Thursday, July 3, 2008

But!?, But!?, But!?, But!?, But!?...

Note: The best article I could find on this was the one from As I've said before, WND is a good place to find these types of stories collected together, it's just that they are 100% neo-con in their perspective, and that guts their credibility when they present their own original reporting or how they present stories from the middle-east.

Never-the-less, their presentation of the story here helps to illustrate a point.

A singer who was to perform the "Star Spangled Banner" at the
presentation of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's State of the City address
yesterday substituted the "Black national Anthem" without notifying anyone,
because she says as a black, she just doesn't feel American.

"I pulled a switcheroonie on them," Rene Marie said in a report in the
Denver Post.

Audience members were bewildered, council members outraged and the
mayor expressed his disappointment


If you follow the link, you will see an image from a video of the event. You'll see, standing next to Ms. Marie on stage, a black guy and a Jewish guy who do seem to look "bewildered". Yet if you look in the background you'll see another black guy who appears very much pleased with Ms. Marie's song choice.
Note the White guy who keeps his hand over his heart throughout the Black National Anthem.

If anything ever captured just how comically f***ed up this country is, that image does.

On to the point.

Frankly I support Rene Marie's choice and actions 100%.

For one thing she is right to express the sentiment that she "doesn't feel American".
She's not!
America was formed by, and created in the image of, White people.
Our Laws, Customs, Standards, Principles, Aesthetic Tastes, Morality, etc... are exclusively White in character. Thus, the only people who truly "Feel American" are, naturally, White people.

For another thing,

Some of the strongest reaction, however, came from Denver area
residents who were participating in the forum page on the controversy at the
Rocky Mountain News.
"Can you imagine what it would be like for whites if we
had a 'white national anthem'?" speculated "Jan8." "I heard someone saying this
had nothing to do with race? What?"


The decision of a black woman to sing the Black National Anthem at this particular point in American history only serves as a swift kick in the but to the slumbering masses of Whites who still operate under the delusion that non-Whites are "just like us" and thrilled to be apart of The West.
Well, no they're not.

Every time non-Whites don't act just like Whites, Whites become "disturbed", "befuddled", "confused" and "bewildered" because they have stubbornly clung to the fiction that "all races are equal" therefore they must all act and react the same to any given circumstance or situation.
What's sad is the fact that "guilt-induced Whites" hold this opinion in spite of the reality that non-Whites do not, nor ever have, acted like Whites.
Just look at how White mid-westerners have responded to the unprecedented catastrophe unfolding in their towns and cities, compared to how blacks behaved in post-Katrina New Orleans.

It's both sad and funny to watch multiculted Whites stand around muttering, "But, But, But, But, But....What about One Race, the Human Race?", every single time non-Whites un-apologetically behave in accordance to their own race's notions of religion, morality, patriotism or what-have you.

America is neither a "salad bowl" nor a "melting pot".
It is in fact, A White Western Nation.
If Whites cease to be a factor in America's future, then America ceases to exist, along with her prosperity, technological advances, Law and Order, medicine, schools, critical infrastructure, etc...

And in reply to the comment from the "bewildered" person quoted in the article above, read up on America's actual History...... America's National Anthem IS a White National Anthem. Hence Ms. Marie's discomfort in singing it...