Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Browned Down To Equality...

I can just here the chant......"WE'RE HERE! WE'RE MULTIRACIAL! WE'RE NOT WHITE!"

At the same time that the nation’s growing diversity and changing social attitudes are helping to swell the ranks of multiracial Americans at 10 times the rate of the white population, the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, son of a black man and a white woman, has brought new attention, curiosity and discussion to their experiences.

The above article is so full of contradictions, it has to be parody.
Just think about the references to Obama.....the
half White candidate who is popularly referred to as, potentially, the first black President. (Think about if for a second)

So do attitudes change because a handful of people are straying from the fold?
Of course not. You're either White or you're not, as Obama proves. And as sad, desperate and perhaps mentally disturbed persons have been engaging in miscegenation for some time now (hence the mestizo and mulatto) it's highly doubtful a new revelation is underway.

It's also amusing the way the article infers that diversity is growing because so many people are beginning to look more alike.

So why enforce the borders?

This conventional wisdom, however, doesn't make much sense.

bulletFirst, three or four generations is a long time to wait for the problems caused by today's illegal immigration to abate.

As John Maynard Keynes pointed out, in the long run, we are all dead. Personally, I will be dead and gone well before the fourth generation offspring of today's immigrants are in their prime.

bulletSecond, it's particularly ridiculous to bet the country on a multigeneration-long gamble on illegal immigration when the promised payoff by the 22nd Century is not that we'll then be better off—the pledge is merely that by then we won't be as worse off as we've been for the whole century!

bulletThird, if we don't stop immigration, as we did in 1924, then this “long run” can't even theoretically arrive.

bulletFourth, and most important, the conventional wisdom is not true.

To natives of the Southwestern United States, like myself, this conventional wisdom that Mexicans are just newcomers who will turn into Italians or Jews in "only" three or four generations is simply Eastern ignorance.

Mexican Americans are new to the East, but they've been in the Southwestern U.S. since before there was a U.S. The 1920 Census found one million Hispanics in the U.S.—that's an ample sample from which to draw conclusions.

The fourth-generation Baby Boomers averaged 0.7 years less schooling than the second and third generation Mexican Americans born in the same era.

Telles and Ortiz found:

"…the educational progress of Mexican Americans does not improve over the generations. At best, given the statistical margin of error, our data show no improvement in education over the generations-since-immigration and in some cases even suggest a decline."


The assimilation canard is rather comical to say the least. Four hundred years of close contact with Whites in America has not helped blacks to assimilate to White standards of civilization. And why should it? Why on Earth should we believe that different races must or can assimilate to one an other's culture?
This is where the issue of racial genetics is so important, because if you take the Occam's Razor route and eliminate the most convoluted theories in regards to the ongoing civilizational disparity of the races, then you will be left with the most logical explanation....the races are different.

Put it this way.

Imagine dropping off a group of alligators in the North Pole, then blaming the 'deep rooted prejudice' of the Polar Bears for the alligators inability to assimilate and prosper.

When you go down that illogical and unscientific route of thought, you end of with events such as the following,

Mr Morgan and his girlfriend rang 999 and, in a tape recording played to the jury, told the operator: 'There is a white guy and a massive group of black guys who are kicking the crap out of him.'

A terrified 14-year-old killed in a knife attack begged a bystander for help as he fled from a mob of teenagers, the Old Bailey heard today.

Witness Tom Morgan told the court how stab victim Martin Dinnegan ran past him pleading: 'Please help me.'

His attacker then pinned him to the ground and made repeated stabbing motions towards his back, the court heard.
....a crowd of up to 20 people aged 'between 10 and 20' started 'laying into' Martin.

This is how equality is achieved. After all, the common violence and disregard for human life which is systemic in the third world is now washing over The West as The West is inundated with non-Whites.

As for the 'browning of America' and the joys of 'diversity', a quick trip to any Latin American nation will give a quick insight into what that will look like.

Ironic isn't it, that if the 'Brown Tide' should succeed in 'Coming to Power' in America, it will be about as hollow a victory (for them) as a blind man forcibly commandeering the controls of an airplane in his quest for paradise...