Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who Is It That Seeks Diverstiy?...

A 16-year-old Spokane girl who confessed that she and her boyfriend killed her father is being charged as an adult.
Jacqueline Wortham and Edmund Washington, 18, face first-degree murder charges.
Wortham and Washington admitted to police on Monday that they plotted to kill Danny Wortham when he came home from work on Friday, police said. Washington allegedly stabbed Wortham in the neck. Also used as weapons in the slaying were a foot-long wrench, a baseball bat and three-foot sword. Jacqueline Wortham told police she hit her dad once with the baseball bat.
Jacqueline was never diagnosed by doctors as having any mental illnesses, her mother said. But “she’s always had problems, even when she was little: something was just wrong."
“She’s always been really insecure,” Shelton said. “Even when she was 5, she was angry.”

Over and over....
These stories are a dime a dozen. White men and women, deluded by propaganda that portrays non-Whites as being as intelligent and emotionally stable as Whites, begin to associate with them and nine times out of ten that lead to tragedy.
Whether it's a White woman raising a mulatto child alone, a White man murdered by his Asian bride or a White woman and her non-White accomplice murdering her father, the results are always the same.

It's also worth noting that it is always the emotionally unstable or psychologically disfigured who seek out relationships with non-Whites. ALWAYS...

The British teenager murdered in India last month kept a diary in which she told how she experimented with sex, drugs and alcohol in the days before her death.
She talks of taking hallucinogenic drugs and having sex in Britain and with someone she met in Goa. Despite her mother Fiona MacKeown's claims that Scarlett never took drugs, the diary shows that at a farewell party in Devon the girl, who signs herself ''Scaz", was "drunk, stoned and was trippin' on mushies" (hallucinogenic 'magic' mushrooms).

It also graphically describes how, despite being under-age, she was sexually active.

She describes how she met and had sex with Julio Lobo, a tour guide, at a ''full moon" party soon after the family arrived in Goa.


More on this story here.

A healthy, stable society is one in which a people seek to preserve their identity/genes by passing them on to the next generation.
A people who no longer care about their posterity and breed with other races, are a people who have become (been made to be) emotionally, intellectually and psychologically debased.

Watch any TV lately?...