Friday, August 29, 2008

The God In The Mirror...

A Christian blogger, under a post entitled, 'When Love took them In', fawns over White genocide thusly,

Since that time, many more families have adopted. Several families from the church now have children from Ethiopia, and I also have been able to meet some of those children.

Naturally the accompanying pictures at the blog shows the adopters as typical Anglo-Saxon Protestants. White people eat this stuff up!
It was a grace-filled domino effect in that church. I heard about each of these children through adoption agencies and facilitators who allowed me to cut one-minute radio waiting child features. The families stepped forward, one by one, to bring these children the love of a Christian family. The church people and pastor stepped up in every way possible to encourage it and the adoptions began.

Ahhhhhhhh, a "grace filled domino effect", un-coincidentally facilitated and pushed by the church leadership. Truly there is a God in heaven.

I never get tired of remembering how God, and God alone, accomplished these things.


The above reminds me of an analogy I heard a while back.

A traveler happened by some beautiful, well kept and bountiful fields of fruits and vegetables, spotting the old farmer who tended them at work in the field.

Traveler: 'The Lord has certainly been good to these fields'!

The Farmer: (pausing to wipe the sweat from his brow) 'Yeah, but you should have seen how he treated them when I wasn't around!'


Despite all of the liberal ass kissing by the Christian blogger, she (like so many other Christians who have cast their lot in with the ideological left) discovers that Liberals are cannibals,

Lane Chaplin has posted another Crosstalk clip on YouTube. This one is from a recent program that addressed the statements by Richard Abanes that online discernment ministries are xenophobic, cult-like, paranoid, and are a few steps from the compound of David Koresh.

So why do White liberals/Christians love to send other peoples tax dollars across the sea to non-Whites while at the same time importing other non-Whites into The West, compelling the rest of us to fork over even more tax dollars to pay for their housing, medical treatments, education and probable (later) imprisonment.?


I once saw a documentary in which a young man described his aspiration towards Rock stardom and what he hoped that would bring to him.
He said, roughly, "I'd like to be a famous rock star so I could, like, go visit some sick kid in a hospital who's dying wish was to meet me."

That completely sums up the motivation for White Christian Charity.
It massages their ever growing, ever evolving, sense of greatness-by-way-of-humbleness arrogance.
Theirs is an egotistical Sky Is The Limit!

Albert Mohler, head-cheese of the southern baptists (another place where White Christians mentally masturbate to their own perceived greatness) notes the adoption trend as well, from his blog on the 29th of August,

The article cites my colleague Russell Moore as a direct authority on the issue:

Russell Moore, the dean of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., is the author of a forthcoming book called "Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches." A few years ago, Mr. Moore and his wife adopted two boys from Russia, and he notes that his church has posted a large map showing which countries member families have adopted children from. "In any given church," he notes, "you rarely see only one family who has adopted. . . . It becomes part of the culture of the congregation."

Given the vast number of at-risk orphans in the world -- now numbering in the millions -- this resurgence in adoption among American evangelicals should be a matter of public celebration.

Did Jesus start this current adoption trend or did Madonna?
Who knew shallow self-obsessed secular Hollywood celebrities and Evangelical Christians had so much in common?

What is really ironic about Mr. Mohler running this story is his past despair at young Christians neither marrying or having children, calling it, "Deliberate Childlessness."

As you can see, they are not deliberately not having children. They are deliberately not having WHITE children.
This frees them up to adopt non-White children, which, as was demonstrated above, is oh so Chic right now.

Mohler, on the adoption post, continues,

Shouldn't the adoption of these children be a priority for the church? It would seem so, but politics and political correctness often complicate the rescue of vulnerable children.

As Naomi Schaefer Riley reports:

"There is much more openness to transracial adoption today," Ms. Rosati says. And Mr. Moore has been very vocal about this issue. Groups like the National Association of Black Social Workers have taken a strong stand against placing black children in the homes of white parents, a position that outrages Mr. Moore. He recently compared social workers who oppose transracial adoption to George Wallace. "Both are saying the same thing, 'Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.' And both pretend they're just being realistic about racial discrimination."

As has been written here before, the White liberal has no non-White counterpart. And this truly baffles and confuses them as they continue to assume everyone else of every other race must naturally think and reason exactly the way they do.
Yes, White liberals/Christians really do believe the universe revolves around them......Seriously, they do!

Mohler continues,

In the United States, 127,000 children are considered "unadoptable," and many of these are racial minorities. Shouldn't the adoption of these children be a priority for the church?

For the mathematically impaired,

Whites, as in people of solely European descent, are currently around 13% of the worlds population.

Non-Whites are around 87% of the worlds population.

Whites are currently around 55% of the US population and about 25% of the population of the Americas.

The so-called minorities make up nearly 90% of the worlds population!

So according to Mohler and company, it is incumbent upon 13% of the population (Whites) to adopt and/or feed, medicate and shelter the other 87%. (non-Whites). -Just try and convince me these people don't believe in the superiority of the White Race-

And now, in closing, I will unabashedly, and without hesitation do what White liberals loath like Vampires dread the light. I will judge these White Christian's actions and make a broad, sweeping, all encompassing generalization in regards to them and their motivation in adopting third worlders.

White Christians do not adopt (or engage in "Charity" in general) out of compassion, mercy or due to the teachings of their holy book or the "spirit" of their savior.
No, they do it because they are Vain, Arrogant and ceaselessly abounding in their adoration for their own (not their god's) perceived greatness.

White Christians do not worship before graven images.

They do their worshiping in front of mirrors...