Thursday, March 20, 2008

Look To The Cookie, Obama...

To the extent that there is anything new in Obama’s speech, it is that he asks African Americans to take "full responsibility for own lives" and says that "they must always believe that they can write their own destiny".

A great example of blacks not being expected to take responsibility for their own actions is the Jena Six case. The line fed by Al Sharpton and the Main Stream Media is that a group of African Americans who beat and kicked a white student half to death should be let off because a noose was supposedly hung in a tree by a different student three months earlier.

In other words, Obama ignores the missing piece of the puzzle. Over the last 50 years, we have not just ended legalized segregation: we have spent billions of dollars and created countless programs to try to make up for the past.
None of this has worked.
When Obama bemoans that schools haven’t been integrated 50 years after Brown vs. Board of Education, he forgets the court decisions, forced busing, redistricting, and a plethora of federal programs and administrators that have yielded no result. He also omits that the "pervasive achievement gap" between different racial groups exists at schools with all levels of diversity.
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It was a bake sale of brownies and chocolate chip cookies—all sold for 50 cents.

“We knew it was going to rile people up,” said biochemistry major Kevin Reinwasser, 19, of Mundy Township. “We wanted to show people’s hypocrisy, let them show their own inherent bigotry.”

The bake sale caused outrage throughout campus because YAF groups at other colleges have hosted bake sales with the same name to mock affirmative action. At such sales, white students were charged high prices while minorities received discounts.

At their bake sale table today, the YAF posted a “jumping to conclusions” sign that listed all the names they’ve been called since they announced their bake sale. Among the descriptions were supremacists, hate group, sexist, fascism, bigotry and racism.