openly revile us to define what is good and what is bad. We have accepted their definition of what constitutes the Extreme Right, Extreme Left and the Moderate Ground in between. We’ve let them define what is Rational and what is not; what is acceptable and what is to be rejected. We have, as the old folks say, danced to their tune.

For more than fifty years we have been trying to score a touchdown in a game whose rules were written entirely by an opposing side who keep moving the goalposts back further and further. And the result, is that the Rightwing man of 1970 now finds himself starting at first downs deeper and deeper into the Left's side of the field, no closer to the end zone than when he started decades ago.

If we are to save our nation and (along with our European brothers and sisters across the globe) Western Civilization, then we, as White Men, need to find our backbone once again and assert our right to defend our families, our homes and OUR virtues against those who would try to destroy them.
It's time we stopped letting our opponents define us and our objectives.

And if you think it is an exaggeration that Universalist Conservatives jump through liberal hoops to accommodate their opponents rulebook, here is what Ms. Kidd tacks on here article towards end,

I highly recommend you watch a movie. It's called ENDGAME: Blueprint for Global Enslavement - free on the Internet. Oh, it's not as "entertaining" as 'I am Legend' or some asinine "reality" show, but unlike these silly Hollywood movies and TV, this is as real as it gets. Hopefully, it will upset and anger Americans so that they finally see that we have little time left. Particularly horrifying in ENDGAME is the fully documented segment on eugenics. The Nazi's were deep into this race based social experimentation designed to improve the white race through eugenics or "creating a better world by improving the human gene pool." What do you think Planned Parenthood is for?

So, Ms. Kidd throws out the words “Nazi”, “Eugenics” and “White race” at the end of a lengthy article in which she expresses her concern about illegal immigration and a North American Union; two events, whose combined effect is the rapid demographic displacement of (exclusively) White people....

Hopefully in 2008 Whites can begin to get past the belief that they need to couch their defense of their right to survive in code words like “Culture War”, "War on Christmas" and “Illegal Immigration.”

White people have as much a right to survive and thrive within their own societies and nations as every other race of people do.

Whites, stop apologizing for existing...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cultural learning’s for make crappy formerly First World nation…

In a murderous quest aimed at "cleansing" their turf of snitches and rival gangsters, members of one of Los Angeles County's most vicious Latino gangs sometimes killed people just because of their race, an investigation found.

There were even instances in which Florencia 13 leaders ordered killings of black gangsters and then, when the intended victim couldn't be located, said "Well, shoot any black you see," Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said.

"In certain cases some murders were just purely motivated on killing a black person," Baca said.


How can this be?

After all, as we’ve all be indoctrinated to know, only white people are racist

Not only that, but look at the demographics for L.A.,

Races in Los Angeles:

  • Hispanic (46.5%)
  • White Non-Hispanic (29.7%)
  • Other race (25.7%)
  • Black (11.2%)
  • Two or more races (5.2%)
  • Filipino (2.7%)
  • Korean (2.5%)
  • Chinese (1.7%)
  • American Indian (1.4%)
  • Japanese (1.0%)
  • Other Asian (0.9%)
  • Asian Indian (0.7%)
  • Vietnamese (0.5%)
(Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)


Isn’t Diversity our greatest strength?

If our Multi-Cult overlords are to be believed, then L.A. should be paradise on Earth…

Clearly L.A. didn't get the memo about how Diversity = progress, tolerance and societal harmony...

If all of this is confusing to you, don't worry. Soon, it will all be made crystal clear, manifestly, in a neighborhood near you...

For a more in-depth look into America’s glorious utopian Hispanicized future, see here


Friday, December 28, 2007

When the Levee Breaks...

The Brussels administration admits officially that each year some 550,000 immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and China, plus South America, enter the European Union. In reality the figure is twice that, in other words, more than a million.

The suicide of Europe is not unavoidable – there are many solutions. The fact that there are no leaders willing to do what must be done is the problem. Another strange fact is that so many people seem to "sense" that this is inevitable, as if they have an insight, or an intuition, that Europe's time has come.
more here

from the site, one commenter says,
The worst part of this EU invasion is the high birthrate of the new arrivals will over whelm the low EU birthrate. The EU birthrate does not replace the existing ethnic population. The Muslim arrivals have a birthrate that is about four times higher. In twenty years you will not be able to recognize the EU.

Just look at Malmo Sweden and parts of Paris and you will see areas that are under the control of the Muslims. Malmo is nearly completely ‘occupied’ by the Muslim arrivals. The rate of rape and other crimes have gone through the roof.

The elected politicians are paralyzed by fear, thinking that they are sitting on a time bomb. They are too afraid to take any action against the Muslims.

And what of America?

from The Heritage Foundation,
If enacted, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA, S.2611) would be the most dramatic change in immigration law in 80 years, allowing an estimated 103 million persons to legally immigrate to the U.S. over the next 20 years....Much attention has been given to the fact that the bill grants amnesty to some 10 million illegal immigrants. Little or no attention has been given to the fact that the bill would quintuple the rate of legal immigration into the United States, raising, over time, the inflow of legal immigrants from around one million per year to over five million per year. The impact of this increase in legal immigration dwarfs the magnitude of the amnesty provisions.....The figure of 103 million legal immigrants is a reasonable estimate of the actual immigration inflow under the bill and not the maximum number that would be legally permitted to enter. The maximum number that could legally enter would be almost 200 million over twenty years—over 180 million more legal immigrants than current law permits.
more here

Now that bill did not pass, however the results have been just the same as there has been zero effort to stop both legal and illegal immigration, control the borders or deport the illegals here (aside from a few token efforts done for media consumption).

When you factor in fertility rates for third worlders, the projection of an additional 100 million + more people in the US in 20 years is accurate...

100 million more in a country already over populated.
100 million more in a country with a crumbling infrastructure and economy; where violent crime, disease, poverty and balkanization are already overwhelming resources...

Things can not go on like this for much longer.

Best find a mountain top, cause the Levee is going to break...


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Even our black guy says so!

WorldNetDaily doesn’t shy away from the tough stories and their even tougher conclusions about Black on White crime in America.

And to prove their courage, they got a black guy to tell it like it is…

If you're like I am, you've heard scores of media reports about the 2006 Duke University rape case, in which three white lacrosse players were falsely accused of raping a black stripper...You might remember hearing scores of stories about the 1998 murder of James Byrd, a black man who was stripped, chained to a pickup truck and dragged through the streets until he was decapitated in Jasper, Texas....but it was just recently that I heard about a gruesome murder in Knoxville, Tenn...According to a 46-count indictment, suspects Darnell Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, George Thomas and Vanessa Coleman, all blacks, are charged with committing rape, including sodomy against Christian and Newsom, both of whom are white. After being raped, Newsom was shot several times and his body was found burned along nearby railroad tracks. Christian was forced to witness her boyfriend's rape, torture and subsequent murder before she was ultimately raped, tortured and murdered. The police discovered her body inside a large trash can in the kitchen of the home where the murders took place. Before disposing of her body, the murderers poured bleach or some other cleaning agent down her throat in an effort to destroy DNA evidence.
by Walter E. Williams, black guy
more here including photos and crime stats.

This reminds me of the Minute Men parading their very own Hispanics before the press in an attempt to deny that they were a racially motivated group. (As everyone knows, racially motivated groups and clubs are the express rights of non-whites only after all)

White people listen….

You have every right to defend yourselves, your race and your civilization. Don’t constantly feel the need to find your very own _________ guy or gal to defend your philosophies, politics, and (especially) civilization.

If you have to have your very own __________ to present the facts and your arguments to the media or the world at large, then you’ve already lost your credibility and your dignity. You will, at the outset, be apologizing for your own existence and the truth and justice of your cause…


A glimpse of Heaven…

On a recent Sunday morning at the Word of Life Assembly of God Church, pink-cheeked Virginia native David Gorman skipped in a conga line in Swahili Sunday school while a Kenyan preacher played an accordion and a Singaporean woman led jubilant hymns. Filipinos analyzed Bible passages in a classroom.
Later, as the Sierra Leonean choir prepared to perform in the sanctuary, D. Wendel Cover, the folksy white pastor, listed the nations of the world and asked worshipers to stand when they heard their homelands.
He seemed a bit dismayed to find just 80 represented.
"Our country's becoming more international," Cover, 73, said in an interview. He has led the formerly majority-white Pentecostal church for three decades. "The next generation is going to be American. If the church doesn't realize that, they're going to lose a whole generation."
The Springfield church, congregants often say, is a glimpse of heaven -- a "multitude" of nations and tongues, as the Book of Revelation puts it.

And what does heaven look like?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Roundworms may infect close to a quarter of inner city black children, tapeworms are the leading cause of seizures among U.S. Hispanics and other parasitic diseases associated with poor countries are also affecting Americans, a U.S. expert said on Tuesday.

Recent studies show many of the poorest Americans living in the United States carry some of the same parasitic infections that affect the poor in Africa, Asia, and Latin America,
He said up to 2,000 new cases of neurological disease caused by tapeworms are diagnosed every year in the United States. More than 2 percent of adult Latinos may be infected, and with 35 million Hispanics in the United States, this could add up to tens of thousands of cases, Hotez said.
"In the hospitals of Los Angeles, California, neurocysticercosis currently accounts for 10 percent of all seizures presenting to some emergency departments," he wrote.

Also (keeping the above picture in mind) remember that these people are handling the food you and your family eat at various points along the food chain: restaurants, store shelves, vegetable fields, et…
But.....somewhere some Christians are patting themselves on their backs for their tolerance in swamping an already over populated, rapidly crumbling America with more and more non-whites in a world where non-whites are already nearly 90% of the population.
And in the end, isn't that more important than peace, health, stability, order, progress and all the other niceties of civilization?
And lets not forget the Corporate CEO's who have, astoundingly, convinced the peoples of The West that the presence of a sea of unskilled, low IQ third worlders who, not only drive down Western wages and standards of living, but also are numerically and genetically replacing them in their own lands, is actually a good thing!

Yes, Christianity and Corporate America! Working hand-in-hand to bring about heaven on Earth, one worm infested immigrant at a time...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Day of the dead...


"The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree…yeah, makes perfect sense."


Friday, December 21, 2007

Ragnar Lodbrok at Ellis Island….

For the last 13 years Jack has been the most popular boys' name in the land.

But in multicultural Britain children named after the Muslim prophet Mohammed come a close second.

In a reflection of the increasing influence of Islam, figures released yesterday showed the most popular spelling of the name - Mohammed - had climbed five places to 17th in the annual list of top baby names.

However, when the seven other spellings of the name are taken into account, the total comes to 6,347 babies, making it the second most popular name of the year - up from 5,936 last year.

Although Jack topped the list with 6,772 babies, that figure fell 156 on last year, meaning if the trends were repeated next year, Mohammed and its variant spellings would be the most popular choice in England and Wales.


One commenter wrote,

"This country has always been an island of constant change when it comes to nationalities. Why is it such a huge deal now?"

This unfortunately represents the ignorance of many British people who have been raised in Politically Correct institutions where it is a crime to be white, and a holy virtue of unparalleled excellence to be non-white. (In this, the British educational institutions and Media may be the most viciously anti-white racists on planet Earth) It also demonstrates that British people who are ACTUALLY British, are afraid to speak up on behalf of their rapidly disappearing race and country.

For one thing, genetic research has shown that there has been practically no significant contribution to the genetic gene pool of the British people over the past 15,000 years, meaning that the British people are not ethnically diverse.

For another thing, the silly (and extremely recent) notion that invading Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans some how equate to immigration is perhaps the most compelling piece of evidence that the modern British people have been literally dumbed-down and brainwashed. For these same people will call the conquest of Britain by Normans or Vikings “immigration”, yet call the conquest of the New World by the British, just that, A Conquest.

The hypocrisy and plain illogicalness of it is astounding!

And since Mohammed is now second to Jack in British names for newborns, and since we are constantly told that diversity is the way of the future, one wonders if Jack is now the number 2 name for newborns in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran et…

After all non-whites are now 88% of the population of the world compared to white’s 12%.

Oh that’s right I forgot, the Multi-cult only conquers in one direction…Westward.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Charging Windmills…

An excerpt from a review of Prof. Michael Levin's book 'Why Race Matters' by Jared Taylor,

There is now not much informed opposition (though a great deal of uninformed opposition) to the conclusion that IQ tests test intelli- gence, that intelligence is at least partly hereditary, and that the races differ in average IQ. The last-ditch battle of the egalitarians is to try to save the idea that race differences are caused by environment — primarily by malevolent white people, past and present.

To counter this view, Prof. Levin gives a thorough account of recent work on the strictly biological correlates of intelligence. When smart people think, their brains emit different electrophysiological signals from those of the less smart. Prof. Levin notes that advances in the study of brain waves could probably establish quite precise racial differences, but fear appears to have halted the research. Brain size also has a robust correlation with intelligence, and intelligent people’s brains metabolize glucose relatively slowly.

Egalitarians claim that childhood nutrition accounts for this sort of thing, but the differences remain when nutrition is held constant (when only those blacks and whites who get the same diet are compared). Moreover, black children mature more rapidly than white children, are more athletic, and go on to dominate professional sports — not what one would expect from the malnourished. Likewise, diet does not explain metabolic or brain size differences in fraternal twins reared in the same family on the same food. If the anti-biology camp is not to be silenced completely it must argue that people uncon- sciously single out children with large heads for favorable treatment or give white children subtle training in how to retard glucose oxidation.

As the book shows, egalitarians are always shifting their ground, ignoring data, and creating mysteries where none exists.

Examples of the latter are the currently fashionable views that race is a purely social artifact that should be junked, and that intelligence is undefined and unknow- able. Prof. Levin notes that acrobatics of this kind are pure tendentiousness. Those who would discard the idea of race in any discussion of IQ find it essential for affirm- ative action. As for the pose that intelligence is unknowable:

“People who make a point in argument of not understanding “intelligence’ invariably do understand it in all other contexts. They know an “intelligent’ child is one who learns quickly, and that, of the two, Nobel laureates tend to be more “intelligent’ than manual laborers… People pretend not to understand “intelligence,’ I suspect, to avoid embarrassment over race.”

There is also much ignorant shrieking about the “bias” of IQ tests designed by white men, but it is an odd bias that permits Asians to outscore whites. As Prof. Levin explains, a real example of bias would be a test of hand-eye coordination that involved only the right hand. Lefties could prove the bias of such a test by demonstrating their ability with their left hands. “If the races are equally intelligent,” he writes, “it should be possible to find a task intuitively requiring intelligence that blacks perform as well as whites.” No such task has ever been found.

For example, the widely used Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), which subdivides personality into a number of categories, shows consistent differences in how blacks and whites evaluate themselves. Blacks, for example, hold themselves in higher regard than whites (or, in today’s jargon, have “higher self-esteem”). They are consistently more likely to agree with statements like:

I am an important person.
I am entirely self-confident.
If given the chance I could make a good leader of people.
I have often had to take orders from someone who did not know as much as I did.

The common assumption that blacks are “taught to hate themselves” is wrong; blacks are quite pleased with themselves. At the same time, they consistently score higher than whites on the MMPI scales for such things as Hypomania, Psychopathy, Schizophrenia, and Masculinity, which are precisely the traits that distinguish incarcerated criminals from the rest of us. They tend to agree, for example, with statements like:

Most people are honest chiefly through fear of being caught.
Most people make friends because friends are likely to be useful to them.
Most people will use somewhat unfair means to gain profit or an advantage rather than lose it.
It is not hard for me to ask help from my friends even though I cannot return the favor.

Another finding is that blacks are more impulsive or present-oriented than whites. Given a choice between a small candy bar today and a big one tomorrow, black children are more likely than white children to want the small one today.

Prof. Levin does not flinch from drawing what may appear to be an unkind conclusion: Given the crime rates, social irresponsibility, lack of foresight, impulsiveness, and general self-centeredness of black behavior, blacks probably have a different inherent capacity and appreciation for morality.

He proposes that this difference can be explained by the environments in which blacks and whites (and Asians) evolved. In a warm climate where food can be gathered year-round, people do not need to develop habits of cooperation and planning in order to get through the winter. In the north, it took mutual trust and cooperation for groups of men to bring down large game, so reciprocal morality evolved along with intelligence.

Climate and terrain could also have influenced sexual behavior. Since African women could gather food for themselves and their children even if a mate abandoned them, there was less pressure to insist that men support their children. For the same reason, there was less evolutionary pressure on fathers to stick around. In the north, a man who abandoned his children might well leave no descendants to behave in like manner. And in fact, the family habits of Africans and transplanted blacks are extremely loose by white standards.

What we think of as moral behavior, including sexual morality, is now known to be heavily influenced by genes. As Prof. Levin points out, there is no biological reason to expect different populations to have evolved exactly the same distribution of morality-influencing genes. Therefore it is likely that “the races have … evolved divergent evaluations of cooperativeness, aggression, rule-following, and concern with the future.”


The following is an excerpt from an exchange at over what Whites owe blacks. After making source-free accusations against whites, Laurence Auster responds thusly,

Reading Kerry M.s' spectacular racist diatribe against white America, I've suddenly realized with a chill that Jefferson's dark prophecies of murderous black-on-white racial warfare in his Notes on the State of Virginia were not nearly dark enough. After all, the enduring black racial hatred against whites that Jefferson predicted was based solely on the slavery that existed in Jefferson's time. Jefferson never envisioned 600,00o white men dead and the South destroyed in a war that resulted in the end of slavery. Jefferson never envisioned the 14th Amendment that gave the federal government power to force states to treat blacks equally regarding their basic human rights. Jefferson never envisioned the Incorporation Doctrine, by which the Constitution was turned on its head to eliminate state's rights. Jefferson never envisioned the creation of a network of black colleges and other institutions devoted to black uplift, all paid for by white philanthropists. Jefferson never envisioned Brown v. Board of Education which required southern white schools to admit blacks. Jefferson never envisioned the Civil Rights movement, in which white America as a whole resolved to change the way blacks were treated and made the overcoming of racial discrimination against blacks into America's sacred moral cause. Jefferson never envisioned the coming into being of a huge black middle class, unprecedented in history. Jefferson never envisioned 40 years of social pay-offs to blacks in the form of trillions of dollars in welfare payments and other transfer payments. Jefferson never envisioned minority racial preferences, in which millions of blacks throughout this land were awarded with the possession of jobs from which they cannot be fired no matter what their incompetence and misbehavior. Jefferson never envisoned the gutting of America's moral standards in an effort to remove the standards by which black behavior was found wanting. Jefferson never imagined white America turning on itself in a spasm of self-hatred over its historic sins against blacks. Jefferson never envisioned America delegitimizing itself as a historic country over its past treatment of blacks. Jefferson never envisioned a culture in which blacks would be treated as moral exemplars and heroes and symbols of America, far beyond their actual contributions. Jefferson never envisioned a situation in which black criminals and rapists would prey on whites year after year and this fact would never be mentioned in the press, out of a need of white America to cover up black sins and maintain the illusion of white guilt. Jefferson never envisioned the Wichita massacre and the Knoxville atrocity and the way they would be ignored by white America in order to avoid casting a light on the reality of black anti-white savagery. Jefferson never envisioned a popular culture centered on black-dominated professional athletics in which millions of white men breathlessly follow the exploits of black athletes, many of them criminal thugs, who are paid more for a single game than Jefferson ever possessed in hard cash in his lifetime.

Jefferson never envisioned any of these things that have come to pass. Yet despite all these things, Kerry M. and millions of blacks who think the way he does believe that white America has never done anything for blacks, believe that whites are still oppressing blacks in the most horrible, conscienceless way, and that the black situation in America hasn't improved at all; they believe that whites are guilty, deeply guilty and deeply deserving of black racial vengeance, because of this ongoing white racial oppression of blacks! Jefferson could not have imagined that white America would turn itself inside out for blacks' sake, and that blacks would acknowledge none of this but would still be on fire to wreak vengeance on whites, because Jefferson was not insane. Only an insane person could have imagined that such a thing could come about. But it has come about, and an anti-white racist lunatic like Kerry M. goes through life with his head filled with terrible thoughts and endless resentment about the crimes that whites are supposedly still committing against blacks and the terrible price that whites owe to blacks because of this. He thinks, for example, that white America coldly turned its eyes from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, because the people in New Orleans were black. The staggering efforts made by whites across the country for blacks during that crisis do not enter his consciousness. (At the time I said that whites who kept helping blacks in that situation while blacks were heaping abuse on whites' heads were fools. See quote below.)

Another commenter notes,

"Not only 600,000 dead and 1/3 of the nation wrecked, not only the destruction of the public school system, but since John F. Kennedy's last federal budget ($99 billion for EVERYTHING), there have been over $7 trillion dollars in transfer payments from whites to blacks for Medicaid, welfare, "community development", etc--not to mention all the private expenditures for hiring the "Vice President for Community Relations", the diversity consultants, not to mention the shakedowns and the lawsuits--We may have paid over ten trillion dollars since 1965 in what are essentially reparations."

Here is an interesting poll on race relations in the United States,

The three main minorities in the United States -- blacks, Hispanics and Asians -- have little trust for each other.....

Forty-four percent of Hispanics and 47 percent of Asians are "afraid of African-Americans because they are responsible for most of the crime," the survey of 1,105 adults drawn from the three ethnic groups showed.

More than half of black Americans polled and 46 percent of Hispanics said Asian business owners do not treat them with respect.

And half of African-Americans said Latin American immigrants "are taking jobs, housing and political power away from the black community...

All three ethnic groups viewed white Americans in a more favorable light than they did members of another minority.

Sixty-one percent of Hispanics, 54 percent of Asians and 47 percent of African-Americans said they would rather do business with whites than members of the other two groups.


One thing that seems to escape the minds of blacks and white egalitarians on the subject of Africans arrival in America and their status as slaves, is that considering that many of them were indeed kept as slaves with no real status whatsoever inside of the White Western World, they were none-the-less given their freedom, the right to own property, the right to vote, the right to hold public office, the right to serve in courts of law, et….

They have, over time, been given all the rights of whites (by whites) in a White Civilization.

Whites were under no obligation or pressure whatsoever to free (let alone better) slaves from a primitive society, yet they did!

Upon their arrival in Western lands they (Africans) were (and remained for centuries) at the complete and total mercy of Whites. Their fates, both immediate and collectively, were wholly in the hands of White people in a White establishment within White Civilization.

And what happened?

Whites not only loosed their chains, but also turned their own civilization upside down in an effort to accommodate these descendants of slaves.

Whites have now (irresponsibly) extended this philosophy of equality to non-Whites (Asians, Arabs, Indians and Hispanics) in a world where the non-Whites are 88% of the population compared to White's 12%.

How much longer will whites continue to endure a philosophy (equality) that is about as grounded in reality as Don Quixote's giants....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Cult of Equality...

Here, is a comment from a modern Christian which demonstrates why modern Christians (whether on the left or right) are completely useless in the world today,

Christmas in Bethlehem is apparently out of vogue. A church in Lodi, California is putting on Christmas in Mayberry.
A lot of churches today don’t really need Jesus because they are content with good, solid, Mayberry-style family values instead.

What did Mayberry represent?
Small town, All American, White society..

I think it’s ironic that when the Andy Griffith show was being filmed.....the culture war/sexual revolution of the 1960’s was already underway. The race riots in Los Angeles were going on just a few blocks from the studios from the studio where the Mayberry set was.

Christians today don't do math...

It never occurs to them (or perhaps its does and they choose to ignore it) that the same people and ideology that brought about the “culture war/sexual revolution” of the 60’s also brought about the Civil Rights Movement and it’s call for racial and gender equality.

Again, the Civil Rights Movement and the “Culture War/Sexual Revolution” were two heads of the same snake. You cannot separate them.

In the 60’s, (and really it began long before that) the same people who were fighting against the “culture war/sexual revolution”, the Christian Churches, were also resisting desegregation and were refusing to marry mix raced couples.

The churches finally caved...

Here is another excerpt from the comment on that Christian Blog, and notice all the phrases and catch words that are usually associated with the far left radicalism that gave us the “Culture War/Sexual Revolution”...

The Baby Boom generation, raised with conventional morality mixed with rampant materialism, rebelled big time. Their parents wanted them to be nice boys and girls, but they failed to tell them why. They tried to impose middle-class morality without teaching them the fear of the Lord and immersing them in His Word.

Jesus didn’t come to make us nicer people, to give us middle class morality and a respectable, family-values America.

Do you see how bizarre her rant is? The Christian writing this silly nonsense seems to be attacking the very thing she is lamenting was lost in the “Culture War/Sexual Revolution.”

Middle Class America with its Conventional Morality was an attempt by the white people of America to best live up to the teachings of Jesus in the Bible. And compared to the rest of the world, it did a damn fine job.

That is, of course, up until we began adopting Marxist notions like Equality. Then, as a society, when we ceased to assign inherent value upon different ideas, places, cultures and peoples, we were well on our way towards that slippery slope where the rejection of absolutes in any way shape or form would be embraced by the Christian and Pagan alike.

Why the confusion from this Christian?

She has, like the rest of Christendom, decided to build her ideological home on the shores of the Marxist philosophy of Equality, yet feigns shock when the sands of reality start working away that ideological foundation.

Christians are quick to parrot the Marxists in their proclamations that race is a social construct (despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary), yet recoil in confusion when their ideological cousins expand the philosophy to declare that gender is a social construct as well. They stand shoulder to shoulder with ma and pa Marxism when it comes to declaring that there is nothing wrong with interracial marriage, yet run into the bathroom, lock the door and collapse in a puddle of tears when good ol uncle 'Red' affirms that there is nothing wrong with same-sex marriage either. They stand behind, amening their ideological brothers and sisters when it comes to attacking our “conventional morality” and “materialism”, yet stand dumbfounded, mouth agape, when brother and sister add Christianity too their list of the plagues afflicting society. Christians hold hands with the Marxists when it comes to blaming the parents (those materialistic Baby Boomers) for the behavior of their children, yet their palms get all sweaty when their Marxists pals start saying things like, "hey, if don't want your kids to see wall to wall porn just turn off the T.V.'s, don't go to the movies, don't read the newspapers, don't look at the billboards, don't read the books, et.....

Neo-Christians, like neo-Conservatives, have (out of sense of retreat) tossed aside the real physical world and it's real physical rules, and have instead made all things over into the image of The Idea. They reject the physical reality of Nations, Cultures and Races and replace them with the notion that all things are Ideas, which can be adopted by anybody at anytime as though they were an oath or creed.

In this,to their own doctrinal detriment, they open the door for the notion that Jesus Christ could just as easily be a myth as a real living person....
Jesus and the Christian Faith, can then become just an Idea without absolutes, open to adoption and modification..

The real irony here is that the site in question, Slice of Laodicea, exists to expose Christian Churches who have rejected absolute truths in exchange for fuzzy, non-offensive Ideas...

Christians of today should keep in mind that one of the earliest and most prominent churches to embrace racial equality while attacking and dismissing Nationalism, Racialism and Americas “Middle-Class Morality” and “Materialism” was a rather large, multicultural, multi-racial congregation led by the Reverend Jim Jones….

Trees! What Trees? All I see is a forest...

Races have evolved away from each other over the past 10,000 years, according to new research that challenges standard ideas about the biological significance of ethnicity.

A genetic analysis of human evolution has shown that rather than slowing to a standstill it has speeded up, with different pressures on different populations pushing racial groups further apart. Scientists behind the findings suggest that European, African and Asian populations grew genetically more distinct from each other over several thousand years, as their environments took them down different evolutionary paths.

the new work indicates that variations tend to differ between races, and that these became more, not less, pronounced.

“Human races are evolving away from each other,” said Henry Harpending, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Utah, who led the study.

“Genes are evolving fast in Europe, Asia and Africa, but almost all of these are unique to their continent of origin. We are getting less alike, not merging into a single, mixed humanity.


Humans are evolving at a faster rate than at any time in history, according to a study.

Scientists say the speed of natural selection has accelerated so much that within a few generations we will have evolved resistance to diseases such as diabetes and malaria.

Instead of people from different parts of the world becoming more alike over time, they have actually been diverging, the study suggests.

The research showed that the population explosion since the Ice Age 10,000 years ago had accelerated the rate of genetic change.

"The dogma has been these are cultural fluctuations, but almost any temperament trait you look at is under strong genetic influence.

"Human races are evolving away from each other. Genes are evolving fast in Europe, Asia and Africa, but almost all of these are unique to their continent of origin.

"We are getting less alike, not merging into a single, mixed humanity."

…two papers in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.. One of the papers, written by Andrea Migliano and her colleagues at Cambridge University…The other, by Robert Moyzis of the University of California, Irvine, and his colleagues… much evolutionary change has happened since Homo sapiens climbed out of his African cradle and began to colonise the world? The answer is, quite a lot—and the rate of change seems to have speeded up.

What they have found is that about 1,800 protein-coding genes, some 7% of the total known, show signs of having been subject to recent natural selection. By recent, they mean within the past 80,000 years. Moreover, as the chart shows, the rate of change has speeded up over the course of that period.

The paper Dr Moyzis and his colleagues have just published is a ranging shot, but the amount of recent human evolution it has exposed is surprising. Others will no doubt follow, and the genetic meaning of the term “race”, if it has one, will be exposed for all to see.

The Economist

The research showing pronounced racial differences between the peoples of Europe, Asia and Africa, is ever growing and increasingly undeniable. And the research is demonstrating scientifically what has been evident all along, which is that different races have different capacities in intellect, skill and ability. The consequences of denying this reality will soon be upon us, as the significance of racial differences have been spelled out in such works as, ‘Why Race Matters’ by Michael Levin, Ph.D., ‘Race Differences in Intelligence’ by Richard Lynn, Ph.D. and Race, Evolution, and Behavior by Philippe Rushton, Ph.D. as well many others…

What does this mean for America?

In ‘IQ and the Wealth of Nations’ by Prof. Richard Lynn, it was demonstrated that IQ levels match civilization levels; meaning the higher the IQ, the higher the standard of civilizational standard, the lower the IQ, the lower the civilizational standard. Europeans averaged an IQ of 100, Africans 67 and Native Americans 85. African-Americans (who are partially –upwards of 25%- European) generally average an IQ of 84 and Mexicans (who are mostly Indian with a small percentage of Spanish genetics) average an IQ of 87.

When looking at U.S. population growth by race and ethnicity, quite different stories emerge: For the non-Hispanic white population, the ratio of births to deaths is nearly equal: almost 1:1. Demographers would say that this represents no natural increase in population size. Hispanics, on the other hand, have 8 births for every death, leading to a significantly larger growth rate than that for non-Hispanic whites.

The United States receives about 20 percent of the world's international migrants, but the United States accounts for just 5 percent of the world's population.

The population of America in 1950 was nearly 90% white with a national IQ of 100.
The population of America in 2050 will be nearly 70% non-white and will have a national IQ of 86...
America, by then, will have three times the population it did in 1900. It will be an overpopulated mass of third world people with low IQ and no skills, in a nation running low on both food and water resources.
America at that point will look like a cross between Rwanda and Sao Paolo Brazil.
And for a sample of Black and Hispanic cultural morality, see here and here.

For more on the massive demographic shift and its implications, see here


Monday, December 17, 2007

Every time you feed a crack-whore, an Angel gets his wings…

Live for the moment baby!

16 And he (Jesus) told them this parable: "The ground of a certain rich man produced a good crop.

17 He thought to himself, 'What shall I do? I have no place to store my crops.'

18 "Then he said, 'This is what I'll do. I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods.

19And I'll say to myself, "You have plenty of good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry." '

20 "But God said to him, 'You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?'

21 "This is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but is not rich toward God."

I guess this means Jesus had a ‘live hard, die young and leave a beautiful corpse’ kind of philosophy towards life.

Oh that’s right! He did!

In case you missed Jesus’ talking point here, lets review…

  1. Farmer tills ground.
  2. Farmer cultivates crop over an entire season.
  3. Farmer reaps what he has sown.
  4. Farmer has reaped a lot!
  5. Farmer decides that instead of letting surplus rot on the ground, he will store it.
  6. Farmer builds bigger barn.
  7. Farmer stores away the fruits of his labor.
  8. Farmer dies.
  9. Farmer is verbally bitch-slapped by God.
  10. Farmer is (presumably) thrown in Hell by God.

The Moral: God hates Farmers!

Now many will say that God killed the farmer because the farmer did not share his abundance of food.

And this is food we're talking about here, not pirate loot.

Perhaps God would have preferred instead that the Farmer steal other peoples crops and then sell it back to them at a huge prophet. (God seems to like that)

However the spin, most Jesustians read this as a “recommendation” from Jesus to all those who would selfishly eat the food they themselves raise, that they should instead give away that which will not be needed beyond today. And of course to the Jesustians this simply means, “Fork it over to The Poor, White Devil!”

And naturally “The Poor” are always (in the minds of the Jesustians) essentially the Cratchit family; humble, good natured Bob and wobbly Tiny Tim out in front, dovishly croaking, “and God bless us, everyone.”

Never (in the mind of the Jesustians) are “The Poor” the thieves, drug dealers, rapists, murderers and crack-whores, who, in real life, comprise about 99% of those labeled “The Poor” or “The Misfortunate.” Never do the Jesustians think of what hideous abuses and atrocious behaviors they are enabling when they “give to the poor”.

Nope, to the Christian the means justify the ends. And if that involves importing a group of refugees from a ramshackle country who will, once here, go about raping and/or killing American citizens, well then, so be it. To the Christian, their warm fuzzy sense of “having done the right thing” is far more important than the rape or murder victims whose sufferings and deaths were a byproduct of Christian Morality.

So this holiday season, think of the millions of raped and murdered Americans; victims of the refugees and illegal immigrants whose rampage of wanton death and destruction is brought to you, in part, by Jesus Christ and his devout followers…

If you have something with which you can afford to part with, then give it only to those whom you know (as in close family only)....and those whom you know who actually need it and will use it correctly.

And remember Mr. And Mrs. America, it is you, not a carpenter, that the Jesustians are making a human sacrifice of...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

America…the once and future wilderness...

LAKE WALES -- A man - Leon Davis- (who is black) suspected of setting two women on fire and shooting a man in the face following a botched robbery attempt surrendered to authorities and is being held without bail.
The two female employees, Yvonne Bustamonte and Jane Luciano were critically burned and airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center. One of the women is pregnant.
...Davis turned himself in at around 7:00 Thursday night..
more here

PORTLAND, Ore. - A KATU On Your Side investigation reveals a serious flaw in the security of official Mexican documents that goes beyond what local law enforcement typically sees.
It involves an illegal alien convicted of raping a 12-year-old Portland girl and new evidence that he may have tried to cheat the legal system using an official document from Mexico to say he was younger than his actual age.
On Aug. 9, which happened to be Munoz's birthday, he accepted the deal. He would be sent to the state prison for 18 months.
The victim's family members are legal U.S. residents, but it turns out they are from the same hometown in Mexico as the man who raped their daughter.
the rest of the disturbing story is here

Whiting was 32 and an original gangster in the Bounty Hunter Bloods. The Bounty Hunters control and terrorize Nickerson Gardens, the sprawling housing development in Watts, and use it as a base for a nationwide drug-trafficking network.

someone stuck an AK-47 out the window of a passing car and fired two rounds. One hit Whiting in the back, severing his spine and paralyzing him.

Early the next morning — Christmas morning — a Bounty Hunter named Antoine Staffer, a.k.a. Pig, left Nickerson Gardens, walked about a half mile to the edge of the dusty, treeless Jordan Downs housing project, strolled up to a car and shot the driver in the face. The victim was Brandon “B.L.” Bullard, a key player in the Grape Street Crips, the gang that controls Jordan Downs. Ten minutes later, a Bounty Hunter heading into Jordan Downs for a Christmas visit with cousins was ambushed and shot seven times. Two more Bounty Hunters were murdered in quick succession. The cycle of retribution — in the form of drive-bys with AK-47s, Uzis, MAC-10s and 9mm semi­automatic handguns — lasted six weeks, left 26 people wounded, nine dead, the local schools largely empty of students, and a large swath of Watts under siege.

What triggered all this depends on whom you talk to. Some say it was an argument at a mall over a young woman, others say it was a yanked necklace. Whatever it was, it wouldn’t have taken much.

As a deterrent to crime, the city has installed closed-circuit cameras high on the light poles behind slabs of military-grade ballistic Plexiglas designed to survive .50-caliber bullets.

..the members of the Grape Street Crips and Bounty Hunter Bloods are all young black men from the same part of the same city, most of them jobless and without education. Most of their families are Christian.

Nationwide, juvenile gang homicides have spiked 23 percent since 2000. There are six times as many gangs in L.A. as there were a quarter century ago, and twice as many gang members. But as important as the gang activity itself is what’s different about the violence. In America’s urban ganglands, and in L.A. in particular, the ferocity of the thuggery has surged; gang members, their victims and police long on the gang beat tell me the fighting has become more codeless, more arbitrary and more brutal than ever.

And it is everywhere. According to the Department of Justice, today America has at least 30,000 gangs, with 800,000 members, in 2,500 communities across the United States. (Gang experts at the University of Southern California claim the number of American jurisdictions with gang problems has reached 4,000.) Federal, state and local law enforcement across the country agree that street gangs connected to or mimicking the L.A. model have become a national epidemic.

What this means is that the communities gangs come from are pulling away from mainstream society more than ever, and the gangs that plague them, like storm systems, are growing and feeding on themselves, gathering destructive strength. In Los Angeles, law enforcement officials now warn that they have arrived at the end of their ability to contain gangs to poor minority and immigrant hot zones.

“This is the monster, this is what drives people’s fears,” says LAPD Deputy Chief Charles Beck.
Last January, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa cried uncle,...He appealed for federal help to make a Marshall Plan–style push to tackle what’s been an intractable problem.
The accelerating current of gang violence is colliding with a growing wave of Hispanic migration from Mexico and Central America into the United States. Hispanic gangs now dominate the hardcore narcotics business nationwide.."
-LA Weekly,
much more here

Not just in America,

A 21-year-old man (who is white) fears he will be scarred for life after he was allegedly assaulted in a Bristol city centre street.

Jake Peters was left needing 15 stitches to patch up wounds on his face. It is claimed that Mr Peters was set upon by a gang of up to 15 black youths who were said to have shouted racist remarks during the incident.

The frequency and ferocity of attacks upon whites and white civilization are increasing exponentially with each passing day…

And our government and churches are facilitating the importation of thousands upon thousands of tomorrows burglars, arsonists, rapists and murderers into this rapidly crumbling nation every single day of the week!


Friday, December 14, 2007

A nation of Hrothgars…

Again it happens. In Baltimore a young white woman boards a bus and wants to sit down. Each time she tries to take a seat she is told by nine black middle-schools students, ages 14 and 15, including three girls, that she can’t. Finally she sits anyway. The little—the middle-school students, I mean—attack her.
From the Examiner, “She sustained ‘serious injuries’ and had to be transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, according to a police report…[Sarah] Kreager suffered two broken bones in her left eye socket, police said. She had eye muscles that were damaged…She had deep lacerations on the top of her head and another above her neck.” Her face will never be the same.

Life in the United States. Race relations as usual. Journalism as usual. I suppose you have been swamped, dear reader, by the national press coverage of this racial attack—right? The outrage? You’ve heard about it over and over on the lobotomy box? Editorialists everywhere just won’t let it rest? Sure.

The headline in the WJS account says, “Woman Attacked On Bus Placed In Witness Protection.” Why? The only reason can bethe expectation that blacks will try to kill her to prevent her from testifying against the attackers. Things are out of control.

Crimes of this type are either increasingly common or increasingly visible because of the internet. They involve gang rapes of white women, forced humiliation as for example by being compelled to provide blow jobs in front of boyfriends, followed by murder. The press assiduously covers them up.
here, for more

BOCA RATON — Joey almost lived to see her 9th birthday.

Her mother planned every detail, dedicating herself to it just as she did with everything else in her daughter's life - ballet classes, golf lessons, her class at St. Jude Catholic School.

Nancy Bochicchio lived for her daughter, her friends say. This week, they died together.

Their bodies were found early Thursday in Nancy Bochicchio's black 2007 Chrysler Aspen SUV parked in a merchandise pick-up area on the south side of Sears at the Town Center mall. Police say they were killed during a robbery.

When Stewart tried to call her on her cell phone later Thursday, he said a man answered the phone in Spanish, but hung up after hearing Stewart's voice.

more here

Note that the website reports that the police are looking for a suspect who is either White or Hispanic.

The difference "confuses" law enforcement. see here...

Maryland Transit Administration officials are investigating a second reported assault on a bus in the last week. Meanwhile, surveillance photos have been released and the bus driver has been taken off the road.

Patrick Green and Robert Rothe told WBAL TV 11 News that they were antagonized and attacked after boarding the No. 64 bus late Monday night in south Baltimore.

The men, who are white, said the attackers yelled racial slurs and that no one on board, including the driver, stepped in to stop the attack. MTA surveillance cameras captured four men boarding the bus at the Hanover Street stop Monday night, moments before Green and Rothe got on.

We were saying the whole time to the driver, 'You need to help us, call the police,'" Green told 11 News reporter Kerry Cavanaugh. "He said, 'I can't. I'll get in trouble.'"

Roth said the driver closed the door and drove away, even though the attack continued once they got off the bus.

"We could've been left on the side of the road, dead," Rothe said.

MTA officials said they're not currently classifying the incident as a hate crime. They said they're simply calling it a common assault. more here

So, when white people are assaulted by a gang of blacks in public- with witnesses- with video evidence- it is called a "common assault" and not a hate crime.
Yet when a noose is found in a fire department, not only do city official launch a very public "hate crime" investigation (meaning press conferences and daily briefings) but the Federal government also gets involved as well.
Even though it turns out that the noose had been hung by the very black guy who reported finding it.

Starting to see a pattern?

Starting to get the idea that the way blacks, hispanics and Whites are portrayed on television and in the movies is the exact opposite of the way they behave in real life?

So what do whites do when they face near constant threat to their life and property? When law enforcement and Mainstream Media cover up atrocious crimes committed against them, leaving them no recourse to the law? When crime statistics are distorted to slander whites and excuse non-whites. When their neighborhoods begin to fill with gangs, prostitutes burglars and the frequent gunshots of drive-by shootings?
They do the only thing they can do,

The Hazelwood School District doesn't have a gang problem, she said. "It has a race problem."

The problem is that whites are leaving the district in droves as blacks are moving into it. They are leaving despite schools that are meeting most state performance standards, despite that the blacks moving in are mostly middle- and upper-middle-class, and despite attempts by Clark-Jackson and other administrators to talk them into staying.

And historically in this region, when white flight has occurred, school districts have failed. (the Narrator note: I wonder why that is...)

It happened in the St. Louis, Riverview Gardens and Wellston districts.

And Hazelwood School District residents like Kelly Sullivan are afraid it will happen to her community, too.

"My husband and I bought 20 acres a few years ago out in Jonesburg (Mo.) and were planning to build on that when we retired," said Sullivan, 44, a white parent of two children in the district. "But after the recent (rumored) gang threats and bomb threats, my husband said, 'Let's move now. Let's not wait.

In terms of race, Hazelwood is the fastest-changing district in the Metro area.

Since 2002, black enrollment has risen 32 percent, while white enrollment has dropped 32 percent.
In 1990, 70 percent of the district's students were white. Today, 65 percent of the district's 19,369 students are black.

… A homecoming celebration was canceled after rumors of gang violence. A gun was seized at one high school. Outside another, two students fired shots into the air as a joke. And multiple bomb threats, fueled by news media coverage, led to recent evacuations and canceled classes.

More here

Diversity and multiculturalism are concepts that only work in two places: Dictatorships and Fiction.

Come quickly, O spirit of Beowulf...

Pimps urge “More Prostitution!”

UPI (united press international) releases this zinger of silly propaganda,

...the Pew Hispanic Center, also found Hispanics tend to believe illegal immigration helps the United States more than it hurts. This belief is more common among immigrants, but more than half of U.S.-born Hispanics agree.

WOW! Can you believe it! Hispanics think massive Hispanic migration is good!

More than half of those surveyed said they are worried about deportation for themselves

So the Pew Hispanic Center surveyed illegal Hispanic migrants about whether illegal Hispanic migration is good for America!

This is like asking pimps if Prostitution is good for society.

And it begs the question: If David Duke were to survey the members of the Ku Klux Klan and find that the members of the Ku Klux Klan believed the Ku Klux Klan was good for America, would UPI report his findings?

Or are only some races and race-based organizations aloud such privileges?


The Eternal Poker Game…

“What if you’re wrong and there is a God and a heaven and hell?”

What if I’m right and there isn’t?

What if you endure the abuses of this life on the promise of rewards in the next, only to discover (to late) that there is no next life and that all of the things you surrendered in this one; all the wrongs you left uncorrected; all the losses you suffered without struggle; all that you had or could have had, were all thrown away in vain?

Think of life as a Poker game (one in which you find yourself participating through no action or will of your own). The bets include your pride, wife, home, job and life’s savings. While you are playing you notice someone cheating and sneaking a look at your cards. You see another steal one of your chips. You catch a glimpse of another marking the cards and yet another spitting in your Pepsi. Knowing that your home, life saving, pride and wife are on the line you begin to rise to seek amends, when all of the sudden someone from behind you says, “Raise not thy voice to anger my son, nor seek yee retribution, for the word on the street is that when the game is over, all thine assets shall remain with thee, and those who have cheated thee here today, shall reap their just punishments.”

What would you do?

Will you gamble away all that you KNOW YOU NOW HAVE, and allow the trespasses and abuses against you or your family because of a shadowy promise of “better things” to come?

Or would you conclude that the person whispering in your ear was in cahoots with the players who were attempting to cheat you?

If a thief broke into your garage and began to steal your hard earned Chevy Nova, would you heed the voice that whispered in your ear, “Let him have it. Tomorrow morning there will be a brand new Mercedes parked on your front lawn?”

More than likely you’d think the person whispering in your ear and the thief stealing your car were working together…

If a man broke into your bridal suite on your honeymoon and began raping your bride, would you heed the voice that whispered into your ear, “Let her be raped. Tomorrow morning she will remember nothing and her virginity will be miraculously restored?”

Or would you assume the person whispering in your ear and the man raping your wife were working together and defend your bride?

As the armies of destruction gather around you and your family will you heed the voice that councils, “Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also?”

As the forces of multi-culturalism rise to destroy you, your family, your home, your nation, your heritage, identity and all that your forefathers struggled so hard to obtain on your behalf, will you heed the voice that councils, “Love your enemies?”

Will you gamble away that which you know you have (and can have) on a philosophy of,

3"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
4Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.
5Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth.
6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.
7Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.
8Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.
9Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called sons of God.
10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven

-Book of Matthew

Or will you stand and be accounted here and now. Will you fight to preserve those things which both you and your forefathers fought to attain so that they can be passed on to your sons and grandsons.

Will you not fight for and protect what is yours with a philosophy of,

Blessed are the rich, for they possess the earth and its glory.
Blessed are the strong, for they can conquer kingdoms.
Blessed are they with strong kinsmen, for they shall find help.
Blessed are the warlike, for they shall win wealth and renown.
Blessed are they who keep their faith, for they shall be honored.
Blessed are they who are open handed, for they shall have friends and fame.
Blessed are they who wreak vengeance, for they shall be offended no more, and they shall have honor and glory all the days of their life and eternal fame in ages to come.

-G.F. Jones

As the wretched hordes of non-white foreigners (now accounting for 88% of the population of the world) continue to invade and destroy civilization; assaulting, pillaging, raping and slaughtering the sons and daughters of The West (now accounting for just 12% of the population of the world) along a brutal, animalistic path of wanton destruction as they go, will you heed the voices that whisper in your ear, “resist not, we are all God’s children?”

Remember this, you sons and daughters of the West who adhere to the Christian philosophy, and who would choose your neighbors by faith rather than race: You can be certain that the children will inherit their parents genes (and hence their personalities, predispositions, intellect and character), but you can never be certain that they will adopt their parents beliefs….

How will you play the game?