Monday, June 16, 2008

If The Shoe Doesn't Fit...

Laurence Auster is a self proclaimed "Paleoconservative" and defender of Western Civilization. He is also, ironically, a Jew, which makes the latter of his self proclamations insincere and, well, just down right bizarre.

Western Civilization IS White Civilization. And to be a part of Western Civilization you must be indigenous to Europe.
Mr. Auster's people on the other hand are indigenous to the oriental realm known as the Middle-East, which resides rather obviously in Asia, not Europe.

To be blunt, in order to be a sincere defender of Western Civilization one must (above all other things) be that which Mr. Auster is most definitely not, White.

At his blog he recently argued with a reader over Pat Buchanan's latest book on WWII. In this exchange we see a rather odd and telling perspective,

Mencius Moldbug writes:

Why do you call Buchanan "demented" for thinking that Hitler might not have attacked Western Europe, if the West had not declared war on him? My knowledge of the Third Reich is not encyclopedic, but it is pretty good, and I think the fairest statement is that we simply have no idea what would have happened. [LA replies: If we have no idea what would have happened, then Buchanan is demented for asserting as a certainty that Hitler would not have invaded the West.

Invade the West?
Invade Western Europe?

Where exactly do Mr. Auster and his dubious debater believe Germany to be located, Indo-China?
For those fuzzy on geography, here is a map of Europe. Note, if you will, that large brown-ish looking country in the middle of your screen. That is Germany....right at the very heart of Western Europe.

Auster continues,
He's (Buchanan) also behaved utterly egregiously and harmfully in tarring the good causes he's associated with, like immigration restrictionism, with his Nazi-apologist position. He's enabled the liberals and neocons to say that immigration restrictionists are pro-Nazis.

Nice straw man, but anybody with google can learn real quick that liberals and neocons (right wing Jews) have been the primary backers of open borders since day one.
And, thanks to people like Auster who continually perpetuate the cartoonish characterization of the Nazis as the ultimate bugaboo, liberals have, and will continue to, label anyone who disagrees with them (at any given time, on any given subject) a NAZI!!!!!! ohhhhhhh!!!!!

Auster struggles on,
LA replies: Arguments that present Hitler's intentions as merely nationalist discredit themselves. Indeed, they are so false that they amount to a Holocaust-denial level of falsehood. If all that Hitler wanted was for the German people to have their own united country, why did he invade and conquer all of Poland (in tandem with the USSR), crush it, and herd all three million Polish Jews into ghettos where he began to starve them to death?

Let's brake the above down.

1. Auster admits that it was Germany AND the USSR that invaded Poland, yet he blames the whole thing on Germany, excusing the death and destruction of Polish Gentiles at the hands of the Soviets.
Because, they were only Gentiles. If you read through his blog entry on this, you'll see that he cares nothing for the tens of millions of Whites who were murdered by the Soviets.His ONLY repeatedly expressed concern is for Jews.
-This in not immoral however, as it is only natural that he should care more about his own people than Whites.-

2. There is ZERO evidence that Hitler tried to starve any people to death. None. Zip. Zero.

And 3.,

Rabbi Wise's Address

'There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism. They come not to beg, but ask for that which is higher than all material things. They seek to have satisfied the unquenchable thirst after the ideal. They ask to become once again the messengers of right, justice, and humanity."
The New York Times June 11 1900, page 7


Jacob H. Schiff, Meyer London, and Dr. Enelow Plead with the Rich to Give.

"Louis Marshall, speaking at a meeting in Temple Emanu-El last night, deplored what he termed the failure of the Jews of America, particularly of New York, to realize the terrible calamity that has overtaken the millions of Jews whose homes are in the eastern theater of the European war.

...more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of the war zone; Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow..."
The New York Times January 14 1915

Germans Let Jews Die. Women and Children
in Warsaw Starving to Death

"Through the Intelligence Department of the Mayor's Committee on National Defense, the Provisional Zionist Committee last night made public a letter describing conditions among Jews in Warsaw under German rule....It is witnessed here all over, in every street, in every step, in every house. Jewish mothers, mothers of mercy, feel happy to see their nursing babies die; at least they are through with their suffering.....The veracity and authenticity of the letter is vouched for by the Zionist Committee,"
The New York Times August 10 1917


"Approval of the plans of Zionist leaders for the creation of a national Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine was given tonight by President Wilson to a delegation of representative American Jewish Leaders who spent an hour at the White House in conference with the President over the international status of Jews around the world.....Rabbi Wise spoke of the aspirations and hopes of American Jews and of Jewry around the world, told of his recent visit to Paris, in its bearing on the Peace Conference, and discussed the League of Nations, predicting that it would be part of the final Peace Treaty......The real question now is whether we will form a League of Nations, whether we will stay where we are and help keep the peace of the world, or come back here and have to go back and make war again."
The New York Times March 3 1919, page 1

Russian Revolution?

"It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States, but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type...
A table made up in 1918, by Robert Wilton, correspondent of the
London Times in Russia, shows at that time there were 384 commissars including 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number, 264 had come from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government."
Captain Montgomery Schuyler, military intelligence officer in Russia
U.S. National Archives. Record group 120: Records of the American Expeditionary Forces, June 9, 1919.
-from Wikipedia note 16


"Felix M. Warburg, Chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee of American Funds for Jewish War Sufferers, who returned several days ago from a trip to Europe for that organization, made public yesterday some of his findings.....'The successive blows of contending armies have all but broken the back of European Jewry,' he said, 'and have reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,000,000 souls.."
The New York Times November 12 1919, page 7

Non-Sectarian Appeal for $7,500,000 Starts Today with Sermons in All Churches.

"A famished child upon the auction block, a mother in the foreground pleading for aid, death with outstretched arms lurking near and the legend, 'Shall Death Be the Highest Bidder?'
$7,500,000 to be raised here this week by the Greater New York Appeal for Jewish War Sufferers.....'Hunger, cold rags, desolation, disease, death - Six million human beings, without food, shelter, clothing or medical treatment"
The New York Times May 2nd 1920, Section 2 page 1

(Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

"From across the sea SIX MILLION men and women call to us for help, and eight
hundred thousand little children cry for bread....six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life.....In this threatened holocaust of life....."

The American Hebrew October 31 1919



"The latest dispatches from the Bavarian capital indicate that the Central Soviet Council is in absolute control and has proclaimed a proletariat dictatorship. One of the leaders of the German Bolshevist Movement named Lewine, is said to be a member of the council.."
The New York Times February 24 1919

The Bavarian Soviet Republic lasted less than one month. It's two dictators were,
- April 6April 12 Ernst Toller
- April 12May 3 Eugen Levine

Toller was a German Jew
Levine was a Russian Jew

from Wikipedia,

"Soon after, on 3 May 1919, the German army (called the "White Guards of Capitalism" by the Communists), having a force of 9,000, and Marinebrigade Ehrhardt, having a force of 30,000 men, entered Munich and defeated the Communists, after bitter street fights in which over 1,000 volunteer supporters of the government were killed. About 700 men and women were arrested and executed by the victorious Freikorps. Levine was condemned to death for treason."


"CALSBAD, Aug. 27 (Jewish Telegraphic Agency).--"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world's peace," declared Dr. Nahum Sokolow, Chairman of the Zionist Exocutive Committee, at a special meeting of the Zionist Conference today."
The New York Times August 27 1922 page 10

Ran the Front page headline from the Daily Express, March 24 1933, promising a boycott of German Goods.

Six years later World War II began. Lasting for Six Years, and ending with the Ruin of Europe, the destruction of Germany, the handing over of half of Europe to the Bolsheviks, the collapse of the British Empire, the beginning of the Cold War and the spread of Marxist demagoguery....
But....But it also led to the establishment of the United Nations, the fulfillment of Zionist ambitions in the creation of the state of Israel and Jerusalem designated an International City...

Of course the Arabs had a different vision for their homelands and war soon followed.

So, WWI gave us sad stories of six million persecuted Jews and a League of Nations. Neither one took.
WWII gave us sad stories of six million persecuted Jews and the United Nations. This time, both took.
Still, no capital of the world in Jerusalem, and the United Nations has limited power....
WWIII will give us....?

by Nathan Burstien

"It's a list of "the world's most powerful people," 100 of the bankers and media moguls, publishers and image makers who shape the lives of billions. It's an exclusive, insular club, one whose influence stretches around the globe but is concentrated strategically in the highest corridors of power.
More than half its members, at least by one count, are Jewish."

The Jerusalem Post October 12 2007
Third times a charm? Or three strikes and you're out?...

As Western Civilization continues its rapid fall into chaos and ruin, pundits, authors and laymen alike still vex grievous over the mysterious cause of it all and wonder why none of their fellow travelers will either take notice or, when noticing, act.

For instance this article from,

Observing the meltdown of Anglosphere’s cultural hearth over the last few years has been a painful experience, as Britain marches off a cliff toward self-inflicted cultural oblivion. The place has an alarming number of Muslims who openly declare their intention to conquer by demographic means and establish a beachhead sharia-stan in Europe. Yet the British people are not reacting to the threat....Don't Brits understand that in today's war for civilization, the people must lead? Perhaps they were spoiled by Winston Churchill putting away the appeasement creature of his day (Neville Chamberlain) and leading the nation against the Nazis.

Whatever happened to the people who stood alone against Nazi fascism in 1940?

more here

What happened to the people who stood against and ultimately defeated the Nazi’s?

The answer is simple: They went on to implement the policies, the vision of the future they fought for, that were in direct opposition to the Axis/Nazi vision.
Why is it so hard for people to understand that the outcome of WWII represented the defeat of Western Civilization?

All of the policies that so many people now wring their hands over –feminism, abortion, gay rights, mass invasion of (exclusively) Western nations, removal of prayer from schools, increasing State power, progressive and endless rising taxation, “hate crimes”, rewriting Western history to portray Whites as evil, abolition of Freedom of Association, attacks upon the traditional family, etc…began to spread like wildfire AFTER the Axis was defeated and the Allies reigned victorious...