Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why Race Matters...

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has implemented a new policy designed to classify text messages sent on city-funded devices as private and exempt from rules governing the city’s electronic communications system policy.
Previous city policy stated that all messages sent via the city’s electronic communications system were city property, a policy that gained interest after revelations that Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff exchanged damaging text messages showing they lied under oath during a whistle-blower trial. The previous policy contradicted the argument of Kilpatrick and city lawyers that the text messages were private.
The new policy, obtained by the Free Press, took effect April 15 through a directive signed by Kilpatrick. However, it was distributed to city employees last night.

About the same time Detroit City Council members were quizzing the chief judge of 36th District Court about her decision to not recuse her court from hearing the case against the mayor and his former chief of staff, a Detroit woman was filing recall petitions Wednesday against the five members who voted Tuesday to remove Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

The petitions were filed by Glenda Morgan against Council President Ken Cockrel Jr. and members Sheila Cockrel, Brenda Jones, Kwame Kenyatta and JoAnn Watson. All five voted Tuesday to remove Kilpatrick from office. The petitions cited abuse of power and negligence but offered no details.

The Wayne County Election Commission tentatively scheduled a hearing for 9 a.m. May 30 to determine whether the petitions cite a course of conduct with enough specificity to proceed. A state election law expert said Morgan’s petitions are so vague they probably won’t pass commission muster.

“Based on the wording, there’s virtually no chance that something that vague would be approved,” said Bingham Farms lawyer Gene Farber.


Despite the utopian wishes of Equalitarians the races are in fact NOT EQUAL. The above behavior by a black "leader" is congruent and systemic in EVERY SINGLE BLACK COMMUNITY ON PLANET EARTH.
This coupled with their lower IQ's is the reason advanced civilization has never took root in Africa and why advanced cities and areas in The West where Whites have fled and left blacks the majority (such as Detroit) are in sever states of digression.

But this is nothing new. Speaking of the inability of Africans to advance, Thomas Nelson Page wrote in 1904,
"It may be charged that as a slave he never had an opportunity to give his faculties that exercise which is necessary to their development. But the answer is complete. He has not been a slave in all places, at all times. In Africa he was not a slave, save to himself and his own instincts; in Rome he was no more a slave than was the Teuton, the Greek, or the Gaul; in New England he has not been a slave for over a hundred years, and may be assumed to have had there as much encouragement, and to have received as sustaining an influence as will ever be accorded him by the White. What has been the result even in New England?
Dr. Henry M. Field a few years since wrote a book of travels in the South with his reflections thereon. Dr. Field comes of a distinguished Northern family, of which the whole country is proud. He is a close observer, a fair recorder, and the friend of the whole human race. He will not be accused of prejudice. Speaking of the present intellectual condition of the Negro in Massachusetts, he says:
Yet here we are doomed to great disappointment. The black man has had every right that belongs to his white neighbor; not only the natural rights which, according to the Declaration of Independence, belong to every human being — the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — but the right to vote, and to have a part in making the laws. He could own his little home, and there sit under his own vine and fig-tree with none to molest or make him afraid. His children could go to the same common schools, and sit on the same benches, and learn the same lessons as white children.
With such advantages, a race that had natural genius ought to have made great progress in a hundred years. But where are the men that it should have produced to be the leaders of their people? We find not one who has taken rank as a man of action or a man of thought; as a thinker or a writer; as artist or poet; as discoverer or inventor. The whole race has remained on one dead level of mediocrity.
If any man ever proved himself a friend of the African race it was Theodore Parker, who endured all sorts of persecution and social ostracism, who faced mobs and was hissed and hooted in public meetings, for his bold championship of the rights of the Negro race. But rights are one thing, and capacity is another. And while he was ready to fight for them he was very despondent as to their capacity for rising in the scale of civilization. Indeed, he said in so many words: 'In respect to the power of civilization, the African is at the bottom, the American Indian next.' In 1857 he wrote to a friend: T'here are inferior races which have always borne the same ignoble relation to the rest of men and always will. In two generations what a change there will be in the condition and character of the Irish in New England. But in twenty generations the Negroes will stand just where they are now; that is, if they have not disappeared.'
That was more than thirty years ago. But to-day I look about me here in Massachusetts, and I see a few colored men; but what are they doing? They work in the fields, they hoe corn, they dig potatoes; the women take in washing. I find colored barbers and white-washers, shoe-blacks and chimney-sweeps; but I do not know a single man who has grown to be a merchant or a banker, a judge or a lawyer, a member of the legislature or a justice of the peace, or even a selectman of the town. In all these respects they remain where they were in the days of our fathers. The best friends of the colored race, of whom I am one, must confess that it is disappointing and discouraging to find that with all these opportunities they are little removed from where they were a hundred years ago."
-The Negro:The Southerner's Problem (1904)

And so it is. Four hundred years living within White Civilization; nearly a century and a half of freedom and a half a century of "civil" rights. And yet the best they can lay claim to is Barak Hussein Obama, a half White politician who was gifted opportunities through race quotas and affirmative action.

For more on this, here is a review by Jared Taylor of the book, "Why Race Matters'...