Friday, August 22, 2008

Jolly Old England?...

A teenager who fell to his death from a block of flats yesterday had
been climbing down the outside of the building to escape a gang, police said

Ahmed Benyermak, who fell from a building on the Trelawney estate in
Hackney, east London, may have feared he was about to be attacked with a knife,
residents said.

"The victim was with a group of friends on the 13th floor of a tower
block when they became concerned about another group of youths cycling towards
the tower block. This caused the victim and his friends to leave the area.
"The victim was separated from his friends. He climbed onto the outside of
the tower block via an open balcony and then climbed down several floors trying
to escape.
"He reached the seventh floor, when he could no longer carry on.
After this point, he fell to his death."
The other group
of youths were described as black males
. Some were wearing hooded tops,
while others wore bandanas.


Yes thank God the English fought against the Germans in WWII to keep their nation from being invaded by foreigners...