Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ben Stein Projects...

Ben Stein channels Freud,

Darwinism, the notion that the history of organisms was the story of the survival of the fittest and most hardy, and that organisms evolve because they are stronger and more dominant than others, is a perfect example of the age from which it came: the age of imperialism.
When Darwin wrote, it was received wisdom that the white, northern European man was destined to rule the world. This could have been rationalized as greed – i.e., Europeans simply taking the resources of nations and tribes less well-organized than they were.

Notice Stein refers to "northern European man" in the context of Imperialism.
I guess Ol' Ben never heard of Spain or Portugal, who became super powers during the colonial age ruling over almost all of central and South America as well as parts of Africa and Asia.
I guess Ol' Ben has never heard of Russia either, as that eastern European nation colonized northern Asia.

And Stein seems to have forgotten the Ottoman Empire which colonized and enslaved millions of EUROPEANS in the Balkans at that time as well.

Stein also makes a Freudian slip when referring to "taking the resources of nations and tribes less well-organized than they were."

Now who would that best describe?...

Imperialism was a system that took no account of the realities of the human condition. Human beings do not like to have their countries owned by people far away in ermine robes. They like to be in charge of themselves.

So why does Stein word this so carefully, stating that people, "do not like to have their countries owned by people far away," instead of simply stating that people do not like to be ruled by foreigners?

Because Stein is a Jew living in a occupied Gentile nation,

It's a list of "the world's most powerful people," 100 of the bankers and media moguls, publishers and image makers who shape the lives of billions. It's an exclusive, insular club, one whose influence stretches around the globe but is concentrated strategically in the highest corridors of power.

More than half its members, at least by one count, are Jewish.


That's quite an accomplishment for a people who make up only 2% of America's population.
Of course it's par-for-the-course as this article from Stein links to the conservative website World Net Daily where around 20% to 25% of it's columnists are Jews.

Your T.V. shows, your movies, your newspapers, your magazine, your books, your news etc.. all of it filtered through Jewish Eyes.

And people wonder why Hollywood so consistently spews forth the most vile contempt and hatred for The West, Christianity and America in particular...