Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Christianity 1 - Civilization 0...

A man accused of stabbing and beheading another passenger on a Greyhound bus in Canada pleaded Tuesday in court for someone to "please kill me," and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Li, who immigrated to Canada from China in 2004, is charged with second-degree murder in the slaying of 22-year-old carnival worker Tim McLean...

As horrified passengers fled the bus, Li severed McLean's head, displaying it to some of the passengers outside the bus, witnesses said.

A church pastor, Tom Castor, who helped hire Li soon after he immigrated in 2004 with his wife, Anna, said the man never showed any sign of anger or emotional problems when he worked there as a custodian.

Li had been fired from his job at Wal-Mart because of a "disagreement" with some fellow workers, and was attending Grant Memorial Baptist Church in Winnipeg, where he had worked as a caretaker after immigrating in 2004. A Canadian Press story describes a recent service led by senior pastor Tom Castor:

“Castor led his congregation Sunday in a special prayer for everyone affected by the tragedy. Church members were shocked by what had happened.

" ‘We are hoping the right thing can be done and that God will lead in how things are handled,’ Julianna Enns said after the service.

“The congregation is planning to offer support to Li and his wife.” [VDARE.COM emphasis added] [Accused killer on Manitoba bus described as quiet, hard-working, August 3, 2008]

I can understand offering support to the killer's wife—it's not her fault. But why are they offering support to the killer?

Haven't they done enough? Churches in Canada are working to subvert Canadian immigration laws just like similar churches in the United States.


When I heard that, it rang a very loud bell—and I remembered the killing of Bonnie Garland, and how her attacker got away with murder.

Bonnie Garland was a Yale student killed by her boyfriend, a Hispanic student named Richard Herrin who had been recruited from the barrio of Los Angeles to be a student at Yale. Unlike most Yalies, but like many residents of the barrio, he reacted to being dumped by his girlfriend by going to her room and smashing her head in with a hammer.

The Catholic religious (clergy, that is) community at Yale, led by Sister Ramona Pena, a Yale chaplain rallied round and worked to get him out on bail, and to prevent him from being sent to jail for life. He was eventually convicted only of manslaughter, and was released after 17 years. He's out there somewhere, probably in the Los Angeles area, under another name.

And it's the clergy connection, and their immigration enthusiasm that causes the problem.

They insist on being charitable…with everybody's money. They insist on welcoming the stranger…into everybody's country. And they insist on giving the sinner the benefit of the doubt…risking everybody's life.


More on this subject here.

Let us pray.

Dear God, we thank thee for the disease, assaults, rapes, death, dismemberment and Cannibalism that your loyal followers, the christians, have brought upon this once safe and prosperous land.
For lo, they are humble, and do seek to import as many mass murderers into this land as possible, that they may wash it clean of the Great Satan...White People.
That they do mightily declare unto the heavens that only the purging of White People and their abominable civilization of law and order can bring about a planet united in all the unchecked hedonism, depravity and violence that non-Whites can manifest unbridled once the White Devil is gone.