Friday, June 27, 2008

When The Chickens Come Home To Bark...

Writer Nicholas Stix takes on Political Correctness, 80's style,

Great Debaters
(2007) was a black self-esteem movie about the
talented Negro debating team from small, segregated
in Marshall, Texas. With the inspiration of its legendary
coach, English professor
Melvin Tolson
, Wiley beat the University
of Southern California
(USC) to win the 1935 national

The heavily-promoted film, starring Oscar-winning
Denzel Washington and Forest
, was produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions. Movie
critics praised it as "inspirational" and "uplifting" despite glaring historical inaccuracies. (For example, Tolson’s team never debated
Harvard in winning the national

Yes, in the world of political correctness, reality takes a back seat to the never ending search for the mythological, "racial equality".
And it's been observed before that minority "art" is generally obtuse and self promoting without any notion of aesthetic content whatsoever.

Stix continues,

Fast forward to March 24, 2008. Baltimoreans Deven Cooper and Dayvon
Love—the black duo from Maryland’s Towson University dubbed
great debaters"
—are crowned champions at the Cross Examination
Debate Association (CEDA) national tournament in Wichita, Kansas.
In the
final round
, Cooper and Love beat a top-seeded, white University of
Kansas debate team, led by Nate Johnson and Chris Stone.
The topic for CEDA,
as well as the year’s other collegiate debate tournaments:
"Resolved: that
the United States federal government should increase its constructive engagement
with the government of one or more of:
, and Syria, and it should include offering them a
security guarantee(s) and/or a substantial increase in
In each match within a tournament, one team is
assigned to argue "affirmative", supporting the proposition, and the other
"negative", opposing it.
But Cooper and Love evaded the debate resolution
altogether. Instead the dynamic black duo argued "their chosen topic"—
sexism, and homophobia"
and the "problems of exclusion in the
debate community". CEDA’s white bosses decided, not only that they would not
disqualify them, but that they would crown Cooper and Love champions.

Cooper and Love, says Madigan, "used
various forms of expression, including
hip-hop, clips of songs and ‘spoken word,’ to accentuate their points, a
far cry from the more straightforward, evidence-laden presentations of some of
their competitors".
Evidence and logic are just so

Although Stix sarcastically quips, "Evidence and Logic are just so White", the statement is nevertheless 100% accurate.

This is Where Mr. Stix and other modern conservatives and/or Whites keep making the mistaken presumption that the races are, or must be, equal in temperament, attitude, cognitive abilities and their general perceptions of law and order (and law and order's offspring, standards).
They're not.

Stix complains,

Cooper and Love say that debate has been based on "white principles."
But there are no "white" or "black" principles. A
principle is by nature universal. When you throw out evidence and logic, you
get lies, contradictions, appeals to
and sheer stupidity.


What Stix writes above looks obvious to a White man, but expecting it to resonate in the same way with non-Whites is just foolish and naive.

What would an all black, native African, debate team look like?
Well, all existing evidence suggests there wouldn't even be one.
Debate is a foundational concept in democratic societies, and democracy is an EXCLUSIVELY EUROPEAN CONCEPT.

The fact that every single place on planet Earth (without exception) that has a black majority is riddled with crime, corruption, disease and poverty, is no coincidence.
In other words, Logically and Rationally debating a subject in the pursuit of a reasonable outcome to a given problem, is not exactly a hallmark of African peoples.

Whether it's a Rev. Wright, or a "black debate team", (or) art, music, principles, etc...the reality of racial differences shines through more and more every day as the races interact and increases the inevitable move for segregation on a societal level.

Until Whites accept the reality that,
Morals are not Universal,
Standards are not universal,
Principles are not universal,
they will continue to be dumbfounded at the (from a White perspective) irrational and illogical behavior of the other races, even as they watch their own civilization crumble around them from their over indulgence of non-White standards of behavior.

If Mr. Stix is to be indignant at anything, it should be at the fact that blacks are allowed to debate with Whites in the first place.
As anyone who has interacted with non-Whites will testify to, they most definitely have their own way of communicating, understanding, perceiving and reacting to the world around them.

For a similar entry on this type of "myth-reality", see here.

This is not a judgment of Which race is better, it is simply a fact-derived assessment of the truth that the races are in fact, different in fundamental ways.
Expecting blacks to be able to perform in a structured debate the way Whites will, is like replacing a rooster with a pit bull and expecting it to crow at sunrise...