Thursday, June 26, 2008

Achieving Equality One Delusion At A Time...

The requirements keep being loosened to avoid this absurd
outcome. But that did not keep 4,000
teachers, administrators,
snake oil
from attending an "Achievement
Gap Summit"
in Sacramento last November. No fewer than 125 different panels
were devoted to
forms of hand-wringing
over the fact that no one,
anywhere, no matter
hard he tries
, can get Mexican-Americans
to read or do math as well as
"Closing the gap" is a national priority; it is a
futile and
dangerous priority
After all, there is a
different achievement gap that is far larger but gets no attention at all: the
gap between the
top ten percent and the bottom ten percent of white students. It
is a yawning gap; why does no one care about it?
Because everyone knows that
children are just plain smarter than others
Everyone knows it would be crazy to try to make all
get the same grades. A few people even
know that every child does better school work if he gets instruction
tailored to his level of ability
—but that this
makes the gap between the top and bottom scores grow even wider. Everyone’s
performance rises with optimal, individualized teaching, but the scores of the
rise more than the scores of the dim
children. The gap grows.
Just imagine what perverse incentives would be built
into a school system that was under terrible pressure to make sure all the white
children got
exactly the
same grades
. Is it possible that in their zeal to
pull up the low scores, some teachers might skimp on their efforts to teach the
high flyers? Gifted classes are being cut back all around the country. No one
admits this is the reason, but whenever a school stops offering special classes
for bright students—who are overwhelmingly white and Asian—the effect is to
narrow the racial achievement gap.

Those who insist, against
the evidence,
that all races are equal in every
way may be well meaning. But the
does not smooth race relations; it
poisons them.

-more here
from Jared Taylor