Monday, June 23, 2008

When The Grown-ups Take Over Again...

Washington - One third of Americans admit to racist feelings and close to half of the population believes race relations are poor in the United States, a poll suggested on Sunday.
Asked by a Washington Post-ABC News poll if they had at least some feelings of racial prejudice, 30 percent of white respondents and 34 percent of African-Americans polled answered "yes".
The telephone poll was conducted June 12 through June 15 and sampled 1 125 adults. It has a three percentage point margin of error.

What about Jews?
What about Asians?
What about Hispanics?

Oh well.
Anyway, if we take the poll seriously, it means 30% of Whites are willing to openly express their true feelings on race. And that most likely means that at least twice as many are (as yet) unwilling to openly express those same sentiments.

Conclusion: The overwhelming majority of Whites in the USA are far from buying into the suicidal tenants of racial equality and are waiting for the right catalyst to come along to materialize their disdain for the ruination of their country at the hands of multiculturalists.

For example, The poll above used 1,125 adults as representative of the 300+ million people in America.

Stormfront, who's banner is 'White Pride, World Wide' has 130,000 registered viewers with 21,000 active members.
For every person who registers there, how many are represented who share similar beliefs but are not as yet willing to voice it?
And there are other sites similar, but of varying degrees of racialism.

American Renaissance
Majority Rights
White Nationalist Forums
The Occidental Quarterly

Those are just a few, who each have more subscribers and members than the average numbers of people polling services and news organizations use to represent the entire American population in gauging opinions on a variety of issues.

The fact is, about 95% of White people from Moscow to San Diego do not believe in racial equality.
Never have, never will.

Most Whites haven't, as yet, reacted strongly against multiculturalism because they don't see it as a truly serious threat at the moment (just a growing irritation). They believe (and are right, as illustrated by the absolute terror any surfacing of White identity among a group of Whites brings out in non-Whites) that they can reverse the socially engineered catastrophe currently underway in The West at any time they want, and set things back to the way they were circa 1900.
They tend to view it as, letting the kids run the house for a day to teach them a lesson as to who is the adult and who is the child.

The problem with this thinking though, is that it postpones the inevitable and will make the reclamation and restoration era all the more difficult and time consuming...