Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Orwellian Science...

New brain research is adding high-tech evidence to what lower-tech psychology experiments have found for years: Culture can affect not just language and custom, but how people experience the world at stunningly basic levels - what they see when they look at a city street, for example, or even how they perceive a simple line in a square.
In January, researchers led by Trey Hedden and John Gabrieli at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that such deeply ingrained habits of thought affect the brains of East Asians and Americans even as they perform simple tasks that involve estimating the length of a line.

So Culture can change your brain waves?
No, the truth is that researches are so terrified of the implications of their studies that they have to substitute the word Culture for Race.
Kind of like the way European Media always refers to Muslim rioters as "youths."

It boils down to this; high IQ people construct technologically advanced societies (CULTURES) for themselves in which to reside.
Low IQ people.....not so advanced or stable societies.

There is no real point in trying to get away from the reality of race.