Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Generation Nero...

One of Mexico's most powerful drug cartels may have had some inside help in North Texas for several years from a Collin County deputy constable, according to police documents.

Robert Benavidez, whose career as a North Texas peace officer dates back almost a dozen years, was arrested July 8 on six counts of abuse of official capacity. He is accused of helping his cousin, Sergio Maldonado, who was believed to have been the North Texas "cell leader" for the Zetas, the ruthless enforcement arm of Mexico's Gulf Cartel drug smuggling operation.

Mr. Maldonado was among 30 people arrested last year during a massive federal drug sweep known as Operation Puma. Mr. Maldonado pleaded guilty earlier this year to drug trafficking and money laundering-related charges.

Obviously it is insane to allow a MIGRATION (and what is happening today is migration, NOT immigration) of millions of people to flow from one nation to another.

In fact it's insane to allow millions to legally immigrate from a nation that borders your own.

It doesn't take a geopolitical strategist to realize that it will blur the lines that distinguish one nation from another (it's culture, it's language, it's laws, it's customs, it's moralities etc..), and that that itself will lead to a deterioration in law and order, and corruption will run rampant. -it's a scenario that routinely births regional war lords who thrive in those fuzzy no-man's lands where borders, tribes and extended families overlap-.

And the above story is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the societal degradation that is seeping into every state in the union.

What is downright Orwellian though, is the fact that we all know that the current influx of immigrants is bad news all around, yet few of us are willing to admit the truth as to why.
Yes, truth terrifies many people in The West.
Truth has been set up as the ultimate bugaboo in modern times, because truth runs contrary to the state endorsed dogma of the day, "Equality".

If you embrace "Equality" then you reject (increasingly) all forms of difference.

If you embrace the notion that race is a social construct, you WILL in turn embrace the notion that gender is a social construct as well.

If you endorse interracial marriage today, then you WILL endorse homosexual marriage tomorrow.
.....and on it goes......

Once you except, partially or wholly, the notion of Equality, you have immersed yourself in a world of lies. And the more lies you tell yourself, and the more lies you allow yourself to believe in, the more detached you become from reality, until it gets to the point that reality itself become the enemy.

One day you nod approvingly to the Confederate Flag being removed from a State house, then a few years later you are flabbergasted to see a box of crayons denounced as "divisive". (Think that won't happen? Wait a few years, I GUARANTEE YOU IT WILL.)

Americans know that the *TRUTH* is the reality that today's immigrants are different because they are from a different race than ourselves. That is what makes even legal immigration today different from immigration in the past.
That, is Truth.

We know down deep that if you were to replace all the Chinese people in China with Arabs, it wouldn't be China anymore.
We know that if you replace all the Indians in India with Polynesians, it wouldn't be India anymore.

And the application is no longer a theory in America as Americans can see the nation they were raised in, that their parents, and grandparents and great-grandparents were raised in, is literally being destroyed and removed by the presence of people who are of an entirely different race than themselves and their ancestors.

That is the truth. And if the thought of acknowledging that truth unnerves you then you had better get a grip on yourself and your mental capacities before you lose all sense of perspective and fall from the shores of reality into the depths of a constantly altering sea of illusions and delusions.

Already today we can see segments of our society who (by embracing the idea of equality) have plunged into such a state of mental anarchy that they can no longer (as in, are willing to) distinguish between black people and White people, male and female, humans and plants, tress and animals, terrorism and civility, history and propaganda, (in art) beauty and ugliness, Christianity and Islam, science and dogma, good and bad, Truth and Lies....

The cult of Equality strips people of their 'soul' because it engenders an apathy (and eventually a hostility) towards the ability to place value and assess worth.
It rips the very heart out of such truths as Nation, Community, Family, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Child and Friend, because it denies the very nature of their distinctiveness.
And in the end it destroys such "divisive" concepts as Devotion, Loyalty and Love, because those are three things that you can never apply equally to all places, things and people.

That is why today, as our society plunges deeper into the depraved depths of "Equality", we see anarchy, nihilism and violence escalating by a factor of ten from one year to the next.

Unless and until you learn to live with the limitations that the Truth will place on your need for warm, (and ultimately empty) fuzzy feelings, you are going to continue to be a participant in the taking of a-long-fought-for civilization down to the third level of societal hell.

So please, for the love of God Western Man, put down the fiddle!...

"Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions."

-G.K. Chesterton