Saturday, March 29, 2008

Equality is Achieved...

When a young White woman (Eve Carson) was murdered, it wasn't a real shock to learn that her killers were black.
So the following revelation is, likewise, no shock,

In just over a year as an adult, Laurence Lovette racked up quite a criminal record. And the supervision of Laurence Lovette's probation was less than stellar. State officials have already admitted that, but Eyewitness News has learned that even Lovette's probation officer, Chalita Thomas, is no stranger to the law.

Keith Acree with the NC Department of Correction explains, "I'd characterize that as unusual but not unheard of. I mean, you know, we hire human beings off the streets like other folks do."

According to probation records, the probation officer in charge of Laurence Lovette never met with the teenager.

Officer Chalita Thomas was pulled off the case in early March, due to a drunken-driving charge.
Thomas' record shows eleven criminal charges filed against her in four counties over five years.
The charges include carrying a concealed weapon and two DWI's the latest DWI charge was in Wake County last year. "That's one of the issues we're looking into as part of our investigation," Acree said.

State documents obtained by Eyewitness News show that Lovette's probation records were updated on the day Lovette was arrested, apparently by Thomas, his probation officer.

State officials say that's part of their investigation, but they don't believe it is a coincidence. "After it became known who the suspects in the Eve Carson murder were, and we realized that they were out probationers, the supervisor directed the probation officer to take all the notes she had from her contacts with Lovette and enter those in the computer," Acree explained.

Some of the late entries, five total, on Lovette's probation records appear to embellish earlier entries, which violate Division of Community Corrections policies. They require officers to record their notes by the end of the next business day.

How much of the blame, if any, in the Lovette case falls on his probation officer remains to be seen. Acree says, "I think some of this certainly we're probably going to see falls at the officer level. But there are probably some systemic issues we need to look at here as well."


So there you have it.
The black probation officer, of a black criminal, had a record of 11criminal charges filed against her in four different counties in jut a five year period.

This is how multiculturalism works folks.
Everyday across the country, clean cut and highly educated Whites are passed over in favor of minorities of decidedly low character and IQ.

This is happening in our schools, institutions and government, where dumbed down standards are implemented in an effort to equalize Whites towards non-Whites.
Standards are dropped or done away with altogether and crimes are often committed. Society begins to see this philosophy extended into every aspect of daily life.
And then you begin to see buildings crumble, bridges collapse, cranes fall from the sky, the lights go out as power grids fail, etc...

This is why you will see more and more of these kinds of stories.

It is the fruit of the pursuit of Equality...