Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Math Is Racist...

Uncovering the roots of the disastrous home mortgage bubble that popped
last year will keep economic historians busy for decades. Yet, one factor has so
far been largely overlooked: the bipartisan social engineering crusade to drive
up the rate of homeownership by handing out more mortgages to minorities.
More than a negligible amount of the blame for the mortgage meltdown
can be traced back to multiculturalism: government-mandated affirmative-action
lending, demographic change, illegal immigration, and the mind-numbing effects
of political correctness.
About half of all mortgages for blacks and Hispanics are
versus roughly one-sixth for whites. Not surprisingly, the biggest home price
have occurred in heavily Hispanic cities such as Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix, and
Los Angeles.
The mortgage bubble was essentially a bet on the purportedly
increased creditworthiness of the bottom half of the American population. After
three decades of the home ownership rate stalling at around 64 percent, a series
of federal initiatives to increase minority and low-income ownership helped push
the rate up to just below 70 percent.

The home construction industry lured in Mexicans to build new exurban
houses for Americans trying to get their children away from public schools
overrun by the children of illegal immigrants—in effect, a Ponzi scheme that had
to break down eventually.


In this Project Immigration report, we take a look at the high cost of
illegal immigrant health care in the Washington area and nationwide.
“As of
today, I have a patient from Mexico who’s been in my hospital for 760 days,”
said an administrator at Martin Memorial Medical Center.

“We had an illegal immigrant patient from Guatemala. He had more than
$1.5 million in healthcare services,” she said.
The Florida hospital spent
$30,000 to send the Guatemalan home after two years, there was hardly a thank
you from his relatives.
‘His family in the United States is now suing us,”
she said. We’ve spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees since
the family thought it was inappropriate of us to return him to his home
Washington area hospitals are facing the same dilemma.

“We just had a gentleman here for 275 days. He was from El Salvador,”
said Orlowski [Dr. Janis Orlowski, chief medical director at Washington Hospital
The problem is once illegal immigrants land in an acute care
facility like Washington Hospital Center, the hospital is stuck caring for them
and can’t legally transfer the patients to a more appropriate, less costly
long-term care facility.

The Washington Hospital Center treats illegal immigrants on a weekly
basis, at the cost of millions of dollars of unreimbursed care. Hospital beds
are often full.


America may be the first civilization in hisotry to finance it's own destruction.
After all, saying 2+2=4 is bigoted.
In a tolerant society that holds equality as a virtue, 2+2 could just as easily equal 7 or 12 or 1 or 9, or, etc...,