Monday, June 16, 2008

War Is Peace. Death Is Life. Diversity Is When Everyone Is Brown...

'Attiudes Towards Multi-racial Americans Evolving'
Even today, at a time when immigration and changing social attitudes are helping to swell the numbers of multiracial Americans at 10 times the rate of white population growth, multiethnic people are still struggling to avoid being labeled and marginalized by a society they say is far from entering a "post-race" era.

Post-Race Era?

No more Al Sharpton?
No more NAACP?
No More ADL?
No more La Raza?
No More SPLC?
No more Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund?
No more Race Quotas?
No more Congressional Black or Hispanic Caucus?
No more Affirmative Action?
Etc, Etc....

Whoops! I checked. They're all still with us.

And just look at all the diversity in the picture above!

Have you ever seen such a diverse rainbow of uniform off color brown?

Sure you have.

Even now you know of a places where mixed race people have lived for decades or even centuries, numbering in the tens of millions.
These places are called The Third World.....Latin America, the Middle-East, south-east Asia....
You know, that ever blossoming bastion of systemic and endemic disease, poverty, crime, corruption and death from which (currently) millions of its multiracial denizens are fleeing from and towards the majority White nations like Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and various European countries; transforming their new locals into the exact same environment from which they previously escaped.
(For example, have you heard about all the riots out in Iowa? No? Well that is because despite the unprecedented natural disasters currently afflicting the state, the state happens to be over 90% White. Contrast this to what happened in White-minority post-Katrina New Orleans)

The fact is the world will continue, as it always has, to be divided into two categories: White and non-White. The offspring of multi-racial unions are, simply put, non-White. There is no need, and no point, in making it any more complicated than it is.
There is no such thing as half-White.

And since Whites have always been a minority of the global population (historically averaging between 10% to 20% of the population -today being around 13%-), we can conclude that nothing is changing or will change in the future in regards to the interaction between Whites and non-Whites or the circumstances in which the two groups reside. Areas with a White majority will continue to be havens of law & order, education, and relative peace, while areas with non-White (as in black or brown) majorities will continue (as they always have) to be havens for disease, poverty, injustice and chaos.

Of course what is really ironic about the above article and accompanying pictures, is that it illustrates that the only successful black people, are those who are mixed with White or Asian genetics. We can therefore interpret the opposite as implying that the blacker a person is, the less intelligent and successful they will be.

It just goes to show that no matter how the Marxists try to spin it, race matters!

In The Bell Curve, Herrnstein and Murray found that the average IQ for African Americans (85) is lower than for Hispanic (89), White (103), East Asian (106), and Jewish Americans (113). In The Global Bell Curve, Lynn shows in detail that similar racial IQ/socio-economic hierarchies are indeed present within Africa, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Throughout the world, Europeans and East Asians (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans) average the highest IQs and socio-economic positions. The lowest averages are found among the Aborigines in Australia and in Africans and their descendants. Intermediate positions are occupied by the Amerindians, the South Asians from the Indian sub-continent, the Maori in New Zealand, and by the mixed race peoples in South Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The same pattern is found on many other social and life history indicators, such as educational levels, earnings, health, accidents, crime, marriage, fertility, and mortality.

These results are remarkably consistent over time, place, and situation, irrespective of the original status of the people, or the language, history, and political organization of the country concerned.

-more here form Prof. Rushton