Wednesday, March 5, 2008

But What Does Fred Think....

I just got back from Washington, where I addressed the American Renaissance conference.
Listening to the speakers, I concluded that AmRen suffered chiefly from an intense political incorrectness. Everything they said was either true or well within the bounds of reason. Most of it I had seen in mainstream publications. The sin of the speakers was that they spoke without abashment and equivocation. The barely restricted tidal wave from the south, they said, is profoundly changing American society without the consent of the governed. It is. The consequences have not been thought out, they said. They haven’t.

Probably AmRen’s fundamental idea is that multiculturalism is not a good idea, that countries are much better off when they have a homogeneous culture, or at least a dominant one. Mix cultures in one country, and you get trouble. Observation confirms the proposition. In Canada, you find hostility between English and French; in Sri Lanka, Tamils and Sinhalese; in the US, black, white, and brown; in Mexico, Mexicans and indigenes; in Malaya, Chinese and Malays; in Iraq, Sunnis and Shiites; in France, French and Africans; in Vietnam, Vietnamese and Montagnards; in India, Moslems and Hindus; in Cambodia, Cambodians and Vietnamese; in South Africa, blacks and whites; in Burundi, Hutus and Tutsis, and so on. And on. And on.

So what do we think we are doing?

One of the speakers was Phil Rushton, of the University of Western Ontario, whose specialty is the study of racial differences in intelligence. Only among the ideologically befogged is the subject beyond the pale. The evidence for these differences would be voluminous if there weren’t so much of it. Further, measurements of intelligence are reproducible and highly correlated with success of both individuals and groups. The people who do these studies, as for example Rushton, are highly intelligent themselves and cautious in their conclusions.

It amuses me that such as Rushton are often regarded as right-wing racists, drone. They point out that Jews are intellectually superior to other whites, which is hardly a traditional right-wing view; and that East Asians are smarter than whites, also not normally regarded as a white racist idea. Look at the IQ hierarchy they find: Jews at the top, followed by, East Asians, whites, South American mestizos, American blacks, African blacks. Now compare the intellectual achievements of the groups. Kinda sorta fits, don’t it?

-Fred on Everything

It is fairly self evident that Race is a real physical reality and that there are real physical, genetic and intellectual differences in the races.
But the PC watchdogs, undeterred, keep right on barking, "Who you gonna believe, us or your own lying eyes?"