Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Conspiracy Not To Conspire...

Steve Sailer has an article up about the current situation between Russia and Georgia in which he articulates, rather well, the realities of conspiracies,

"That's pretty much how the world works: not through Conspiracies
Carrying Out Grand Strategies, but through Affinity Networks. There is no Inner
Party who understands all and has the future all plotted out. There are just a
lot of hustlers on the make, guys who have friends who have friends."

This is generally true.

This is not to say that there are not conspiracies. There are. Think Enron, Watergate, Tobacco Companies hiding studies on the addictive nature of their products, and so on.

And conspiracy theories do have a function in our society.
When a prosecutor goes before a jury and "makes a case" that Mr. X plotted with his mistress to knock off Mr.s X and skip off to the Bahamas with the insurance money, he has essentially constructed a conspiracy theory based on assembled facts. The jury will then decide if the prosecutor's theory is sound (in which case they will find Mr. X guilty) or unsound (in which case they will find Mr.X not guilty).

And of course the same model can have a broader scope. 'Back room deals', 'Under the table payoffs' and so on.

But most "Big conspiracies" are simply the product of like minded people acting in a way which benefits their own; Be it religious, political or, yes, ethnic and racial. And in this, the actions of people to better their own at the expense of others are not necessarily conscience decisions. They are a natural reflex ingrained in our genetic makeup.

Is this wrong?

Of Course not.

Taking care of, and promoting, your own (even at the expense of others) is the most fundamental building block of any societal framework. From friendship to marriage to family to community to nation.

A man who is loyal to everyone is loyal to no one!

The best way to understand the actions and behaviors of groups at an international level, is to think of their actions in an evolutionary-group-survival-strategy kind of way.

Here you will find reference to this from an evolutionary psychology perspective.
Here you will find more.

At the heart of the matter is the right of each group to fight for its own survival. The problem today is that Whites (who are now about 12.5% of the world population and dropping fast), alone of all races, have been convinced that their own survival as a distinct people is unnecessary if not downright morally wrong.