Thursday, May 15, 2008

How They Express Art...

S.Africa: Black Hip Hop singer sings of killing Whites with Pangas (Machetes)

It is good that the Freedom Front Plus has raised this issue. This is typical incitement to violence of blacks in a country where Blacks are already murdering the Whites in extraordinary numbers. A "Panga" is a machete. This is no doubt about a Mugabe type of situation where the blacks want to murder the whites and steal their property - a topic which we have discussed here for years.

Here is more on the subject:-
[16 Pics & Full Video] The Songs they Sing about Killing Whites Jan]

The song's lyrics go something like: "Tell the oppressor get out/and tell my people fight I'm gonna get this panga to your neck. Take what is mine today and I'll rob you tomorrow, grab the gun power to the people, It's time we take it back".

The BCCSA held that "the overwhelming effect of the song is not purely aesthetic. Its dominant effect is that of militancy and violent threats, the general effect is one of an urgent call to action."

As has been written here before, non-Whites do not seek out the aesthetically beautiful for the sake of beauty. To them art is merely another tool with which to propagandize their own immediate wants and lusts. And most of their wants and lusts involve murder and destruction...