Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christianity And The Third World...

DESCHAPELLES, Haiti - Every inch of Rivilade Filsame's body hurt, from his swollen, empty stomach to his dried-out, wrinkled skin. The 18-month-old had been crying for so long in the hospital malnutrition ward that his mother no longer tried to console him.
....while programs to create jobs and help Haitian farmers to increase production are more critical to ending the country's chronic hunger once and for all.

Even in the Artibonite Valley, Haiti's most fertile region, child malnutrition is rampant. Farmers — reeling from last year's floods and a dry spring, and lacking equipment that was promised to increase their yields — are eating the very seeds they should be planting to avoid future hunger.
With families eating through their meager food savings and with the hurricane season in full swing, the food riots could be returning. On Thursday, U.N. police said, a small group of demonstrators burned tires and threw rocks at police and U.N. peacekeepers in Les Cayes, where the April riots began.

Haiti already had a customs bottleneck in its ports as officials cracked down on drug smuggling and tried to better collect duties.
Some of the children receive a super-high-protein mixture of peanut butter, oil, milk and vitamins known here as "Medika Mamba" that has also been used in African famines. But once they go home, mothers struggle to follow doctors' advice to thoroughly clean their homes and prepare more balanced meals for their children, Hyppolite said.

Some, he said, eat the peanut butter mixture themselves.

Yep, Haiti is an independently (black) ruled nation that is completely Christian. Has been for two hundred years.

Likewise, much of Africa and Latin America has been Christian for centuries.

Really worked miracles in those places hasn't it.

I point this out because many modern (particularly evangelical) Christians have developed an odd fantasy that Christendom's decline in The West will be replaced by it's ascendancy in the Third World as though it were a future tense proposition. And in this they believe that the Third World will pick up the mantle of Civilization that Christianity brought to the West.

There are some glaring problems with this nonsense.

1. Christianity has been floating around Africa, the middle-East (where it originated) and Asia for as long, if not longer, than it has in The West, Europe.
2. Missionaries have repeatedly re-introduced Christianity into Africa and Asia over the past few centuries.
3. There are Christian nations throughout Africa that are centuries old, just as there are in Latin America.....Civilization (economic progress & societal stability) still escapes them.
4. African-American communities have been overwhelmingly Christian for centuries, yet their rates in STD's, illegitimacy, abortion, Crime, Poverty, Corruption etc... remain as high as their counterparts in Christianized African nations.

5. Most importantly, religion has nothing to do with civilizational accomplishments. Western Civilization was not created by Christianity as Christianity has played a relatively small roll in Western history.
Western Civilization has been around as long as European peoples have; many thousands of years.
The earliest manifested articulation of Western Civilization came by way of the Greeks and Minoans about 5,000 years least.

Christianity, on the other hand, did not become the universally recognized religion of The West until about 600 to 700 years ago, and began loosing its sway just a few centuries later with the advent of the Enlightenment.

To reiterate, Christianity was only moderately embraced by all Western Peoples for a few hundred years.

After all, it was the already dominant Pagan West (Roman Empire) in which Christ and his disciples developed their ideology.

What this boils down to is that it is genetics that determine the progress any given group of people will (or can) make.

Haiti has been a majority (95%) Christian nation for centuries, yet they remain in a state of cultural, economic and societal depravity at all levels.
Japan, on the other hand, is, and has been, predominantly Shinto (less than 1% of Japan is Christian) for centuries and yet they are one of the most technologically, economically and civilizationally advanced nations on earth. (they are also one of the most homogeneous nations on earth as well, which plays no small part in the low crime and high standards of living they enjoy)

IQ's be region are, roughly,
East-Asia: 105
Europe: 100
Africa: 72
(blacks in America, who are about 25% White genetically, average an IQ of about 84. Mixed race hispanics (mestizos) average about 87. Thus, as would be expected within those groupings, the socioeconomic ladder in America, from top to bottom, is 1. east-Asians, 2. Whites, 3. hispanics, 4. blacks)

It was The West that elevated Christianity, not the other way around. That is why the third world, which despite being overwhelmingly Christian, remains the third world...