Friday, April 4, 2008

But At Least You're Not Racist...

The suburbs of the US are no longer the same as those immortalised in 1950s movies, with white families living in big houses and the father driving off to work in his Buick, past manicured lawns.

These days, it is more likely that English will not even be the first language you hear on the streets.

In Langley Park, Maryland, the kiosks sell Spanish-language newspapers; the supermarket shelves are stocked with tortillas and assorted black beans.

Mexican music plays in the background while the tannoy blares out announcements in Spanish.

Vicious street gangs, committed to violence, have spread throughout the Americas and are now a significant threat in the US.

MS-13 - or Mara Salvatrucha - is the biggest and fastest-growing of the Latin American street gangs.

In Maryland alone, MS-13 members are accused of being responsible for a long series of violent crimes including murder.

Favoured tactics include decapitation by machete.

Rod J Rosenstein is Maryland's US Attorney.

His office is currently prosecuting a series of cases against MS-13. He told us the gang's motives are more about mayhem than money.

"There's evidence that the model of the gang is rape, kill, control," he said.

"They're really about gaining control over other immigrants from their community, intimidating people and asserting some degree of threat which enables them to control their neighbourhoods."

But once in El Salvador, the challenge to authorities is immense.

Entire swathes of the capital are virtually under the control of MS-13 and its rival, Mara 18.

Local police patrol warily, tending when possible to avoid those parts of the city.

The region's homicide rates are among the highest in the world - 58 per 100,000 of population in El Salvador.


Yes but when these gangs rampage through your town or neighborhood raping and murdering your friends and family, YOU, the multiculturalist/progressive-Christian/liberal devotee, can at least feel the culturally sensitive resolve in knowing that you were never so racist as to suggest that they don't belong here.

But the blood of millions will be on your hands, and pleading ignorance will be no defense...

Stereotypes do not equal bigotry, narrow-mindedness or hatred. Stereotypes are the wisdom of our forefathers inarticulately phrased and applied generally to different groups within a population.

For instance, segregation was not supported by our ancestors because they hated people of African descent, but because they knew something that we still know, but that our media has told us to forget again. The amnesia of our folk has been imbued into our consciousness in so many ways.

Again, what many sense or already know intrinsically and subconsciously has to be relearned again thanks to media efforts conducted for the purposes of collective amnesia.

Stereotypes always contain a grain of truth, otherwise they would not still exist. To rob us of stereotypes is to dispense with our forefathers, labeling them only as benighted and backward. One will often hear someone of the “self-anointed” Left say of a respected historical figure “In his attitudes on minorities, he was a victim of the prejudices of his day.” What the snide leftist never stops to consider is that he too is also a victim of the prejudices of his day. Progress, at least the kind consonant with “progressive” sensibilities and what makes up the oeuvre of modern liberalism is a colossal myth and a monumental hoax.

Stereotypes are too closely aligned with what kitsch self-congratulators in Jewish-tinged (at least ideologically) academia would call (egads!) common sense. Yet without these smidgens of common sense, we cannot anticipate dangers, play the odds or gauge probabilities.

The amnesia or collective blindness now clouding the thoughts of our people, spawned by the oligarchs of Jewish extremism and Marxist social theory has been brought on by an embrasure in our intellectual defenses through which shaky and syrupy pseudo-syllogisms and egalitarian dogma have been allowed to filter, causing us to forget to remember. We must instead remember to remember what we have known to be true all along and have only recently forgotten. We must also not forget to forget that which is not worthy of remembrance.


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