Friday, March 28, 2008

Indoctrination of White Guilt...

The majority of the Dutch are negative on Islam and immigration. Additionally, their knowledge of Dutch history is meagre, according to a survey by three history professors.

According to 56 percent of the Dutch, Islam is a threat to the Dutch identity. As well, 57 percent named admitting large groups of immigrants as “the biggest mistake in Dutch history”.

The results come from the History Monitor. This survey was carried out among a representative group of 1,069 people by De Volkskrant newspaper, Historisch Nieuwsblad history journal and TV programme Andere Tijden in consultation with history professors James Kennedy, Niek van Sas and Hans Blom.

The History Monitor presented 20 multiple-choice questions on Dutch history and identity. Only for six questions did over 60 percent know the right answer. The worst answered was the question ‘Since which century has the Netherlands been a kingdom’; only 17 percent knew the Netherlands was a republic before the 19th century.

Also remarkable is the self-criticism on the Netherlands’ slavery past. Only 21 percent correctly gave the Netherlands a 5 percent share in the world slave trade; the rest estimated a higher share. The researchers attribute the overestimating to a feeling of shame, born of structural and years-long media attention for the dark sides of the dominant role the Netherlands played in the world in the 17th century.


The Dutch today only make up about 77% of the population of THEIR OWN COUNTRY.
And that percentage is expected to drop fast over the next 50 to 90 years to below 50%!

Despite the claims of anti-White propagandists, Whites have been a unique source of Good in the world over the past few thousand years, bringing technology, societal infrastructure such as roads, hospitals and schools, advanced medicine, moral standards etc... to every inch of the globe.
And this reality is acknowledged by the fact that Whites alone (despite making up only 13% of the worlds population) are held to a higher standard of morality than all other races combined.
When people across the globe call out for "Justice", it is invariably towards the White Western Nations that they are calling to.

To the non-White world, Whites are simultaneously the cause and the solution to whatever ills any given society might be facing; either we're doing too much or too little.
And this is the main problem with bringing non-Whites into advanced Western nations. They are and will continue to be jealous and resentful at us while at the same time desiring the one thing which we cannot gift them.....our way of life...which is genetically encoded not culturally adopted...