Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where Racial Harmony Exists...

ALTON, Illinois (AP) -- Banished to the basement, the 29-year-old mother with a childlike mind and another baby on the way had little more than a thin rug and a mattress to call her own on the chilly concrete floor.

Dorothy Dixon ate what she could forage from the refrigerator upstairs, where housemates used her for target practice with BBs, burned her with a glue gun and doused her with scalding liquid that peeled away her skin.

They torched what few clothes she had, so she walked around naked. They often pummeled her with an aluminum bat or metal handle.

Dixon -- six months pregnant -- died after weeks of abuse. Police have charged two adults, three teenagers and a 12-year-old boy with murder in the case that has repulsed many in this Mississippi River town.


The pictures of the accused certainly represent the coming "coffee colored" America brought about through multiculturalism.
And the behavior of the individuals in this story reflect the behaviors common among already mixed populations through out Central and South America. (search throughout this blog for the stories and check the links )

The above story should also be kept in mind by Christians who would, through their acts of "charity", enable such behavior (in those types of circumstances) to take place and continue.
This has been written about here before, but it needs to be repeated: 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'.
And it is never someones "good intentions" that the rest of us have to live with....but rather, it is the consequence of their actions which will rule the fate (however tragic it may be) of many.