Saturday, March 29, 2008

The How And The Why...

How does multiculturalism work?


On March 23, at 2:32 pm, SEPTA police were patrolling the Market-Frankford concourse at 13th and Market when they observed a group of males punching another male. During the altercation, the victim, Sean Patrick Conroy, a 36-year-old white male, fell to the ground in respiratory distress. Convoy was transported to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:09 pm.
Today the medical examiner ruled Convoy's death a homicide, the result of an asthma attack "brought on by blunt force trauma."
Police have identified one student, Kinta Stanton, a 16-year-old black male from the 4900 block of North Smedley Street. Stanton has been arrested and will be charged as an adult with murder and criminal conspiracy.
Police are searching for the other suspects.

Yesterday, just before 2:30 in the afternoon, a 36-year-old Starbucks manager looking forward to his upcoming wedding was savagely beaten by four black youths on the Market-Frankford subway platform a block away from City Hall, and died less than an hour after the attack. Three of the attackers got away, but according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, 16-year-old Kinta Stanton was taken into custody and told police that he and three friends had skipped school that day and had targeted Sean Patrick Conroy at random and decided to beat him up not to rob him, but just for the hell of it.

Now here is the story from (and it is a good representation of other mainstream news sites),

The four teenagers who ambushed Sean Patrick Conroy in a subway concourse Wednesday chose their victim at random and attacked him for no other purpose than to amuse themselves, police said yesterday.
The District Attorney's Office said Kinta Stanton, 16, of the 4900 block of North Smedley Street in the Logan section of the city, was arraigned yesterday afternoon on murder and conspiracy charges.
Police yesterday discounted robbery as a motive, and said the youths apparently launched the attack on a lark.
....the death of a commuter during daylight hours in the heart of Center City has stunned officials....
"He was always sweet, always smiling, and always nice and cheerful, even when we weren't," said Ana Sofia Santo, a paralegal who remembered Conroy when he managed the Starbucks in the Bellevue on Broad Street before transferring to the Marriott outlet last year.
"It's appalling," said Khalid Ali, 27, a SEPTA commuter. "I don't know what kind of monsters would brutally do that to a hardworking American."

So not only is the race of the attackers blotted out, but the reporters sought out people with decidedly non Anglo-Saxon names to express their "shock" and "dismay" at a crime in which a gang of young black men attack a lone White man.
And you may want to take note that when blacks attack a White person, it seems to be standard procedure to call it a "random attack" rather than a hate crime.

See here , here and here for examples.

Now the why....

Ethnic conflict is apparent as well throughout the developing world, and will likely lead to more partitioning and nation-creation. As Muller notes: “In areas where that separation has not yet occurred, politics is apt to remain ugly”.
But a huge anomaly has arisen. Recently, Western societies have embarked on a public policy project in which the ethno nationalism of white people is officially proscribed as an unadulterated evil.

German National Socialists remain the bogeyman of the political and cultural Left to this day. The Left is utterly dedicated to eradicating any vestiges of European ethnonationalism. Opponents of immigration are routinely labeled “racists” or “Nazis” for advocating policies that are, in fact, the norm in the rest of the world. Thus Israel favors Jewish immigrants, Spain favors people from its former Latin American Empire, India its Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), China favors the Overseas Chinese.

As Muller notes: “In a global context, it is the [Western] insistence on universalist criteria [for immigration] that seems provincial.”

In attempting to account for this trend in opposition to ethnonationalism in Western societies, my own writing has emphasized the triumph of the Left and particularly the role of some Jewish intellectual and political movements and certain elements of the organized Jewish community as the vanguard of the left and the most important force in passage of the 1965 immigration law (PDF).
For example, the Jewish opposition to immigration policies favoring the European majority of the US dates back to before the immigration cut-off of the 1920s and spans the entire mainstream Jewish political spectrum, from the far left to the neoconservative right, to this day.
However, Jewish opposition to the ethnonationalism of Europeans and European-derived peoples is in remarkable contrast to their unswerving support for the Jewish ethnonationalist state of Israel — a rather glaring double standard, to say the least.

But the data are quite clear: There are genetic distances between different peoples and different peoples therefore have legitimate conflicts of interest. And: there are deep psychological roots to ethnocentrism that make us attracted to and more trusting of genetically similar others. (PDF)

These biological realities will not simply disappear, no matter how fervently social scientists and other political and cultural elites wish they would.

But that does not mean that these realities cannot be repressed—at least temporarily. The response of the Left has been to entrench a culture of “political correctness” in which expressions of ethnocentrism by Europeans are proscribed. Organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League seek draconian penalties against such expressions by Europeans—and only Europeans. Many European countries and Canada have savage legal penalties that enforce intellectual conformity on these issues. In America the sanctions are more informal—but nevertheless similarly effective.

Political correctness in the West cannot be maintained without constantly ratcheting up the social controls on individual thought and behavior.
The climate of anti-ethnocentrism in the West is utterly anomalous, and set against the rest of the world. In my own writing, I have emphasized biologically-based European tendencies toward individualism and relative lack of ethnocentrism as flaws that have predisposed European whites to these tactical blunders. And I have emphasized how political correctness works at the psychological level (PDF) to suppress the legitimate ethnic aspirations of Europeans.
......Democracy, representative government, and freedom will be likely casualties.

Finally, as Muller notes, ethnic homogeneity is compatible with—perhaps conducive to—liberal democracy.

So is the campaign to bully European-stock whites, alone of all the world’s groups, to forswear ethnocentric politics...
Muller’s essay makes one realize that this multicultural fad really may be just a phase—and a backwardly echoing phase at that, recalling the failed multicultural empires of the pre-modern era.
-Kevin MacDonald

Multiculturalism is without question an illogical and destructive concept, which is most likely why every non-Western nation on earth rejects it and/or in many cases is taking steps to eradicate whatever "diversity" may be present in their spheres of influence.

ONLY WHITES are being pressured towards multiculturalism. NO ONE ELSE!.
No one is demanding that Japan import 20 million Mexicans or that Pakistan welcome several million Chinese.....

The truth is that "Diversity" impresses upon young White men and women everywhere that their neighborhoods, towns, cities, states and nations would be better places if there were fewer people like them in it (and thats in a world where Whites already only make up around 13% of the population).

In other words Multiculturalism is the ultimate expression of anti-White hatred.
It is a doctrine in which the core goal is, expressly, the extermination of the White race from planet Earth...