Monday, May 12, 2008

Dante's America...

Last week, on May 5th , Cinco de Mayo, Senator John McCain once again showed his contempt for the Republican base by hitting it with a double whammy.

In the same statement (see here) McCain announced that 1) he was opening a Spanish language website, and 2) he was going to the convention of the Hispanic chauvinist agitator group the National Council of La Raza [NCLR].

Why did McCain choose Cinco de Mayo to announce his double whammy? As I pointed out recently , Cinco de Mayo is not even a big deal in Mexico. It’s hardly celebrated. My school didn’t even suspend classes for it.

But in the U.S., Cinco de Mayo has become a big Mexican-American drinking fest and de rigueur occasion for pandering by U.S. politicians—chief among them being Panderer-in-Chief George W. Bush.

John McCain’s Spanish-language website is called Estamos Unidos (We are united). If you only changed one letter, the "m" to a "d", then is would be Estados Unidos (United States). Clever, eh? You can see the website here.

Of course, McCain is not the only candidate with a Spanish website. Barack Obama has one also, which features a blog by Conchita Cruz of South Carolina.

Hillary has what’s called a "bilingual" website, with articles in both Spanish and English and it includes her "Hispanic Agenda". (Hmmm, how about an American agenda?)


Could there be a worse lineup for Puppet Dictator?

McCain, Hussein and Hillary.

Three doors that lead to the same Hell...