Friday, June 27, 2008

Column Du Jew...

WorldNetDaily, the Internet bastion for neo-con writers (over a quarter of their columnists are Jews -not bad for the mighty 2%-) delivers it's "Column Du Jour" of the week, and, to no surprise, it's written by a Jew attacking Pat Buchanan's refusal to endorse Western Civilizational suicide to assuage Jewish paranoia and feed their vindictive hatred of all things occidental.

"AMERICANS ARE a moral people. They will not sustain a foreign policy
rooted in a cold pragmatism that averts its gaze from the tragedy of a little
country to maintain cordial relations with its oppressor. Churchill said long
ago: 'The belief that security can be obtained by throwing a small state to the
wolves is a fatal delusion.' "

Buchanan wasn't talking about Kuwait, a tiny country famously invaded
by Saddam Hussein's Iraq that year, but about Lithuania, threatened by Soviet
leader Mikhail Gorbachev.


Goldberg is upset that Buchanan advocated protecting a fellow Western nation from the Marxist Soviet Union, yet advocated restraint when two Eastern nations went at it.
There are two reasons for Goldberg's anger.

1. The Soviet Union had the full backing from the Jewish community as Marxism was their ideological offspring. Therefore to Goldberg, the Soviet Union was, more or less, Good.

"It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States, but the
Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by
Russian Jews of the greasiest type...A table made up in 1918, by Robert Wilton,
correspondent of the London Times in Russia, shows at that time there were 384
commissars including 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and more
than 300 Jews. Of the latter number, 264 had come from the United States since
the downfall of the Imperial Government."

-Captain Montgomery Schuyler, military intelligence officer in
RussiaU.S. National Archives. Record group 120: Records of the American
Expeditionary Forces, June 9, 1919.

2. As with other Jews, Goldberg is naturally "concerned" with middle-eastern geopolitics because they directly affect Israel.
Example: Today we see North Korea ( a nation which is no threat to Israeli hegemony in the mid east) being given the stamp of approval from America's neo-con (read, Jewish) driven foreign policy despite their notoriously murderous regime, which has been developing nuclear weapons over the past several years, threatening to use them on America.

Goldberg goes on,

Now, Buchanan has a new book out, "Churchill, Hitler and the
Unnecessary War," in which he argues that a war-lusting Winston Churchill
blundered horribly by making war on Nazi Germany, ostensibly to defend Poland
from the Nazi wolf.
It would have been better, Buchanan
, for Britain and the United States to have maintained cordial
relations with the allegedly rational Adolf Hitler and let the Nazis have Poland
and the rest of Eastern Europe. This would have allowed
Britain to keep its empire
, Buchanan insists, and that would have been
just grand.
But Buchanan is also the author of "A
Republic, Not an Empire." In that earlier polemic, he passionately insisted: "It
is time to let go of empire." The United States is a "completed nation,"

meaning we are no longer in need of immigrants, international trade or the
alliances that add up to imperialism in his eyes. Of course, Buchanan's notion
of a "completed nation" wouldn't preclude us from getting rid of Puerto Rico and
adding a few Caucasian provinces of Canada to our territory.
My point here is not to play "gotcha" with Buchanan's


Play "gotcha"?
How does Goldberg believe he is doing that?
His quotes of Buchanan shows two points of view, in two different contexts, about TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT NATIONS.
Post WWII Great Britain and modern day America!

How is that a "Gotcha"?

What it reveals though, is that Goldberg, like most Jews, is an internationalist who believes sovereign nations (save Israel) should be abolished and replaced with a global regime.

Goldberg goes on,

Here's another example of Buchanan's inconsistency: America should help
Croatia fend off Slobodan Milosevic because "Croatia is not some faraway desert
emirate," the America First reenactor explained in 1991. "It is a piece of the
Continent, a part of the main,' a Western republic that . . . was for centuries
the first line of defense of Christian Europe." The following year, he argued
that the beleaguered Bosnians should twist in the wind. Kuwait? Wolf fodder.
Lithuania, not so much. Israel? Take a guess.


Okay, I'll guess.
Buchanan, who is a Western Christian, believes that Western Christendom should place putting their own house in order as a top priority over fighting Israel's wars of domination.
Does Goldberg advocate invading North Korea to stop their genocidal madness? Take a guess.
Does Goldberg advocate any reprisals for the invasion of American soil by Mexican soldiers and the murder of Americans? Take a Guess.

Goldberg and his ilk want the borders thrown open even further, if not flat out done away with altogether.

And in closing, Goldberg unloads Jewish rhetoric cranked all they way up to 11.

I'm a big believer in abstract rules, but when it comes to foreign
policy, there is only one to which everyone adheres: America should be a good
country and do what's right. That's the real meaning of the "national interest."
It's fortunate for humanity that America's and Britain's definition of good and
right in the 1940s differed with Buchanan's creepy version of the national


So to Goldberg, America's national interest is "doing what is right". And he makes no apology whatsoever in putting forth the notion that the "right thing" is to do whatever Israel wants us to do at any given moment.

And his entire article screams hypocrisy when considering that he earlier scoffed at the idea that the British Empire was a good stabilizing force in the world, yet at the end he advocates an American Imperialistic foreign policy of attacking and occupying any nation that so much as frowns towards Israel.

Again, Iran is a threat to Israeli hegemony in the middle east, therefore the "right thing" is for America to invade Iran.
North Korea, on the other hand, is one of the most oppressive and murderous regimes ever to reside on planet earth, yet North Korea posses no direct threat to Israel, therefore Goldberg and other Jews see no need for invasion and occupation.

Goldberg states, "It's fortunate for humanity that America's and Britain's definition of good and right in the 1940s differed with Buchanan's creepy version of the national interest."

Yes isn't it wonderful to see Western nations loosing their cultures and civilization as the West has been inundated since the end of WWII with such "good and right" things as Abortion, Gay Rights, Free Speech suppressing Hate Crime Laws, Christian Symbols being removed from public areas by such wonderful Jewish organizations as the ACLU and the ADL, a disastrously declining birth rate, Wide Open borders, Rapidly increasing crime rates, the spread of previously extinguished diseases, etc...
Funny how when the "good" Allies defeated those "evil Nazi's", the flood gates of Hell itself seems to have been opened up and Western Civilization began a rapid decline into depravity and corruption.

Goldberg makes several allusions to Buchanan's concern over immigration and it's demographic consequences. It seems Goldberg doesn't much care for the idea that a White nation should remain predominantly White, yet he is perfectly at ease with Israel remaining predominantly Jewish.

And no, for those who would argue that Judaism is a religion, you are mistaken. Jews are indeed a race of people, indigenous to the middle-east.
And being of Oriental origin, they are most defiantly not White and not a part of Western Civilization.
But as you will read in the links below, they are a foreign group who have come to dominate certain fields within Western Civilization......a civilization they utterly despise and activly seek to destroy.

For more understanding of Goldberg and his people (and their intentions for Western Civilization), see here and here.