Monday, August 11, 2008

WW VII?...

Can you say, Propaganda?

Russia expands Georgia blitz, deploys ships

Russia appears determined to subdue diminutive, U.S.-backed Georgia despite international condemnation. Russia ignored a wave of calls to observe Georgia's cease-fire, saying it must first be assured that Georgian troops had indeed pulled back from South Ossetia.

Yes, the above article (linked at Drudge in big bold red letter) uses the word Blitz.

Here is another article linked from Drudge, who uses the words "ethnic cleansing" as the tease.

Basically Russia is doing for South Ossetia what America and NATO did when they attacked Christian Serbia on behalf of muslim Kosovo.

Yet in MSM headlines we are treated to Orwellian zingers like, "Blitz!" and "Ethnic Cleansing!" and, yes, 'Fascists!" in an effor to dehumanize and demonize Russians.


from a 2004 article by Pat Buchanan....see if you recognize any names.
Ex-CIA director James Woolsey threw out the word "fascist" on FOX News the other night in describing Putin's Russia. Earlier, he was quoted as saying, "The Russian government under Putin has moved to within striking distance of being, essentially, fascist.

Zbigniew Brzezinski (note: Brzezinski is currently Barak Obama's foreign Policy adviser) in a Wall Street Journal essay last fall referred to Putin as Moscow's Mussolini" and described his regime as "in many ways ... similar to Mussolini's fascism."

We have been pumping millions into former Soviet republics, in the hallowed name of democracy, to bring down regimes friendly to Moscow and elect politicians and parties who will break away from Russia, look to the West and join NATO, the U.S.-dominated alliance.

Among the agencies and organizations used to assist pro-West and pro-NATO parties with men, money and training are the U.S. Agency for International Development, the National Endowment for Democracy and its subsidiaries – the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute – Freedom House and George Soros' assorted charities.

Who chairs IRI? John McCain.

I could go on......and on and on and on.

Hopefully you get the picture.

We no more have a free press than we do a choice in our leadership.

Is this a historical tactic of our Governmental/Media Overlords?


It will be interesting to see how many supposedly media savvy "skeptics"(who keep pointing out that the MSM went along with the administrations false claims of WMD's in Iraq) will fall in line behind (and except the propaganda of) the MSM's current demonization of Russia.