Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Sound Of Crickets...

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Police have been ordered by the mayor to do
"whatever it takes" to arrest three suspected teenage killers.
The three, who are thought to be about 15 to 17 years old, are
for the beating death of Anthony

Waters, 42, was taking a walk down East 55th
Street Wednesday night when he was robbed and severely beaten by a gang of

"The pack mentality going on in the city of
must end," Williams announced.

The young attackers were described as black


The Victim was White.
His killers were Black.

Noticed the wall-to-wall coverage from the major media outlets?
Of course not.
There is none.

Black on White crime is a common, everyday event in every Western nation that blacks currently reside in.
Go through this blog and you will find story after story, as well as links to statistical data on black crime rates.

This is the racial reality the major news outlets and governmental agencies make every attempt to hide.

On the extremely rare occasions when a White person abuses a person of color, the media lets rip the bullhorns and alarm bells, blasting round the clock news coverage.
Yet when a White person is (as is routinely the case) attacked, raped and/or murdered by a non-White, the event is met with the sound of crickets...