Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bait And Switch...

Sister Cristina Angelini has been called the heart and soul of Shreveport's Renzi Center, an early child development center run by the Catholic church.

But the federal government might be getting ready to tear that heart out. In a country where there are millions of illegal aliens -- and a shortage of Catholic sisters -- the feds are threatening to make her leave and return to her native Italy.

Exactly why, the government couldn't tell KTBS News today. It might be a bureaucratic mixup.


They don't know why, but I do.

Our government has already decided that America is an inconvenient relic of a bygone era and they intend to relegate it to the junk heap of history. The only problem is that millions of American citizens don't share that sentiment and are opposing the flooding of our nation with uneducated and unskilled freeloaders from every third world nation on Earth, especially Mexico.

So the government, not being able to bully their border-free vision onto Americans resorts to obvious attempts at sad-sack type stories about immigrants.
Notice here that they pick a Nun knowing it will garner media attention.

Notice as well that they pick a White woman from Europe instead of, say, a 40 year old Mexican man. (you see you're are suppose to see that and think, 'Gee not all illegals are Mexicans...).
The media does believe you are as stupid as the government does.

They also pull stunts like this to distract you from stories like the following,

WASHINGTON - Illegal immigration is costing Arizona border counties millions a year for law enforcement and criminal prosecutions, diverting money from parks, libraries and other law-enforcement efforts, according to a study to be released today.
The costs to the four border counties in Arizona increased 39 percent, from $19.2 million in fiscal 1999 to $26.6 million in fiscal 2006, researchers at the University of Arizona and San Diego State University found.
Researchers estimate the costs of illegal immigration on county law enforcement borderwide at $1.2 billion in the past eight fiscal years.
The costs of illegal immigration are placing "undue burdens" on people who live in border counties, the report says. Urban counties bore the highest costs, with San Diego County in California spending the most at $77.1 million, followed by El Paso and Hidalgo counties in Texas and Pima and Yuma counties in Arizona.
"It definitely has an impact, primarily with our law-enforcement and judicial systems," she said. "Law enforcement is one of our biggest expenses on our budget."