Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank God We Won...

'An exhibition of rare colour photographs of occupied Paris in World War II has sparked a controversy in France, with some politicians saying it paints too rosy a picture of life under the Nazis.'

Below are some of the photos of Nazi Occupied France. Here is the story.

Can't you just feel the "horror" in the above photos?

Thank God the Allies liberated France from "foreign occupation", intolerance and prejudice and introduced her to the joys of Multiculturalism and Diversity that only 12 million non-Whites can bring.

Below are some picture of the liberated France of today, years after those "Evil Nazis" were defeated.

The above pictures could be from any number of Western European nations today, as riots there by Arab, Asian and African invaders are not only common, but defended by both the media and governments.

Yeah Allies