Monday, July 7, 2008

"No Need To GIve. We'll Take"...

1. Generous in giving money or other help to the needy

EL MEDANO, Spain - A small boat packed with at least 148 illegal
immigrants from Africa landed Saturday on a beach in the Canary Islands, the
Interior Ministry said Saturday.

The Africans tried to run inland, but were rounded up and detained, a
ministry spokeswoman said

The rest were treated on the scene by Red
mobile units.


The above reminded me of two things.
One, is this.

The other, is the confusion over the definition of charity some people seem to have.

Charities, be they secular or religious, are not really charities if they are helping illegal immigrants "start a new life" in the Western World.

There is no charity in setting people (be they illegal immigrants or refugees) up in a welfare state where the citizens are compelled (through threat of prosecution and imprisonment) to finance their living.
And that is what many charities are in fact doing.
They are transferring the costs onto the taxpayers who have no say in how their money is being used.

And Corporate America loves this kind of "charity".
They import cheap labor who work at half the wage citizens do (thus pushing hard working Americans out of jobs) while transferring the costs onto those very same citizens (taxpayers) whose money is used to provide these new workers with a home, education, medical care etc...

Keep your money.

Help only those you personally know and who you know will use your help properly...