Friday, May 30, 2008

Back To Basics...

(the above is purported to be a South American tribe that has not been contacted previously.
Whether real or not, the picture represents the civilizational standards most non-Whites would still be in, were it not for contact with Whites. In other words it's what America will look like in the 22nd century after the 'Browning of America')

Paying blacks to behave,
Maryland Transit Administration officials are offering discount cards for area businesses to students who pledge good behavior on city buses, an incentive that transit administrators hope will help curb disrespectful and violent behavior.
MTA administrators registered students for the first time yesterday at the Johns Hopkins Metro Station, where about 100 took the pledge, according to spokeswoman Jawauna Greene.
This summer, MTA drivers will attend various festivals to register students, including the African American Heritage Festival, Artscape and the state fair, as well as Baltimore public schools events.

Where Diversity is, chaos thrives,
Some 15 years ago, the local parent population within the Victor Elementary School District consisted largely of those in the service at George Air Force Base, according to superintendent Ralph Baker.
When the district was unified about 20 years ago, there were about 200 English language learners and Hispanics made up about 15 to 20 percent of the Hesperia district population, McKinney said. Now, there are more than 5,000 English language learners, and 56 percent of the population is Hispanic.

“That well-disciplined and orderly part of our population has been replaced with a percentage of our population that are either attached to somebody within the prison, or that person has been released from a prison to this area,” Baker said. “They tend to be more anti-authoritarian.”

In India,
An Indian woman accused of witchcraft was beaten, gagged and burnt to death in a remote eastern village, police said on Friday.
The woman was dragged out of her home, her hands and legs tied and taken to a crematorium where she was set on fire in front of the village which ignored her screams for help.

In Africa,
Eleven elderly people accused of being witches have been burned to death by a mob in the west of Kenya, police say.
The area has witnessed similar attacks in the past when people suspected of engaging in witchcraft have been killed or ostracised.
The mob dragged them out of their houses and burned them individually and then set their homes alight, our correspondent says.

What is the connection of these stories?

The West's governments have set about to bring as many primitive peoples as possible into a neighborhood near you .
And as the top story shows, governments and media go out of their way to acclimate OUR standards down to the savages in an effort to show tolerance and sensitivity towards them.

The result is increasing levels of crime, poverty, disease and out of control violence spreading like wildfire from Paris, France to Mayberry, USA.

We are all being moved 'Back to Basics' in The West, because to achieve equality, Whites must be either removed or dumbed down to non-White standards. And 'the basics' too which America is being 'brown-downed' to, resembles the primitive savages in the above picture, living in mud huts and chucking spears at airplanes...