Monday, July 7, 2008

Belly Aches And Hurt Feelings...

When reports of the Salmonella
first appeared in the press a couple of
months ago, I immediately concluded that the source must be produce imported
from Mexico.

Since American tomato plants would only be exposed to
contaminated water in the event of a sewage treatment plant failure or flood
runoff from animal pastures, the
for Disease Control's
unsubstantiated claim that
tomatoes from Florida were as likely a source of Salmonella as tomatoes from
Mexico appeared to be a blatantly false attempt to avoid hurt feelings in the
land of Montezuma's Revenge at the expense of American farmers.
As a result,
some American crops have been rotting on the vines...

Only now, after forcing destruction of most of the Florida tomato
, has the CDC
finally admitted that the actual source of Salmonella probably is produce
imported from Mexico, and probably not tomatoes at all.


The above is from a letter sent to Vdare.
There is much more there at the site with further links.

I would recommend reading it and passing it on, as it is important to remember that this land mass once known as the United States Of America is now being run exclusively as an economic machine with the one and only purpose of turning a profit.

And that means all of its ('America's') agencies, from the Fed to the CDC are now working together to assist in the herding of the newly created politically correct class of consumer-sheep into the waiting dens of the Corporate-State Wolves.

It's always good to know that the hurt feelings of Mexico are of a far greater importance to the American Government than the physical health of American citizens...