Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joseph Farah Endorses Barak Obama?...

When I heard the secular jihadists at Americans United for Separation of
Church and State had filed a lawsuit trying to block South Carolina from issuing
vanity license plates that say "I Believe," it reminded me of the Ku Klux Klan.
Why would the
actions of the self-proclaimed "progressives" at Americans United for Separation
of Church and State make me think of the racist bigots from a bygone
It's very simple, really. You probably don't know that today's radical
secular agenda promoting absolute separation of church and state was a movement
actually birthed by the Klan.

-Jospeh Farah

Farah reports that the above was something he learned from reading a book that, coincidentally, is available at WND's bookstore.

Basically Farah is laying the groundwork here for attacking Obama and wants to be able to point back at moments when he was kissing minority ass to deflect claims that WND's move against Obama is not "racially motivated".
WND is good at collecting stories from around the web, but they are neo-con through and through (about 25% or more of their commentary is comprised of Jewish writers -not bad for the mighty 2%-).

WND even has their very own black guy to go after Obama and their very own Hispanic to report on illegal immigration.

Despite the disaster the neo-cons have created out of the GOP, WND is still adhering to their philosophy of, "disassociation from Whites while kissing minorities collective ass in the hopes of winning their votes" (or in WND's case, their money).
Ask the Clintons how well this works out.

And as for the KKK, so what?

Despite Farah's proclamations to the opposite, America's people AND it's leaders were historically (by today's standards) "foaming at the mouth White Supremacists" from the very beginning....And that very much includes our Founding Fathers, who were unabashedly racist.
Every single aspect of America's identity, from her courts of law to her religious observations were, racialist in character.
In fact America is perhaps the only nation that was created as an implicitly racist nation.
And from 1776 up until the 1960's America prospered in wealth as well as peace and stability.

Then came the denunciation of our nations heritage and historical philosophical foundations, and their replacement with decidedly un-American notions of Diversity, Multiculturalism and Equality.
Shortly thereafter America began to fall apart and plunge into the ever increasing depths of a new Dark Ages.

Farah and WND have decided to cast their lot with the Huns.

If you're looking for books on traditional American history, here is a place to start.