Saturday, March 22, 2008

No Need To Be Cross...

World Net Daily's David Kupelian schools us on cross support...

Throughout past centuries, Christian philosophers and mystics dwelt at length on the crucial, life-and-death need for repentance, resignation, "mortification," the "crucifixion" of sin in man, and the "death of the carnal man" or of "the creaturely self" and so on.

Yeah, and then they died...

It's self-evident that we're all born with a troublesome nature called "pride." Basically, pride is the part of us that wants to be God. It loves being praised, quickly puffs up with angry judgment over the real or perceived wrongs of others – and as a rule is oblivious to its own faults.

Yep, nothing worse than someone who thinks they know it all...

As our pride – also referred to as the "sin self" – diminishes and dies through our obedience to God, the direct result is that our good side, our true, God-centered character and identity enlarges.

Also, as your pride diminishes, so to does your ability and willingness to question others and their philosophical perspectives.......think about it for a while.

Let's talk about real love – as opposed to infatuation, obsession and ego-support.

Kupelian channels Sigmund!

Thus, patience is nothing less than the basic "cell" or building block of love for each other. The very idea of being patient implies suffering with grace.

Uh, no Dave, it doesn't.
More often than not, people are long suffering of fools and foolish things because they don't give a rats ass one way or the other.
It's called apathy.

Just think: God is the architect of an awesome expanding universe.....And yet, there's one thing the Creator of all couldn't just … create out of thin air. And that's love.

We'll have to take Dave's word on this as he doesn't explain what he bases this claim on.
From God's lips to Dave Kupelian's ears, I guess...

The only way God could "create" loving children was for us to have a choice.....After all, if I compel you to "love me," is it real love? Of course not. Love always involves a choice.

Okay again, I guess the above assertion is from God's lips to Kupelian's ears.

Freewill is a concept completely absent in the Bible. AT NO PLACE AND AT NO POINT IN THE ENTIRE TEXT IS THE CONCEPT OF FREEWILL PUT FORWARD.
It's just not there and Christians lie through their teeth when they claim otherwise.

Did Adam "Choose" to be created?
Did he choose to be placed in the Garden?
Did Noah choose to be a mariner?
Did Abraham choose to come out of Ur?
The List is endless...
All of us find ourselves in this life through no choice or action of our own, and (if you take the Bible seriously) are faced with the prospect of eternal Hellfire by virtue of the fact that we were simply born to begin with. action which we had no choice in!

You have to be willing to let your pride-self die – for the sake of your "neighbor" – and particularly, for your family's well being.

Again, way off Dave.
I've seen many people with out an ounce of pride; the most humble people you'd ever meet. And their families are in poverty as a result.....they don't give a shit.

The truth is, we're never closer to God than when we're just plain quiet and still,

Like sheep!

Shortly before His Passion and death, Jesus gave his disciples what He called "a new commandment" – namely, "That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another."....It was new because He was raising the bar to a higher standard. He was now asking us to love one another as He loved us.

Nothing new there Dave. Jesus was born in an area which, at the time, was dominated by Western Civilization and thus adopted Western-Pagan thinking. 99% of his teachings reflect this.

Also, he loved us how?
By taking our place in Hell for all Eternity?
Didn't think so.

One of the main reasons I'm a Christian is because it actually makes sense. If God wanted to demonstrate His love for mankind, how else could He do it? Go ahead, tell me! Tell me what He could do to demonstrate the depth of His love. Make mountains of pomegranates for everyone? Give everyone a great job and a big house and three SUVs? Give us everything our proud little hearts desire?

Well first off why does God need to demonstrate anything to anybody?
Pride maybe?
Secondly there is an unending way in which God could demonstrate his good will toward men.
For starters he could maybe back off a bit and leave us alone.
God's "love" for us is more like that of a Stalker obsessed with his Prey. (Picture Gollum with the One Ring here, muttering, "my precious")

No, if God wanted to demonstrate His love for us, and at the same time provide us with the perfect, ultimate example of real love for our fellow man, what could be a more perfect expression of love than the willing suffering and death of His Son....

Would you apply this standard to a neighbor Dave?
Would you expect someone to ask, say their bride-to-be, to demonstrate her love by burning down her parents house?

Kupelian's article, like most Christian Ramblings, only opens up more problems for their philosophy.

Such as, If God didn't want robots to worship him and thus (supposedly) gave us free will, what then will we be post-judgment in Paradise? And why couldn't God create us like that to begin with?
Where is freewill in terms of choosing to exist in the first place?
Because once your here, it's to late.

Why is grotesque violence and pain the only way God can "prove" himself to us?

Christians should just shut up and do their thing in quiet, because every time they open their mouths they just further diminish their own positions and god...

Oh and Happy Eostre Weekend!