Monday, March 3, 2008

Choosing The Red Pill....

By day, they sweep the streets of the Old City, ragged, dark-skinned men in orange jump suits. By night, they retreat to fetid slums on the edge of town.
They are known as “Al Akhdam” — the servants. Set apart by their African features, they form a kind of hereditary caste at the very bottom of Yemen’s social ladder.
...they are reviled as outsiders in their own country, descendants of an Ethiopian army...

The group's first operation - in June last year - was an attempted ambush of three US soldiers in Adhamiya. It was a fiasco. 'We were so confused and scared we opened fire at random,' Abu Mujahed said. 'They took cover and we ran away.'

Over the next months the group varied the tactics. 'One day we try and snipe them, the next we use an IED [Improvised Explosive Device], the next a mine. We never get any orders from anybody. We are just told: "Today you should do something," but it is up to us to decide what and when.'

Black soldiers are a particular target. 'To have Negroes occupying us is a particular humiliation,' Abu Mujahed said, echoing the profound racism prevalent in much of the Middle East. 'Sometimes we aborted a mission because there were no Negroes.'


How quickly it is "forgotten" that Arab and Indian slave traders moved 11 to 20 million African slaves (sold by African slavers) to their domains beginning in the 7th Century.

Nor do we talk about the millions of Whites who were carried off as slaves by Mongols, Arabs, Moors and Turks, all foreign groups, who attacked, occupied and enslaved much of Europe from the 8th century all the way up into the 20th century.

We also don't talk about the fact the Abolitionism was born in Europe and America, while rejected by the rest of the world ( in many places up until this very day).

In the next 10 to 15 years, when Whites drop below 10% of the worlds population and behold, first hand, the corruption and depravity of civilizational standards that the rest of the world so readily embraces, Whites may at last find the courage, along with the curiosity, to re-evaluate the distorted anti-White propaganda that they have been force-fed for the past 60+ years and begin to reassert themselves in their own hard-fought-for lands.

It's just a matter of how long the Sons of The West will wait to take that Red pill...