Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yesterday's Witches...

Equality today is a dogma for which the "social sciences" evangelizes, seeking out converts to condition and heretics to publicly flog.
But aside from the contradictory science, observations and mountains of evidence, reason as well, fails them.
Often it is claimed that the IQ gap between blacks and Whites has closed, yet, mysteriously, the IQ gap between Whites and east-Asians not only remains, but strangely enough these Equality Crusaders spend precious little time attempting to suggest it hasn't.
To be blunt, there has been no close in the IQ gap. Those who suggest there has generally zero in on test takers who are 12 and under.
The problem: IQ's for the various races are indeed 'more equal' (as in the gap is not quite as dramatic, with blacks being around 7 IQ points lower than Whites) in youth, but then begin to diverge somewhere around 10 or 12.
Therefore IQ gaps are less dramatic (though still present) around the age of, say, 8, yet the average 15 point gap between blacks and Whites emerges later towards young-adulthood and remains consistent throughout life, correlating with testing that has been conducted decade after decade for nearly a century.
And this creates another problem for the Equalitarians in that, since the IQ gap between blacks and Whites becomes more dramatic from about 10-12 onwards, the argument that blacks are economically, socially, culturally or nutritionally disadvantaged in youth (thus creating the test disparity ten years later in life), falls apart.

Another problem is, for example, this,

The authors showed, moreover, that despite
numerous, often well-publicized, countywide projects (such as the $2 billion
program in affluent Montgomery County, Maryland, as well as the Kansas City,
Missouri, school district, under judicial supervision since 1985), no plan has yet
made a replicable dent in the Black–White achievement gap (despite low student–
teacher ratios and computers in every classroom).
-Rushton and Jensen (see below)

Yet another problem for the argument against the 'biased cultural-social status of a minority hampering achievement within a White society' argument is the success of both Jews and Asians in America.

Jews, we are told, have been mistreated, attacked, socially isolated, culturally vilified, economically handicapped, unjustly derided and driven from nation after nation etc...YET, Jews never-the-less constitute the undisputed ruling elite of America and other Western nations.
Socio-economically, east-Asians come in 2nd in America, with Whites in third place followed (distantly) by mestizos then blacks.

Not coincidentally, the IQ pyramid runs in the same order....

For a more scholarly treatment of this subject see here and here.