Friday, August 1, 2008

When Black Meets Islam Meets Latin America Meets White Guilt...

THE dismembered body of a 17-year-old British girl has been found in a suitcase and her Brazilian boyfriend arrested for her murder.

Police found the dismembered torso of the body in a suitcase close to a river in central Brazil...

The girl's 20-year-old boyfriend, Mohamed D'Ali Carvalho dos Santos, had confessed to the killing, police said.

His mobile telephone allegedly contained images of the girl when she arrived in Brazil by plane, and then later pictures of her cut-up body.

One image showed Burke's body with her decapitated head placed on top, Maj Oliveira Silva said.

"The crime has signs of premeditation: Mohamed Ali called Cara to his apartment, put the music on high volume and killed her with knife blows. He then took her body to the bathroom and then he went off to a party,'' it said.

"It was only the following day he dismembered the girl's body. He took various photos of the chopped-up body with his cellphone's camera, including photos like those of the Taliban, where the decapitated head is placed on top of the body,'' it said
"They're just like us and racism is evil right?"

This poor White girl was one of the unlucky ones.
The lucky ones just get physically abused and/or end up as single moms on welfare with two or three mulatto children to raise on their own...