Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When The PC are PC'd By The PC...

Devout Muslims are importing creationist theories into science and are not being challenged because of political correctness, one of the country's most famous scientists said tonight.

Professor Dawkins, a geneticist and author of the best-selling book The God Delusion, said: 'Islam is importing creationism into this country.

'The Government could do more but it doesn't want to because it is fanatical about multiculturalism and the need to respect the different traditions from which these children come.

He added: 'It seems as though teachers are terribly frightened of being thought racist.

'It's almost impossible to say anything against Islam in this country because if you do you are accused of being racist or Islamophobic.'

Political Correctness is indeed a cannibalistic philosophy which eventually comes round for a fresh helping of each and every White person no matter how viciously anti-White they have purported to be in the past.
The Clinton Clan recently discovered this reality.

Dawkins laments the fact that those who protest against the Islamization of England will be called racist, yet go up to the good professor and suggest that the solution to this problem is to deport the muslims and cut off all immigration to England, and he'll more than likely accuse you of a being, yep, a racist.

It's the circular (ever downwardly spiraling) logic of Liberalism that destroys, not only those individuals who attempt to brandish it, but the unique civilization that tolerates the White liberal's existence in the first place.
(multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance etc, are all fantasies of (exclusively) White people. As Whites fade out of history, they take those notions with them)

What Dawkins is now learning, is the increasingly painful lesson many other White liberals are beginning to grasp; White liberals do not have non-White counterparts.