Saturday, July 26, 2008

.....The Trees For The Forrest...

John Falwell is upset and confused over the blasphemy he sees around him. He sees it everywhere in the mainstream media.
Let's see if we cant find a common thread in the blasphemy he sees.

His list of offenses includes,
1. The movie, 'Hamlet 2'.
2. 'Jerry Springer -The Opera'.
3. The short film, 'Modern Day Jesus'.
4. The A&E Documentary, 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus'.
5. Paul Verhoeven's comments on Jesus.
6. Kid Rock's new album.

Of those 6, the first 4 have one thing in common.

1. Hamlet 2 is produced by Jews.
2. 'Jerry Spring-The Opera' is based on 'The Jerry Springer Show'. I don't know where Falwell has been the past couple decades, but Jerry Springer is a Jew who uses his show to mock and degrade White gentiles. (similar to Jewish host Maury Povich's degrading of mostly black gentiles)
3. 'Modern Day Jesus' was created by a Jew named Oren Kaplan.
4. 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus' documentary which is an outright assault on the Christian faith, is brought to you by an Orthodox Jew by the name of Simcha Jacobovici. (James Cameron was brought in as a way to promote the thing and had nothing to do with the information presented in the documentary)

So, four out of the six blasphemies against Christianity that Falwell is vexed over are of Jewish origin.
Not bad for the mighty 2%.

But then, Mr. Falwell knows this. Everyone in business, finance or media knows this.
It is not a coincidence that Hollywood is both the #1 producer of anti-American and anti-Christian propaganda, and a predominantly Jewish town...

If you think the influence of Jewish people in media is exaggerated, then by all means go through Wikipedia and IMDB and see how many of your favorite TV shows (including news programs) and movies don't have Jewish actors, writers, producers or directors.

And remember, they're only 2% of the population...