Monday, July 28, 2008

Two Edges Of Diversity...

Confidential Scotland Yard statistics, leaked to a London newspaper, have proven that knife crime in London is an overwhelmingly non-white phenomena, with 207 of the 225 under-18s legally ‘proceeded against’ for knife offences in the past three months, being from the black or other non-white communities.

According to Scotland Yard, only 60 of the 225 attackers were white. Despite being a tiny minority of the knife wielding criminals, whites do however compromise the single largest group of knife-crime victims.

According to the confidential Scotland Yard report, whites compromised 222 of the 637 victims of knife crime over the last three months. This figure is probably higher, as 292 victims were not identified by race.

This month Scotland Yard Deputy Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson suggested knife crime has overtaken terrorism as the top priority for London police.

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