Monday, June 2, 2008

"Did You See How Those Mormon Women Were Dressed!"...

There is a certain programmed mechanism in Modern Whites which precludes them from intentionally critiquing the behavior or 'culture' of non-Whites while at the same time freeing them up to mock and ridicule their own in a rather vicious and intentional way. (Think White Guilt brownie points)

In talking with other Whites I've noticed a rather 'strained hypocrisy' coming from them whereby they consciously work to attack their own while defending others.


Them: 'God, did you see those Mormon Women in their Little House on the Prairie Dresses?'

Me: 'No I missed that. Have you seen all those Muslim women up in Michigan dressed in Burqas or head scarves?'
'Have you seen those blacks with the baggy pants hanging halfway off their ass and 'grills' on their teeth?'

Them: ........................(the sound of crickets)...................

At this point I can see them begin to work around a comeback that will continue to defend the Muslim or black dress/culture while still mocking the White dress/culture.
Usually you'll get the concessionary response, 'Well, it's a strange world' or 'Takes all kinds, I guess'. But nevertheless you can see them desperately searching for ways to defend the indefensible.

Another example of this is when the topic of black crime is brought up; Whites will quickly offer the defense, 'you can't a judge a whole group of people by the actions of a few rotten apples'.
Yet when the subject of colonization arises, these same Whites will then wax collective with, 'White people sure have done the Indians bad'.
-There is nothing more comical and pathetic than hearing a White person talk about 'White Privilege' on the one hand, yet proudly assert on the other that they, 'judge the individual'-.

So where does this mentality come from?

Most likely from the belief on the part of these same Whites, that Whites, or more specifically, White Culture and Standards are indeed 'superior', or of a higher grade than everyone else's. And this is based not upon some deep-rooted animosity towards other races, but rather upon innate White cultural standards of behavior which far too few Whites take time to ponder as their own.

You can see this in the way that Whites are constantly projecting (at least rhetorically) their own moralities and temperaments upon non-Whites.

You see when I made the above rebuttal to a White person by comparing the absurdities of Muslim or black dress and behavior to that of the perceived White Mormon ‘absurd dress’, what this typical White person was trying to find a way of saying without saying it, is, 'Yeah but these are White people we're talking about, not a bunch of savages!'

All his instincts and common sense lead him in that direction (preference for his own people and their ways) which is why he has to continually make a conscience effort to basically lie to himself about what he knows to be true, which is, 'their culture is different from my own White Culture'.

Now granted there are some truly freakish Whites strolling around out there, but when we look back on history we see that there was a time when this freakishness was not tolerated and thus stayed undeveloped or hidden.

What happened?

Diversity happened.

In order for Whites to justify their tolerance of non-White behaviors they were simultaneously forced to tolerate White absurdities as well. The more the merrier in fact, because it gave leftist Whites a few tokens on the scales of ‘f***ed-up’ with which to balance out the more general (or normal) attitudes and behaviors of Whites.

This is why ‘White Trash’ is such an important term today in the media and society.
It gives the illusion of an equally depraved culture amongst Whites with which to point towards when ghettos are mentioned. Yet of course when other factors are taken into account (such as the crime rates in Appalachia) this illusion crumbles.

Still, the perception is what matters and the very existence and free use of the term adds a few more tokens on the illusionary scale.

Where is all this leading?

Multicultural inertia.

The mental gymnastics Whites currently go through to defend equality will last only as long as they are fat and happy, and survival is a given.

In other words, as long as Law And Order are sustained.

One of the hallmarks of White Civilization is, and has been, reciprocal law and order.

Necessity (as in the basics of survival) makes even the most burdensome of laws obvious and easily oblige-able to Whites. Not so much so for blacks and Hispanics.

Comfort on the other hand will breed sloth, and sloth is weary of competition, especially when it comes in the form of obligation.

As Law and Order break down (with the increase of non-Whites), the general comfort in which sloth germinates is destroyed, leaving, once again, necessity, in its rightful place.

And this is where Whites once again embrace reality, as Law and Order, and the Obligation it brings, is not exactly a high virtue amongst many peoples of color...