Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The View from Olympus...

"an ever changing world"

Ever heard that expression?
It gets thrown around quite a bit without most people giving it a personal mental work over to test it's assertion.

If they did, they would realize rather quickly that the world is in fact not "Constantly Changing".

Only the Western World is.

And since Western (as in White) peoples make up only about 13% of the worlds population, that means that nearly 90% of the world has seen little (as in substantial) change in last two hundred (or even thousand, depending on the area) years.
And technology is not apart of the context, as the progression in technological tools or skills have been a constant throughout time, meaning the advent of a new technology represents the continuation of a natural, evolving, progression.
(although in many place, even basic technological advances have not occurred since, seemingly, the stone age)

Life for the majority of peoples in India, South America, Africa and many parts of Asia has not changed significantly AT ALL in the last hundred years.

So what does it reveal about a society that claims as truth that which is a rather (on the face of it anyway) obvious distortion of reality?

For one thing it reveals that a rather pronounced racially supremacist view is held on the part of the Whites who deny supremacist views the most....that being White liberals.

Example: Immigration.

To throw open the borders of Western Civilization to the third-world in the name of humanitarian concern is to rather loudly and unapologeticly assert that third world peoples (non-Whites) are incapable, on their own, of building, managing or sustaining a society capable of the most basic of organizational functions.
In the 18th and 19th Century, the idea was to bring Civilization to the savages. That didn't work out, so the 20th and 21st Century approach has been to bring the savages to Civilization.

However you turn it, White elites of the most liberal of stripes, operate on, and encourage a national policy view, that non-Whites are inferior to Whites.

And this manifests in other ways as well.

White liberals define White movement around the globe as "Colonialism".
Non-White movements, on the other hand, are referred to as "Migration".

When Whites move in, it's an insidious plot called "Imperialism".
When non-Whites move in, their simply "Looking For a Better Life".

When Whites are forced to flee their cities due to encroaching violence and social depredation brought about by another ethnic group, Whites are accused of being prejudiced and their fleeing for their lives is labeled "White Flight".
When non-Whites are forced to flee from their cities due to encroaching violence and social depredation brought about by another ethnic group, they are called victims and their plight is labeled Ethnic Cleansing.

And almost everywhere you look, you'll notice a belief that the problems of the world are due either to White Actions or White in-Actions.
From the environment to regional conflicts to the outbreak of diseases or the continuing of poverty, Whites are either doing too much or not doing enough.

In other words, as comical as it may be, Whites have become the Olympian Gods of the modern era.
We are either devilishly interfering in the lives (fates) of (non-White) mankind for our own amusement or we are callously turning a blind eye to their suffering.

Yes, it seems an absurd concept at first, but the more you think about it the more you realize that Whites are held to an exceptionally high standard, matched only in the past, by the gods.

We are expected to heal the sorrows of the world, protect the defenseless and feed the hungry. At the same time we are blamed for everything bad, ranging from floods to hurt feelings.

And the percentages have no effect on that perception.
Right now Whites are less than 50% of California and Texas, yet are still blamed for the poor performance of non-White students.

And if it gets to the point that Whites are only 1% of Earth's population, that 1% will still be expected heal all wounds, mend what is broken and cure all of societies ails, while simultaneously still be accused of holding the other 99% of the population back and/or oppressing them.

And to be clear, the above is not an advocacy of the view that Whites are in fact "God-like", but is rather a comment on the fact that both Whites and non-Whites hold the White race to an extremely high standard (of conduct, ability and morality) that non-Whites are never expected to be able to achieve.

And the people pushing this view the hardest are not White Racialists, but the White liberals who (in rhetoric at least) denounce White racialism the most.

So, what is the weather like on the metaphorical Olympus?

Sunny. But increasingly windy...