Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Pleasant Evil...

Neo-Liberalism has worked like a slow moving warmth over a rapidly freezing body in Western Civilization over the past 60+ years.
It sings sweet sounding lullabies to its unsuspecting listeners, lulling them into a state of hazy dementia with sugar coated poisons like Equality and Tolerance. Words that sound so syrupy sweet that they slither right around reason and logic, making straight for the antithesis of thoughtfulness, pious sentiment.

With Tolerance, comes the loss of Freedom.

With Equality , come the loss of Law and Order.

One of the most basic freedoms is the Freedom of Association. And to exercise that freedom requires the practice of Discrimination; Too choose those you wish to live, work, worship and recreation with.

The pursuit of equality, represents the cessation of the assessment of quality, beauty, truth, justice and any standard whatsoever against which these things are measured.

In short, Neo-Liberalism promises Heaven but delivers Hell, each and EVERY TIME it is employed and allowed to gestate.
San Francisco has recently gotten overdue censure for being the nation's biggest psych ward masquerading as a city, showing what happens when left-wing border anarchists are allowed to run a major metropolis.

The event which dismayed even the mainstream media: an expensive city program that protected illegal alien Honduran crack dealers claiming to be juveniles from federal authorities. Around the same time, a horrific triple murder caused a Supervisor to assess the city's gang violence as "out of control." The common thread of such wild lawlessness is immigration permissiveness and how San Francisco has taken it to new excess.

The news that the city had, as a matter of policy, hidden foreign drug-dealing criminals away from deportation by federal immigration authorities elicited anger and outrage locally and around the U.S. When eight of the convicted Honduran "youth" were ensconced at taxpayer expense in an open-door San Bernardino County group home, they simply walked out at will.

An apprehension was made several days later. The lawyer of the arrested shooter Edwin Ramos spun the tale that the accused was a legal immigrant. But authorities soon disproved that fiction. In fact, Ramos is an illegal Salvadoran, a known member of Mara Salvatrucha (AKA MS-13), who had been arrested in March:

“Ramos was also booked on felony weapons charges and as well as a separate count of being in a criminal street gang. Police cited ‘numerous documented contacts’ that officers had with Ramos and Lopez, and said both were ‘active members of the MS-13 street gang.’" [Triple-killing suspect escaped prior S.F. prosecution, By Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle, June 27, 2008]

And since San Francisco is a sanctuary city, Ramos had not been deported, but was released to do more crime.

So when news came out a few days later that the city was actually squandering serious taxpayer funds (specifically $2.3 million for housing illegal alien youth since 2005) to shield unlawful foreign crack dealers from the feds, public outrage was intense.

The audacity of spending the people's money to engage in illegal protection of criminals went over the line for most in the city, and particularly when an illegal alien had just committed a terrible triple murder. (In addition, the mayor had threatened in June to lay off hundreds of city workers because of hundreds of millions of dollars in red ink.)

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And San Fransisco and other Sanctuary Cities are gateways to the rest of this rapidly crumbling nation.

For those who might happen upon this, I would encourage you to ponder for a while, the fact that since America and the rest of Western Civilization began embracing Neo-Liberalism (the belief in Tolerance, Racial Equality, Diversity, Multi-Culturalism, etc..) some 60+ years ago, our society has fallen apart....rapidly!

Everywhere you look today (from declining birth rates to encroaching thought-police) you can see decay and corruption on a scale previously unknown.

Our History has been rewritten and our fore-bearers cast as prejudiced monsters, yet every acquired wisdom which they passed down to us (and which we today have rejected as racist or bigoted) is proving itself all the more true with each passing day.

The truth, their truth, which was held as sacred for thousands of years by Western Men, can only be denied, derided or buried for so long.

Eventually, reality will come bursting through once again, and you will be forced to either revel in the freedom and enlightenment of truth, or continue a mentally, physically and spiritually diseased existence in the dark, neo-liberal world of never ending smoke and mirrors...

"...I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people -- a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs.."
John Jay
Federalist Paper #2
Oct. 31, 1787