Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where Whites Exit, Civilization Retreats...

Between the night of May 31 and the wee hours of the morning of June 1, 2008, between 20 and 30 black teenagers formed a mob to terrorize the citizens of Mount Clemens, Michigan. These hoodlums robbed people of cell phones and wallets, threw a brick through the window of a moving car, and beat up their victims so badly that at least one of their targets was hospitalized with a fractured skull. In an article in the Macomb Daily entitled “Mob, Carnival Attacks May Be Linked” (6/5/2008), the mother of one of the victims told police that “her son was on the ground trying to fend off the attackers who were ‘about ready to kick his head in’ when deputies arrived.”

The horror of what transpired was articulated in another article in the Macomb Daily entitled “Mob of Young Men Attacks” (6/2/2008). According to that article, “[W]orkers at the gas station [where one of the beatings by the mob occurred] said the man was confronted near a pay telephone. When the gas station attendant saw what was happening, he locked the front door.” As the man pounded on the door to beg the gas station attendant to let him in so that he could get away from the thugs, the mob arrived. The article in the Macomb Daily goes on to say that “An employee [of the gas station] said workers had to wash the man’s blood from the door Sunday.”
[W]hen a 29-year old man, and his wife, were driving on North River Road … more than two dozen men wearing ball caps and baggy shorts spread out across the street and blocked traffic. The victim tried to drive past them and someone threw a brick in his window. He stopped his car and got out to see what happened and was beaten unconscious and left with a fractured skull.

The incidents were so bad that, according to one of the articles in the Macomb Daily: [S]ome law enforcers … liken the violence by the group to ‘wilding.’ The term became known to law enforcement following the April 1989 New York City rape and beating—involving as many as 50 teenagers—that left a 28-year-old female jogger near death. Those involved in ‘wilding’ travel in packs, assaulting and terrorizing their victims randomly.

Though the police have arrested a very small fraction of the thugs who terrorized Mount Clemens, many remain on the loose. According to an article in the Detroit Free Press entitled “Mob Beat Up Driver, Police Say,” one of the victims who suffered a black eye requested not to be identified by name in the article, because “most of the mob is still at-large [and he’s] afraid they’ll attack again.”

In every single article about the mob incident in which 20 to 30 black teenagers terrorized Mount Clemens, the journalists of the Macomb Daily, Detroit Free Press, and Detroit News neglected to mention the race of the perpetrators of this horrific crime spree. In every single video and picture of the perpetrators that the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office released on their website, the thugs are unsurprisingly all black.

In the aforementioned interview with Sheriff Mark Hackel, Frank Beckmann asked:

Sheriff, all the kids in the video I saw are African-American. All of your victims are white. Is there evidence that this was somehow [attacks based on race]?

Hackel responded with “It’s a question that we are asking… . If it’s a hate crime and it happens to be a white person and the other people involved are African-Americans, we look at those things.”

When Beckmann inquired as to whether or not there is a “law to charge them with some kind of hate crime,” Hackel answered, “Well, that’s questionable. I don’t know if it applies to an unprotected class, and I don’t know if whites are part of that. I’m not sure.”

Beckmann was shocked to hear Hackel suggest that whites are not entitled to equal protection under the law. A taken aback Beckmann asked:

You mentioned ‘unprotected class.’ You mean white people are not protected by hate crime legislation?

Hackel answered that question by saying, “It doesn’t appear as such at this point and time that there is something that would qualify.”


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