Friday, April 25, 2008

Where White Liberals Find White Racists...

This is worth a read, from Blogger 'Sarah Maid of Albion',

So it was this last weekend that I came to watch an Episode of “Law and Order” from 2004 called “Darwinian” . For those of you who did not see it, the main storyline revolved homeless people killing each other, however, the first part featured a situation where a rich, white, female executive was involved in a hit and run and run collision with a vagrant, who was thrown across the hood of her car and became lodged in her windscreen (or “wind shield” as it was an American programme) as the rich white executive lady had been drinking, she panicked and, rather than seeking medical help for the poor sod impaled on her dashboard, she drove home, with the moaning and seriously injured man still wedged in the glass, locked the car in the garage and left her victim to die slowly, whilst she had another drink.

Oddly enough, this was not the first time that such a scene had featured in a US cop show, in a 2002 episode of the successful CBS series “CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)” entitled “Anatomy of a Lye” a rich white, male, lawyer also became involved in a collision with a homeless man who became stuck in his windscreen and was subsequently left to die a slow painful death in the wicked, white, lawyer's garage.

Clearly the “dying vagrant stuck in a windscreen scenario” is a popular one amongst script writers, and anyone seeking to discover the inspiration for it need look no further than the 2001 case of Chante Jawan Mallard an African American woman who, in real life, was was involved in a hit and run and run collision with a a homeless man called Gregory Biggs, who became lodged in her windscreen, like the fictional, white' lady executive, as the very real, black, Ms Mallard had been drinking she panicked and, rather than seeking medical help for her still live and semi-conscious victim, drove home, locked the car and the dying man in the garage (Sound familiar?). Ms Mallard then went inside, had sex with her boyfriend, and over the next few days occasionally checked on the hapless Biggs, still stuck in her wind shield, until she was sure he had stopped moaning.

indeed Dick Wolf, the producer and creator of Law and order, is quite open about the fact that many of the story lines are based on news items, and claims that many of the shows are, in his words, “ripped from the headlines”.....What Wolf does not mention is that, after the plot lines are ripped from the headlines, they undergo a very thorough session of ethnic cleansing, so that the stories which the viewers eventually see comply with the requisite politically correct stereotyping.

a December 2007 episode of CSI (Vegas), which aired in Britain a few weeks ago, was called “Lying down with Dogs” and featured a rich and glamorous white woman, who, although publicly a humanitarian philanthropist, was secretly involved in the sadistic sport of Dog fighting.
I wonder what inspired it?, could it have been the high profile case of (very) black, £130 million contract winning, American Football player Michael Vick who, days before CSI aired the dog fighting episode, was sentenced to 23 months in prison
following discovery, in April 2007, of extensive facilities used for illegal dog fighting at his 15 acre ranch in Virginia, and evidence of horrific acts of animal cruelty.

There is more to the article at the link provided above.

It's interesting that the only place our ruling elite can find white racists is in their own warped imaginations by twisting reality, and changing the races of their "semi-fictional characters" and then presenting it as "entertainment"...